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23 Travel Jobs Perfect for If You Want to Work and Travel the World

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Eager to forge a career path that can constantly take you to new and exciting places? These travel jobs are some of the best ways to both travel and make money at the same time, opening up your day-to-day life to new opportunities and countless adventures.

With a willingness to learn, retrain, and get connected, you can land one of these jobs, and create a life full of far more excitement and experiences than a location-dependent job can give you.

Best Travel Jobs

Entry-level “Work Anywhere” Jobs

entry level work anywhere travel jobs

Meaning no disrespect to experts in these fields, these jobs have more opportunities to get into due to their high demand and ease of setup via services such as Upwork to get started and find work straight away.

The expectation with most of these roles is that you will be working remotely and whether through gigs and freelance or a full-time job, all have many opportunities to allow you to travel and work from anywhere.

1. Copywriting and Blog Writing

Probably the ultimate “portable job”, copywriters and blog writers research and create content from various topics. You can draft introductory articles, home pages, blog content, sales copy, or news pieces.

Why is it great for travel?

Writing jobs are usually done on a freelance basis. This will let you work at your convenience and minimize the disruption created by switching time zones. It also requires relatively few tools: just a laptop with word processing software and an internet connection.

2. Editing, Proofreading, and Fact-Checking

Smaller entrepreneurs may rely on spellcheck and Grammarly alone – but larger companies and public figures need to ensure everything they publish is up to a high standard.

Often, editing goes beyond simple grammar mistakes: it can include rewriting or rewording sections to make them sound better, clarifying ambiguous sections, or determining a consistent standard. Meanwhile, fact-checkers usually require in-depth knowledge of a particular field.

Why is it great for travel?

Just like copywriting, editing can usually be done independently and with little fanfare. As the job requires greater attention to detail, you may also need to secure a quiet space.

3. Transcription

Transcriptionists listen to voice recordings and video clips carefully and type everything said so it can be reviewed later. Most transcription jobs are done on a freelance basis.

Usually, transcription clients include companies developing webinars, advertising agencies, or YouTube creators who wish to develop subtitles. However, specialized transcriptionists can also handle depositions, conferences, or law-enforcement interviews.

Why is it great for travel?

Transcription usually requires “rush periods” but offers flexible schedules. The job itself doesn’t require you to be online at all times, as you will only need it to download and send the files you are working with. That being said, you will need a laptop and a high-quality headset.

4. Virtual Assistant

No matter your profession, once you see your client base multiply, there’s an excellent chance to start losing paperwork (and, therefore, opportunities) in the process. 

Traditionally, this was handled by full-time assistants. However, many of these tasks can be operated remotely by anyone with good internet and the ability to multitask.

Virtual assistants often set up appointments, do bookkeeping, invoice clients, send email reminders, and liaise with suppliers or vendors.

Why is it great for travel?

This job is ideal for anyone traveling within the same time zone. You will need a laptop and a reliable smartphone with a data plan. These two essential tools should be enough to allow you to carry out most tasks on the go.

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5. Social Media Manager

A company’s social media accounts offer significant ways for them to communicate with its audience or advertise its services. However, monitoring them can be time-consuming, so most companies outsource this task to a social media manager or a social media agency. 

You will need to engage with fans and followers, promote specials, and share relevant content for a specific brand.

Why is it great for travel?

Depending on your workload, you can provide these services with just a smartphone and an internet connection. If you ever need to create a small infographic, you can use light tools such as Canva, which run on even small laptops. 

6. Forum Moderator

Many company boards or subscription-only forums still prefer a human pair of eyes, ensuring that everything stays friendly and on-topic.

As a forum moderator, you may need to review whenever anything is flagged – but you may also need to intervene in private quarrels, issue bans, or try to spark specific discussions.

Why is it great for travel?

Forums are used 24/7, so they usually require moderators available in different time zones. If you are traveling far from home, this can become a selling point for your services.

This type of work requires almost no equipment, but it is often great for outgoing people who like to build peace around them.

7. Tech Support Agent

Tech support agents are the humans behind the waiting tones and “chat with us” boxes that we interact with daily. Whenever an automated bot can’t solve something, it is usually referred to a person who has access to a manual, great people skills, and a knack for problem-solving.

Why is it great for travel?

Tech support jobs usually require spending a few hours in front of your computer, so they are not great for people who are always on the road.

