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About Us

Nomad Paradise is a digital publication that shares, promotes, and celebrates cuisines and destinations from all over the world.

We, a husband and wife team who met while traveling, initially curated our knowledge of the 40+ countries we had lived in or traveled to, covering the best foods to try and places to visit. Today, we work closely with locals to bring you authentic insights into traditional dishes, cuisines, and destinations from over a hundred countries, and counting.

Our goal is to educate, intrigue, and inspire you through the following:

Food Guides

We believe food is one of the best ways to experience any country or culture. With the help of local writers and foodies, our country food guides will whet your appetite with lowdowns on the must-try authentic dishes, what they are, and why they are important in that cuisine.

Bacalhau in Portugal
Trying Traditional Food in Portugal

Global Recipes

Can’t travel, but want to bring flavors from abroad into your own home? Our recipes from all over the world allow you to experience new cuisines and cultures from the comfort of your kitchen.

On our travels, we tried foods in many different countries, and we are passionate about recreating them at home.

We test all our recipes, do extensive research to understand how best to honor traditional recipes and provide step-by-step instructions, with photographs, so that you can cook classic dishes at home.

Tiramisu slice
Our Step-by-Step Tiramisu

Travel Guides

Food is just one of the many magical experiences of travel. Our travel guides draw on our knowledge combined with local writers’ insights and recommendations, giving you tips to travel smarter, destination ideas, and what to see and do in different cities and countries.

Visiting Westminster Abbey in London, one of our favorite cities

Remote Work

The reason we were both able to travel non-stop for many years was that both of us worked remotely. Our guides draw on years of experience being digital nomads, sharing tips, the best equipment, and where to find remote work so that you can get inspired to build a life where you have the flexibility to travel while you work.

In the Press

Our insight has been featured in top publications like The Washington Post, Forbes, and Reader’s Digest, and we are continually adding new guides and recipes to our site for our growing readership to enjoy, share, and get inspired by. For a selection of our press features, see our work with us page.

Get in Touch

Enjoy our website, and feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions, would like to inquire about partnerships, or would like to work with us.


Dale and Doina