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39 Best Tea Gadgets and Gifts for Tea Lovers (2023)

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Looking for unique and exciting tea gadgets and gifts for tea lovers to treat a tea-drinking friend or loved one? You’ve come to the right place!

Today, the tea market is alive with an incredible range of functional accessories, smart equipment, and more flavors than ever.

Whether you or your tea-loving recipient needs smart accessories for tea on the go or looking to taste new and exotic flavors, there’s something on this list for everyone.

So let’s dive into our comprehensive list of 39 cool tea products, gadgets, and accessories to find the perfect gifts for tea lovers across the world.

Best Tea Gadgets & Gifts for Tea Lovers

Cool Tea Gadgets for Tea Lovers

1 – One-Touch Tea Maker

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For convenience and for an immaculately infused brew, a one-touch tea maker is one ideal way to prepare your delicious cups of tea.

Load your leaves, add your water, then choose from a range of settings to get your tea just right.

2 – Whistling Tea Kettle

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Bring a welcome dash of childhood nostalgia into your own home with a whistling tea kettle.

Elegant and beautifully designed, a whistling tea kettle will take you back to those times tea was prepared at grandma and grandpa’s house.

3 – Electric Smart Tea Kettle

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For those yearning for that delicate balance between tea flavor and water, timing is absolutely everything.

A smart tea kettle is a great gadget for tea lovers who want plenty of control and functionality when it comes to brewing. No splashback, powerful steam, and controlled infusion.

Elevate the brewing process beyond a standard electric kettle with this thoughtful gift.

4 – Tea Infuser or Steeper

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Tea infusers, with their glistening stainless steel frame and mesh exterior, are a simple and effective way to infuse your boiling water in a simple way.

A loose-leaf tea infuser allows you to pack your leaves tightly, and it uses extra fine mesh to let the flavor slowly seep into the brew. There’s a real art and therapeutic quality to making tea with such items.

5 – Bamboo Tumbler

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A tea tumbler is the perfect tea gift for commuters and travelers who like to take their delicately brewed teas to go.

The bamboo tumbler allows you to strain and infuse your tea as you go. It also seals in the searing heat of boiled water so that you can enjoy a soothing hot sip every time.

6 – Teapot Set

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A teapot set will look wonderful in the home of any tea enthusiast who loves dainty, elegant interiors.

Teapot sets capture the ornate design and timeless decadence of generations of tea-brewing homes gone by. Beautiful to behold, they can bring both modern and classic kitchens to life.

7 – Smart Mug

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Tea cooling from hot to lukewarm is one of the age-old problems millions of us face every morning. Step forward the smart mug, and a brilliant solution for tea lovers.

Smart mugs keep your brew at a set temperature by activating a heating system whenever the mug is sat on the coaster. It’s a simple solution that could be perfect for anyone who likes to take their time drinking tea.

Cool Tea Gadgets & Gifts for Travelers

8 – Portable Travel Tea Set

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When it comes to tea, traveling brings up a whole host of problems. Polystyrene cups and airport tea packets just don’t pack the flavor of infused tea.

A portable travel tea set allows any frequent traveler to travel with their favorite teas and make brews on the go. Plus, everything packs up into a stylish case, easily packed in a backpack or suitcase.

9 – Travel Collapsible Kettle

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Saving space is one of the biggest challenges when traveling. While kettles are perfect in the home, their large, curved frames make them difficult to travel with.

A collapsible travel kettle packs up into a portable disc that can easily be carried in a backpack or carry-on.

Once you’re at your room or hotel, then you can unpack it easily and start making your hard-earned cup of tea.

10 – Tea Tasting Experience

Butterfly pea tea
Butterfly Pea Tea, Photo by Suwit Rattiwan, Shutterstock

A tea-tasting experience can light up the eyes of any frequent traveler who loves tea.

Tea tasting is hosted across the world. Whether on corporate retreats or romantic couple getaways, a tea-tasting experience can be a fantastic gift.

11 – Tea Garden / Plantation Experience

Tea garden
zhu difeng / Shutterstock

Take the tea-tasting experience to a whole new level with a trip to a tea plantation. Wine lovers go to vineyards, so it only makes sense tea lovers would be in their element at a tea plantation.

Tea plantation experiences can be found in many tea-producing countries, like Turkey, Kenya, and Vietnam.

Cool Gifts for Tea Connoisseurs & Tea Lovers Who Love to Try Different Teas

12 – Tea Subscription

Tea cups and loose leaf tea
Foxys Forest Manufacture / Shutterstock

Tea subscriptions are an amazing way for you or any tea drinker to sample a wide range of different brews.

Tea subscriptions are great because they’ll be sent straight to your door via post.

Art of Tea is a wonderful place to start, and for a full year, you can receive a wide range of flavorsome and exotic teas to try.

Other tea subscriptions you can check out include Sips By, Tea Drops, Simple Loose Leaf, and Adagio Teas.