Yet, a few shifts a week can be a great way to earn extra money during extended travel or a sabbatical. In addition to a laptop, you may also need a headset.

8. Stock Photographer

Stock photos populate the internet and almost all the content we consume. The ability to create something beautiful yet vague enough to be used by different brands requires a particular eye for beauty – as well as a decent camera.

Why is it great for travel?

Traveling will allow you to access exotic locales, unusual landscapes, and diverse faces. You can turn this into a selling point! Plus, you will be able to upload your pics to the portal you work with without approaching clients yourself. This can generate passive income and allows you to disconnect completely.

Skilled “Work Anywhere” Jobs

skilled work from anywhere jobs

With these jobs, the entry-level is higher as a specialized skill, such as knowledge of a programming language, is required to do them.

However, if you’re willing to retrain and gain experience, in time, these jobs can provide you with a steady income, while giving you the freedom to do them remotely, from anywhere.

9. Translation

Although a degree in translation is not necessary, translators need to be proficient in at least two languages. You will also need to have an eye for detail and enjoy the nuances behind local expressions and idioms.

Why is it great for travel?

Translating is as much about building cultural bridges as simply rewriting content into a new language – something that is often dear to wandering souls. Plus, just like copywriting, it can be done with just a laptop and a semi-stable internet connection.

If you sign up with a translation agency, you can usually have a semi-steady flow of projects sent to you and work on them at odd hours.

10. Conference Interpreter

Often more challenging than translation, interpretation work also tends to yield better hourly rates. You will need to listen to what is being said in one language and repeat it in a different one with only a few seconds delay. Usually, this will require some degree of specialized training.

Why is it great for travel?

Conferences tend to occupy the bulk of a long weekend. These crunch periods may be very intensive but can be done remotely, allowing some free time to disconnect or explore.

On the other hand, you will need to secure a quiet space with a steady internet connection, such as a coworking space.

11. Technical Writing

Unlike copywriters and bloggers, technical writers usually stick to one field where they already have previous expertise. The largest markets are in STEM or financial publications, which need content geared at fellow professionals rather than a general audience.

Usually, companies looking for technical writers prefer to look for people with previous degrees or extensive experience in a particular field.

Why is it great for travel?

Technical writing offers the same flexibility as regular blogging but with much higher rates. If you are going on a sabbatical after years at a corporate position, this may be a nice compromise: you will still be able to capitalize on your knowledge, but you will own your time.

12. Web Development

Almost every list of remote jobs must include some words about web development. This is an in-demand field that requires specialized training and is often outsourced. Most clients are mainly unaware of what’s needed to build or maintain a website or never communicate beyond a video call.

Why is it great for travel?

Web development is often a project-based gig, so you may not need to log in at specific hours, and instead deliver the work by a certain deadline. It can also yield relatively large payouts in a short time.

That being said, you will need to invest in a more sophisticated laptop: a cheap netbook may not handle some of the software you will be using daily.

13. Software Engineering

Software engineers build or maintain computer programs and databases. Many of these are not open to the public and are tailored to a specific company’s internal systems. Others test or debug software that is about to be updated or released.

Why is it great for travel?

This is a highly specialized field that can be done entirely from a computer. As a result, most companies are willing to allow their software engineers to telecommute.

As most positions tend to be salaried, this is not the ideal job for backpackers. On the other hand, if you are going for more extended stays and relocating only every few months, it can work nicely.

14. Videography

Everybody now carries a video camera in their pocket, but not anybody can produce professional videos. A videographer will need training or experience in content creation, photography, or moviemaking. 

Why is it great for travel?

Videography blends well with stock photography. Plus, this field is packed with on-site, short-term gigs, such as weddings, conventions, and ad campaigns. If you are already investing in expensive cameras, you should stay open to the occasional weekend videography project.

Bonus specialization: if you have a drone, you can also offer sporadic traffic monitoring or aerial time-lapse video. 

15. Language Teacher

Despite the proliferation of language-learning apps, true fluency requires you, someone, to practice with. If you are fluent in a second language, have a background in linguistics, or have previous teaching experience, you should explore these options.

Most of the business is geared towards private lessons via video call. However, some companies also need teachers for small groups or moderators for conversation practice sessions.

Why is it great for travel?

One-on-one sessions offer you great flexibility and the ability to adapt your schedule on the go. Plus, they will allow you to meet people worldwide and even strike up contacts for future travel.

