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20 Gadgets and Gifts for Foodies and Home Chefs Who Love World Cuisine (2023)

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Searching for authentic and exciting gadgets and gifts for foodies and home chefs to bring world cuisine into their home kitchens? We’re here to help!

From Southeast Asian dumplings to Italian stonebaked pizza, seasoned foodies and chefs will be the first to admit that authentic cooking is not just about ingredients but also the process.

Whatever you or a fellow foodie are looking for, be it replicating authentic tastes or experimenting with your own recipes, there’s plenty on our list to get excited about and inspired by.

So let’s tuck in, and tour world cuisine through 20 truly wonderful gadgets and gifts for foodies and home cooks, perfect for holidays, birthdays, or just to say ‘thank you.’

Gadgets for Foodies & Chefs

20 Gadgets and Gifts for Foodies and Home Chefs Who Love World Cuisine

1 – Paella Pan

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No home chef can cook truly authentic paella without using one of the most iconic pieces of kitchenware in Spanish restaurants and tapas bars: the paella pan.

Paella pans are designed to be able to prepare large quantities of golden paella. The design distributes the heat equally across its large volume, allowing you to gently cook the rice, vegetables, and delicious meats together in harmony.

Paella pans are a grand statement in any home kitchen. If you or your foodie friend are hosting a Spanish-themed night for a large number of people, this is an essential addition to your kitchen.

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2 – Pasta Machine

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The glistening chrome exterior and the sight of fresh pasta squeezing through the rollers are synonymous with Italian kitchens.

Italian cooking is at its most breathtaking when everything is prepared from scratch. Even the most luxurious of store-bought pasta cannot compare with preparing your own.

A pasta machine gives you a foundation to wow your dinner guests with freshly-made pasta while adding a generous dash of elegance and class to your home kitchen.

3 – Pizza Stone

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Do you dream of sliding a freshly baked Neopolitan pizza from the heat of your outdoor stone oven? A pizza stone gives you an authentic yet practical way to bake your pizzas and other dough.

Pizza stones can be used in your home kitchen oven. Their texture and ability to evenly distribute heat allow for an even, crisp bake, and that iconic stonebaked taste.

It may not be the real stone oven of a pizzeria amid the beauty of the Tuscan hills, but a pizza stone at least allows you to close your eyes, take a bite of your freshly baked pizza, and transport yourself there.

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4 – Crepe Pan

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Crepes are a surefire way to add a generous dose of French-inspired sweet or savory to your dinner party or brunch.

A crepe pan’s tapered rim allows you to cook flawless crepes, in a quick, balanced way.

Durable, yet easy to handle, crepe pans are a welcome addition to any worldly home kitchen.

Conjuring up a batch of authentic crepes requires perfect timing and process, and a crepe pan is a key component in making that happen.

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5 – Dutch French Oven Pot

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Elevate your European-inspired casseroles, stews, and meat dishes by staying true to the centuries-old Northern European technique of cooking in cast iron cookware.

A Dutch-French oven pot is surprisingly lightweight, despite its robust appearance. It is key to capturing authentic flavor and texture when cooking various French and Nothern Europe classics.

Its vibrant color is typical of Dutch kitchens, while its lighter interior allows you to easily monitor the cooking progress, without the dish sticking to the sides of the pan.

Beautiful, durable, and effective, there’s something truly magical about the intensity and flavor of dishes stewed and cooked in enameled cast iron.

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6 – Ramekins

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Serve your souffle, cakes, and other French-inspired dishes in a set of beautifully designed ramekins to turn your home kitchen into a high-end restaurant with a magnificent Paris view.

Ramekins are designed to handle very high heat, allowing you to serve mouthwatering desserts and wholesome casseroles with confidence and class.

7 – Gelato Maker

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Dreaming of tasting creamy, icy-cold gelato beneath the Tuscan sun? Bring the magic of Italy’s most beloved dessert into your home with a premium gelato machine.

Gelato machines work gently and with care, crafting authentic gelato in a short space of time.

Whether you love the sharpness of strawberries or the aroma of tiramisu, fresh and utterly delicious gelato need be only a summer vacation treat no longer.

8 – Tortilla Press

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If you or a foodie close to you longs for spicy meat tacos or cheese-smothered enchiladas, a tortilla press will undoubtedly be a great addition to the kitchen.

Passionate chefs and foodies will tell you that store-bought tortillas simply cannot come close to the fresh, delicate taste of homemade tortillas.

A tortilla press is simple to use, allowing you to shape dazzlingly delicious tortillas, taking your Mexican cooking or South American-themed nights to new heights.

9 – Molcajete

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Make authentic, rich, and spellbinding salsas and guacamole with the aid of a beautiful and efficient molcajete.

Perfect for replicating traditional recipes, a molcajete allows you to grind up herbs, spices, grains, and a range of fruits and vegetables, to make spreads, sauces, and dishes with smooth textures and balanced flavors.

Beautiful to behold, a molcajete will help set a Central or South American backdrop to even the simplest of home kitchens.

10 – Yerba Mate Gourd

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Gourds have a deeply important connection to Latin American history, being the traditional method that people have enjoyed mate tea for many generations.

A yerba mate gourd gives you everything you need to enjoy highly nutritional yerba mate, from the comfort of your kitchen or dining area.

Simple to use and easy to clean, you’ll be feeling the positive effects of this rich and energy-boosting drink in no time at all.

Yerba mate tea is great to drink with friends, family, or just to unwind and relax by yourself after a long day.

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11 – Mezzaluna

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Bring a dash of class and style into your home kitchen with an elegantly designed mezzaluna.

