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23 Home Coffee Bar Accessories, Gadgets, and Essentials (2023)

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Looking to recreate the taste, texture, and sparkle of your favorite coffee shop coffees from home? You’ll be amazed at quite how simple it can be!

These 23 home coffee bar accessories will help you brew delicious, Instagram-worthy coffees from your own kitchen or living room.

Whether you’re working from home or having guests over, these coffee gadgets mean rich and tasty coffees will be a shake, press, or click away!

Home Coffee Bar Accessories, Gadgets, and Essentials

1 – Home Coffee Bar Station

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To begin, your home coffee bar will need some strong foundations. Building your own coffee bar is addictive, and over time, you’ll probably add more equipment to it.

A designated coffee bar station in your kitchen or living room will allow you to make delicious coffees without sifting through kitchen gear or pulling equipment from cupboards.

If you’re looking for more options, you can also create your home coffee bar on:

  • Multi-Level Trays
  • Coffee Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Floating Shelves

2 – Nespresso Coffee Machine

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A Nespresso coffee machine allows you to bring that iconic Nespresso pod coffee taste into your own home.

Nespresso machines are simple to set up and easy to use. Within seconds, you can prepare rich and hot Nespresso coffee from a range of flavored pods.

If you like your coffee prepared quickly or just love the Nespresso taste, a machine is a worthwhile investment.

3 – Espresso Machine

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So many of us watch on in awe as baristas prepare our coffees using the iconic espresso machine.

Today, you can have one of those machines in your very own home. An espresso machine will come with all the tools and gadgets needed to make coffee the way you love it.

If you work from home and miss your coffee shop drinks, this is an excellent coffee gadget to recreate the coffee shop experience at home.

4 – AeroPress

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If you love to buy ground bags of coffee, AeroPress is a tried and tested way to prepare it. Coffee lovers across the globe use them.

An AeroPress is a simple device that allows you to brew and press your coffee to your own liking.

In addition to your ground coffee, all you need is a kettle for hot water and your coffee mug, and you’re good to go.

An AeroPress is also a multi-functional coffee gadget. You can have it in your home coffee bar, but also take it with you when you travel due to its portability.

5 – Cold Brew Maker

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Cold brew coffee is a favorite for many coffee lovers at coffee shops.

If you love that refreshing cold brew taste, you can brew it at home with a cold brew coffee maker.

It could be a great addition to your home coffee bar and give you other options beyond hot coffee.

A cold brew maker is simple to use, and it slowly brews delicious and concentrated coffee.

6 – Coffee Beans / Coffee Subscription

Today, it’s very straightforward to get coffee beans from all over the world. From Colombia to Papa New Guinea, there are so many flavors of coffee to try.

Most supermarkets, however, will have a limited coffee bean selection. If there’s a brand in particular you like, a coffee subscription is worth the investment.

That way, you get your favorite coffee beans delivered to your door every month.

You can also try different coffee brands from around the world using the many coffee subscriptions now available.

Coffee Subscriptions

7 – Coffee Grinder

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Eager to grind your favorite coffee beans but don’t have the room at home from an espresso machine? A coffee grinder could be an excellent choice for you.

With a coffee grinder, you can be sure your coffee will be flavorful and not go stale the way pre-ground coffee often does.

A coffee grinder is efficient, compact, and a great addition to your home coffee bar if you buy coffee beans.

8 – Coffee Pods

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If you like delicious, frothy coffee made fast and efficiently, you’ll most likely have a Nespresso or coffee pod machine.

With coffee pods, the important thing to remember is their compatibility with your machine. Before buying a new brand, be sure to check the product details.

But once your pods have the green light, a world of rich, intense, and unique coffee flavors awaits you.

As with coffee beans, coffee pods are also great on subscriptions. That way, you’ll always have pods delivered to your door. Many subscriptions will also allow you to try new flavors.

9 – Milk Frother

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If you love your cappuccinos, lattes, and milky coffees, you’ll be more than familiar with the thick, foamy milk baristas add to your coffee.

With a milk frother, you can recreate the soothing taste and creamy texture of foamy milk from your home coffee bar station.

This Aeroccino milk frother does hot foam, hot milk, and cold foam. It’s simple to use, and it elevates lattes to a whole new level.

You can also buy a handheld milk frother that works great for travel. The texture of a latte is just as important as the taste, and a milk frother helps achieve that delicate balance.

10 – Temperature-Controlled Coffee Mug

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Coffee becoming cold is a problem millions of coffee drinkers tut and sigh at every day.

Often, we don’t want to guzzle down a coffee quickly. We want to savor the taste and flavor, but in a conventional coffee mug, it’s difficult to do so.

If your coffee going cold is a constant problem, a temperature-controlled coffee mug may be the home bar coffee essential product you’ve been looking for.

Through battery power, this coffee mug applies constant heat to your coffee. This stops it from cooling and keeps it hot and delicious.

It’s a simple idea, but it solves a problem that annoys so many of us coffee lovers.

11 – Airtight Coffee Canister with Scoop

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Often, with coffee bags, it can become very difficult to reseal them once opened. As soon as the air gets into the bag, the taste and texture deteriorate.

An airtight coffee canister is not only a smart way to store and display coffee, but it also allows your ground coffee or coffee beans to last much longer.

With coffee, storage and preparation are so important. If the beans are not right, the coffee isn’t going to taste good, no matter how well you brew it.

Don’t compromise on quality and texture, especially if you buy fine coffee. Store it in an airtight canister so that it will last much longer.

12 – Coffee Syrup

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Coffee shops add plenty of sweet and savory ingredients to make their coffees taste even more delicious.

One of those ingredients is syrup, and you’ll find it in plenty of coffee shop brews and drinks.