13 – Kombucha Kit

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Kombucha tea has been drunk for thousands of years, and its health and well-being benefits have been well-documented in many scientific papers.

A kombucha kit gives you everything you need to brew this delicious, sugar-infused sweet tea, and try this ancient beverage for yourself.

14 – Matcha Set

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Japan is renowned for its unique, delicious cuisine. Matcha, a Japanese green tea made of finely ground green leaves, is a nourishing tea that’s a popular flavor in many Japanese desserts.

Its preparation is simple and therapeutic. For any tea enthusiast, this is a must-try brew, and a matcha kit gives you everything you need to brew it at home.

15 – Bubble Tea Kit

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Tea lovers looking to really push the boundaries will find bubble tea intriguing. This Taiwanese tea is filled with tapioca balls, which are chewy and made of cassava.

Its unique taste and texture make it ideal for many frozen and blended drinks and desserts.

A bubble tea kit gives you or any tea lover everything you need to try this fascinating and flavorsome beverage.

16 – Loose Leaf Samplers

Loose-leaf tea only continues to grow in popularity. There’s an incredible range of flavors and leaves online, offering so many health benefits and flavors.

If you’re looking to expand your tea repertoire, loose leaves are an excellent way to do so. You can buy loose-leaf teas in various places, including:

17 – English Tea Sampler

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English tea shops have long been the places to sample an incredible array of premium and beloved teas, from all over the world.

English tea samplers come with a wide range of tea bags, packed with various flavors.

For people who love to try new teas, this is a great way to expand your palate.

18 – Feel Good Tea Sampler

David’s Tea’s Feel Good tea sampler pack includes twelve unique and exciting teas, both loose leaf and infused, with a range of health benefits.

From detoxing to better digestion, there are plenty of organic tastes and flavors to try. A perfect gift for any tea lover that drinks tea for health benefits.

19 – Taste of Time Sampler Pack

With a variety of various teas, boxed up in some truly sleek and beautiful packaging, Art of Tea’s Taste of Time tea sampler pack has the flavors and decadence to make a superb gift for tea lovers far and wide.

The pack is designed to put you on a consistent tea-drinking schedule, drinking certain teas and certain times in accordance with your bodily needs.

Budget Gifts for Tea Lovers

20 – Tea Mug with Infuser

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For commuters and tea drinkers on the go, functionality often has to take priority when drinking tea.

A tea mug with an infuser is a brilliant all-in-one combination. It allows seasoned tea drinkers, pushed for time, to enjoy their favorite brews with minimal effort.

21 – Tea Spoon

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There’s just something therapeutic and very ‘right’ about stirring your tea with an ornate, classically designed teaspoon.

A throwback to a time with elaborate designs, rather than minimalist, teaspoons are both great for stewing brews and decorating the home.

22 – Tea Timer

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A tea timer is such a simple gift, and it’s one of those tea accessories you’ll wonder how you got by without.

While many tea drinkers develop a sense of when the tea is ready, these delicately designed sand timers will give you an accurate guide to work by. Plus, they’ll look dainty and adorable in many kitchens.

23 – Tea Print

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Inject plenty of tea house charm and delight into your own home or a fellow tea lover’s home with a beautifully designed tea print.

There are so many ways to pay homage to your love for tea. But there’s just something so homely about the iconic chalkboard design.

You’ll feel you’re in your favorite dainty cafe or tea house from the comfort of your couch.

24 – Afternoon Tea Book

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Afternoon tea is one of the symbolic dishes of the British aristocracy, and today it is enjoyed as a delightful treat throughout the UK and many other countries.

From the infused teas to the dainty desserts, hosting afternoon tea is a must-try experience for plenty of tea enthusiasts.

An afternoon tea book will give you unique insight and plenty of ideas on how to prepare an iconic and delicious afternoon tea for friends and family.

25 – Tea Tray

Tea trays are not only functional items. Their beautiful design and elegance make them a perfect addition to many kitchens and homes.

Steep and Serve’s bamboo tea tray looks gorgeous, and it allows you to carry your teas, cups, and brewing equipment anywhere in your home.

26 – Tea Storage Box

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The more tea bags, leaves, and packages you have, the more they seem to end up in the weirdest and most infuriating places in your kitchen.

If you or a fellow tea lover buy and try a lot of teas, keeping them in one simple and easily accessible place can make your life so much easier.

A tea storage box is a simple and elegant way to keep your favorite teas all in one place.

27 – Coasters

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There’s just something not right about serving someone tea without a coaster. But coasters offer so much more than just protection for your tables and surfaces.

Coasters come in all shapes, designs, and sizes. They can enhance your interior and are a must-have set to go with your other tea gadgets.

28 – Tea Storage Jars

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Tea storage jars are a great way for anyone to store their teas in a simple, beautiful way.

Unlike tea boxes, which utilize space for multiple teas, tea jars are ideal if you prefer to stick to two or three trusted teas.