This versatile gift for foodies and cooks allows you to seamlessly cut, chop, and dice ingredients with ease, courtesy of comfortable handles and its half-moon design.

A mezzaluna is ideal for cutting ingredients for salsa verde, tapenade, and a range of other Latin American and worldwide dishes.

This is a blade that is stylish, oozes class, and can change the way you or a fellow foodie chops and cuts in the kitchen.

12 – Sushi Making Kit

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Enjoy preparing delicious sushi, with your own choice of ingredients, courtesy of a sushi-making kit. This is a home kitchen gift lovers of Japanese food will fall in love with.

This sushi kit comes with an array of professional kitchenware, including a premium sushi knife, bamboo mats, rice roller, and everything else needed to make and eat sushi.

Making sushi is one of the challenges many home cooks shy away from. But with the right equipment and a little confidence, you or your fellow foodies will be assembling sumptuous sushi in no time at all.

13 – Bamboo Steamer

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Nothing says authentic Asian cooking quite like a bamboo steamer. This delightful piece of cookware is an ideal gadget for any foodies that have a love and longing for Asian cuisine.

A bamboo steamer can be used to cook and prepare many traditional Asian dishes. Prepare for tender dim sum, fragrant rice, steamed vegetables, and tender meat.

Natural bamboo helps lock in the moisture, maintain the nutrients, and maximize the flavor.

For any foodie or chef looking to take their Asian-inspired cooking to the next level, this is a must-have accessory for their home kitchen.

14 – Turkish Coffee Pot

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If you or a fellow foodie is a big coffee lover, there’s always room to expand your palate to accommodate new and exciting flavors.

Turkish coffee is rich and unique, and an authentic Turkish coffee pot will have you sipping cups of this hot, delicious brew from your own home in a matter of minutes.

Brewing perfect Turkish coffee is all in the process. Beyond the brew, this ornate piece will look beautiful in plenty of home kitchens.

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15 – Wok

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Few cooking utensils conjure up images of fiery, passionate Asian cooking quite like a wok. For enthusiast cooks, this is an essential piece of kitchenware to help you handle the heat and volume when it comes to Asian cuisine.

A wok is perfect for stir-frying in an authentic way. With a wok, you can fry sizzling hot meat and vegetables for a range of truly mouthwatering dishes.

Once the food has been prepared, it’s also a good idea to get a wok brush. Wok brushes are excellent for cleaning woks after use.

16 – Mochi Maker

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Kiss goodbye to evenings longing for one of Japan and Asia’s most colorful, creamy, and divine desserts by bringing mochi into your home kitchen.

A mochi maker is a fun and exciting gift for foodies and chefs who adore the sweeter side of Japanese cuisine.

Mochi is plenty of fun to make alone, with friends, or the whole family. With a mochi machine, all the hard labor is taken care of.

This allows you to spend your energy on finding the perfect combination of ingredients for a rich and sumptuous batch of mochi. This is a foodie gadget that many home chefs would love to add to their repertoire.

17 – Ddukbaegi (Earthenware Pot)

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If you or a foodie you know is a big lover of Korean food, a ddukbaegi will be a welcome addition to the home kitchen.

Ddukbaegi’s allow you to keep bibimbaps, spicy pork, stews, soups, and plenty of other Korean dishes sizzling hot, for much longer.

Ddukbaegi pots are one of the iconic features of authentic Korean and Korean BBQ restaurants. They can be used to cook on top of the stove, in the oven, or in the microwave.

If authenticity is the name of the game, a set of ddukbaegi pots will no doubt go down a storm at future Korean-inspired nights.

18 – Tagine Pot

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Authentic Moroccan cooking is simply not complete without the inclusion of a tagine, the traditional cooking pot of this beautiful country.

While tagine is the name of the famous Moroccan dish, it is actually named after the earthenware pot it is cooked in.

Tagines have been used in the region for centuries. Their innovative cone-shaped design allows for natural steam circulation within the pot, allowing you to cook some of the most tender, melt-in-mouth beef, lamb, rice, and many other dishes.

Tagines are also very colorful and will add a flash of warmth and color to any home kitchen. This is a thoughtful gift for a passionate foodie, that is both practical and ornate.

19 – Potjie Pot

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From the north of Africa, we travel to the south and to an African cooking utensil that dates back centuries. For anyone who loves the heat and flair of African food, a potjie pot is a must-have kitchen gadget.

A potjie pot is a three-legged cast-iron pot, designed to retain liquids without burning, retain heat, and cook over an open flame, be it fire or a gas stove.

The potjie pot has been at the heart of African cuisine for generations. It is beautiful, authentic, and a great way to serve up African-inspired meat recipes, stews, and other delights at home.

20 – Internationally-Themed DIY Food Kits

Internationally-themed DIY food kits are the perfect addition to a home chef’s box of tricks and make for thoughtful holiday gifts for friends or fellow foodies. You can choose from many kits, including biltong making kits, BBQ sauce-making kits, ravioli kits, and so many more.

Food kits give you those authentic, yet often difficult-to-source ingredients, for specific international recipes that can define various cuisines of a range of countries.

Whatever you’re looking for, these DIY food kits will allow you a fun night of world-themed cooking! This is a gift any worldly foodie simply needs for their home kitchen.

Gadgets and Gifts for Foodies and Chefs Summary

For people who love to cook, there’s nothing quite like replicating their favorite dishes discovered when traveling to beautiful countries far and wide.

These gifts and gadgets can help bring authentic cuisines from all over the world into your humble home kitchen.

Whether for you or a fellow foodie or chef, these accessories will help take your cooking to new heights to wow your friends and family.

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