Syrups add sweetness to your coffee in a variety of flavors. If you love creamy, milky coffees, there are plenty of delicious flavors to create by adding syrups.

You can try many different syrups: hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, salted caramel, lavender, pistachio, amaretto, and many more.

13 – Coffee Spices (Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cocoa)

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Spices are home bar coffee essentials to elevate the taste and flavor of your brewed coffee, just like in a coffee shop.

Even just a sprinkle of spices like cinnamon or nutmeg can make a big difference to the taste and texture of your coffee.

Spices are easy to store in shaker jars, and they could be a great addition to your coffee bar at home.

14 – Coffee Travel Mug

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Not everyone wants to buy coffee on the go. Sometimes, people like to prepare coffee at home and then take it with them.

Whether you’re commuting to work or need to leave your home office, a coffee travel mug allows you to take your freshly brewed home coffee to go.

Coffee travel mugs allow your beverages to maintain their temperature. Whether it’s a hot coffee or a cold brew, you can continue to enjoy it at that temperature.

For this reason, a travel mug is a great little hack to drink your coffee without it getting cold. However you use it, it could be a great addition to your home coffee bar.

15 – Kettle

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Access to hot water is vital for any coffee bar. But with many coffee machines, getting only hot water can be difficult.

For Aeropress coffee, tea, or just to top up your drink, a kettle is a sound addition to your home coffee bar.

It’ll also allow you to offer a range of different drinks for family or guests.

16 – Coffee Tamper

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Keen to get a smoother, velvetier texture to your espresso-made coffee? If you’re looking for coffee shop quality, a coffee tamper is a recommended addition to your espresso machine.

A coffee tamper allows you to pack coffee grounds into the portafilter of your espresso machine much tighter.

This allows you to get a smoother, better-quality shot of coffee before you add your milk, toppings, and other ingredients.

It’s a simple coffee device, but it can make such a difference. As it’s small and compact, it will take up little room on your coffee bar station at home.

17 – Coffee Organizer

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All these cool coffee gadgets and tools that you add to your home coffee bar, in time, start to add up. Without places to store them, your coffee bar station can become cluttered.

A coffee organizer is one of the most overlooked home coffee bar accessories, but it can totally transform your home coffee station.

With a well-designed organizer, you can keep your tools and coffee essentials uncluttered. They will also be much easier to find.

18 – Cream and Sugar Set

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For some coffee lovers, sugar and cream are must-haves in every delicious brew.

Particularly if you have guests over, a cream and sugar set is a simple and elegant way to serve both as an addition to their coffee.

Sometimes, the richness and strength of coffee don’t hit the mark. Sometimes, we want sweetness or creaminess with every sip.

Cream and sugar jars also add decadence to your home coffee station. They come in a range of designs and add real homeliness to your setup.

19 – Coffee Stirrers

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Want to add a little class and style to your home coffee station? Coffee stirrers are ideal for serving with your coffee mug and saucer.

Coffee stirrers come in all shapes and sizes. There are some truly beautiful designs on the market with plenty of class.

If you add reusable coffee stirrers to your home coffee essentials, you’ll also be doing your bit to help the environment. Using reusable metal stirrers is more environmentally friendly than using single-use coffee stirrers.

20 – Coasters

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Coasters are the home coffee bar accessories you most definitely should have plenty of.

Often, when we serve coffee, we forget how hot the mug is. Laying down a steaming hot mug on a range of surfaces can cause marks and damage.

And coasters don’t have to be boring accessories, either. You can find plenty of fun and inspiring designs to match your home coffee bar style and surrounding decor.

Coasters are an essential part of your home coffee bar experience, and you should try to always have plenty on hand.

21 – A Fun Coffee Sign

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Want to truly recreate that homely coffee shop feel? Get yourself a fun coffee sign and hang it above your home coffee station.

Today’s coffee shops are full of inspirational quotes and fun wall art. Through fun, friendly typography, you can create a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

Signage is one of the cherries on top of your home coffee bar. There are so many great pre-made coffee-themed signs online, like the one above.

22 – Coffee-Scented Candle

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Sometimes, the smell of coffee is just as satisfying as the taste. That’s why coffee shops have such charm and allure about them.

If you’re trying to recreate that wonderful aroma in your home coffee bar, you should try lighting a coffee-scented candle.

Candles help create a cozy, warm atmosphere. Plus, the coffee scent will help you feel as though you’re sitting at one of your favorite coffee shops.

A coffee-scented candle is a coffee bar product that is very simple but goes a long way to creating an authentic feel.

23 – Biscotti

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Lastly, for many of us coffee lovers, eating a crunchy, delicious biscuit with the brew is just as satisfying as that first piping-hot sip of coffee.

Biscotti come in a range of flavors and are yummy additions to any coffee break.

Whether you’re drinking alone or hosting guests, biscotti are great to offer as an additional treat.

As in a coffee shop, they help enhance that home coffee bar experience. Plus, they’re utterly delicious!

Home Coffee Bar Accessories, Gadgets, and Essentials Summary

If coffee is a big part of your life, it’s worth investing in the right equipment to create rich, tasty, and flavorsome coffee that’s just the way you like it.

It’s amazing how many of the coffee essentials and gadgets we watch baristas use you can now get at home.

A home coffee station can help you have great coffee all the time. That way, when you can’t get to your favorite coffee shop, you can still recreate delicious flavors and styles.

Plus, if you’re hosting guests, a home coffee station is a great addition to your kitchen or living room.

These home coffee bar accessories and essentials will go a long way to bringing that much-loved coffee shop experience into your own home.

Have fun with your home coffee bar, and if you love coffee, don’t compromise on the taste or quality.

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23 Home coffee bar accessories you need in your life (pin).
23 Home coffee bar essentials you need in your life (pin).

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