They are also great tea accessories to add a little class and style to your kitchen.

Fun Gifts for Tea Lovers

29 – Tea Plant Kit

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Looking to truly explore the organic route to some of your favorite teas? Tea plant kits are ideal for any tea drinkers that enjoy gardening or growing their own herbs.

Simple and easy to keep at home, you can grow a wide range of herbal teas from the comfort of your own home. A fun, thoughtful gift for anyone who keeps plants at home.

30 – Bourbon-Infused Tea

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Tea drinkers eager to push the limits of their flavor palette will no doubt be intrigued by tea with wild and whacky fusions.

Paromi’s bourbon and vanilla-infused tea has all the ingredients and tea leaves for a unique and fascinating tea gift. Enjoyed hot and iced, it’s ideal for tea-tasting gatherings.

31 – Work From Home Care Package

Know a beloved friend or colleague that’s working from home? Help them kickstart their workday with a thoughtful tea-inspired work-from-home care package.

Tea Drops’ care package is a glorious gift for any tea enthusiast. Complete with a storage box and coasterless mug, tea drops are a fun, enjoyable way to sample a range of delicious teas.

32 – Tea Cocktail Book

Japan has been instrumental in bringing tea flavors to various foods and desserts. Today, tea-infused flavors have inspired so many new and exciting dishes, drinks, and recipes.

Art of Tea’s signature tea cocktail book is a unique journey into cocktail making with classic tea flavors.

For tea drinkers and for anyone who loves trying new things, this is an ideal tea-themed gift for birthdays or holidays.

33 – Tea Soap

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Your body can take in tea’s healing and medicinal properties not just through your stomach. Tea soaps are a perfect addition to any hot, soothing bath or shower.

Relax in the water, and let the rejuvenating qualities soak into your skin. A perfect fun tea-inspired gift for home spa days.

34 – Tea Mask

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Looking to soften and bathe your skin in richness and nutrients, for better, brighter skin? Tea masks are an excellent addition to your skincare accessories.

Matcha mood is infused with goodness from Matcha green tea. Simply apply the cream to your skin and face, and let the antioxidants calm, soothe, and replenish.

35 – Tea Spray

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Bring that delightful, fragrant scent of various teas into your home at all times, with a refreshing tea spray.

A couple of sprays is all you or any tea-loving friend or family member need to keep the home smelling fresh and fragrant. If you weren’t craving tea all the time, you most certainly will be now!

36 – Tea Candle

Surround yourself with the soothing, invigorating scents of various teas by lighting a tea candle in your home.

Tea candles are a delightful way to create a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere in your own home. Infuse your air with classic fragrances, such as jasmine, and feel your positivity and wellness boost.

Cool Gifts for Kids Who Love Tea

37 – Penguin Travel Tea Mug

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How adorable is that penguin travel tea mug? The rich, healthy ingredients in many teas mean children are never too young to get into the world of teas.

For any tea-drinking child, this brilliant travel mug is ideal for taking their favorite brews on the go with them. It’s a perfect gift for tea-drinking families, and this cute mug is sure to bring a smile to plenty of faces.

38 – Unicorn Mug

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We all have our favorite mugs to drink tea from. But any kid with a unicorn mug is definitely going to be the life and soul of the tea party!

This beautifully designed tea mug is the perfect way for children, or unicorn-loving adults, to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea at all times of the day.

DIY Tea Gifts

39 – DIY Tea Gift Basket

We’ve looked at a range of unique and incredible tea accessories and gadgets.

And if you’re looking to buy a gift for a tea-drinking friend or loved one that really goes the extra mile, why not design them their very own tea gift basket?

You can create your own custom DIY tea gift basket or gift box using a combination of the aforementioned tea gadgets, tea accessories, and tea goodies.

Once selected, package them up in a beautiful basket, hamper, or functional box, and seal it with some beautiful wrapping.

Here are some ideas for what to include:

  • Basket
  • Tea Sampler Packets
  • Tea Towels
  • Tea Truffles
  • Tea Biscuits
  • Tea Accessories
  • Their Favorite Tea

Best Tea Gadgets & Gifts for Tea Lovers Summary

That was quite the journey through the unique and wonderful world of tea drinking, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Tea is a drink enjoyed by millions across the world. And while coffee for so long has been the drink adopted by the mainstream, these tea gadgets and accessories are proof that tea is reaching more people than ever before.

Drinking tea, like many drinks, is a far greater experience once you embrace various preparation techniques and try new flavors.

This wide-ranging list of tea-themed accessories will go a long way to enhancing plenty of people’s relationships with new and favorite teas.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or get the perfect gift for a tea-loving friend or loved one, this list should give you plenty of ideas.

That way, you can craft a tea gift package that’s absolutely ideal for whomever you’re gifting it to. Help them pour the perfect cup of their favorite hot beverage or cold brew, and get inspired by some of our best gifts for tea lovers

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39 Amazing Gifts & Gadgets for Tea Lovers

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