16. Medical Scribe

Medical scribes are in charge of updating and recording the interactions between healthcare providers and their patients as they happen. Sometimes, they are also tasked with sending lab orders and transcribing reports. 

Traditionally, medical scribes were on-site employees and often medical or nursing students. However, if you have an essential medical background, you can now do this remotely.

Why is it great for travel?

Although a niche occupation, scribing can provide you with real-world healthcare experience for the future. It requires relatively little equipment. Most gigs are done on a shift basis, which allows you to pick and choose your hours.

17. Instructional Designer

At the crossroads between teachers and copywriters, instructional designers usually prepare the syllabus for a future course and prepare the teaching materials. This often involves setting learning objectives or a grading scale.

Why is it great for travel?

This job usually requires prior expertise in education or psychology. However, it is remarkably low-tech for such a specialized position: a word processing software, a basic graphic design tool, and maybe a citation manager should be enough.

18. Test Question Writer

Test question writers are the evil cousins of instructional designers. They take the syllabi and materials prepared by others and write the questions used in the final exam. Most of the time, your clients will be the textbook or question bank companies designing standardized exams.

Why is it great for travel?

This job requires a lot of attention to detail. However, it also offers flexible gigs, and most of your tools and consultation materials are available online.

Bonus specialization: If you have a master’s degree in a professional field (healthcare, law, engineering), you can work for the companies that draft licensure exams. These pay a lot more.

Jobs That Require Lots of Travel

on location travel jobs

If you love to travel often and are open to going anywhere, you should definitely consider these travel jobs.

While you often won’t have the luxury to work from anywhere, all of these jobs require you to travel extensively, either on-site or to different places.

19. Cruise Ship Worker

It is probably the ideal position if you want your work to take you places. Cruise companies often hire for various positions – from food prep to nursing – and offer quick promotions. 

Why is it great for travel?

Cruise shifts are long, and staff quarters tend to be small. However, they tend to pay more than similar land-based positions would, and you would spend very little during your tenure. Some companies will also offer employee discounts with partner hotels, budget airlines, or tour operators.

20. Resort Entertainer

Both family-oriented and adults-only resorts need someone to spice up their evening events. Resort entertainers often offer anything from children’s magic shows to stand-up comedy or live music. Naturally, you will need to be comfortable with public performances.

Why is it great for travel?

Depending on the type of gigs you find, working as a resort entertainer will offer you a way to finance an entire season in a scenic tourist hotspot. If you manage to partner with a hotel chain, you may repeat the same show on international branches.

21. Retreat Planner

Retreat planners often combine the responsibilities of a travel agent with those of a hotel manager. Most of the time, retreats are organized in reasonably isolated but picturesque locations.

A retreat planner will need to equip or adapt the retreat center, ensure everyone arrives on time, and arrange supply lines ahead of time.

Why is it great for travel?

Retreat planning is not a remote position, and it will require you to build deep relationships in a particular place. Because of this, it is ideal for a particular type of traveler. It is a great place to start for those who want to make a living out of experience tourism.

22. Agri-Tourism Worker

Organic and hydroponic operators around the world often rely on backpackers and globetrotters for some aid. Agri-tourism workers continually guide and train guests who want to experience the daily tasks of a farm or vineyard. They can also help care for the crops or animals directly or help with travel arrangements

Why is it great for travel?

Agri-tourism work merges nicely with a semi-nomadic existence. If your dream is to keep things simple and you enjoy the outdoors, it may suit you. 

23. Mystery Client for the Hospitality Industry

Many international corporations often need “eyes on the ground” to tell them whether each branch truly upholds the brand’s standards.

In the hospitality industry, mystery clients pose as regular guests and examine whether specific procedures are respected.

Why is it great for travel?

Although it would be difficult to provide a steady income, mystery client work is great for an occasional gig. Mystery clients are often paid little, but they are refunded for their expenses. This can help you gain an unexpected free stay or tour without spending your own money.

Best Travel Jobs Summary

With a generous amount of hard work, creativity, and a willingness to put yourself out there, your work and travel can very much go hand-in-hand, as these travel jobs show.

Some give you the flexibility to work from anywhere, while others could send you anywhere in the world. But all of them will allow you to have travel in your life while earning money and building your career.

If you do pursue any of these jobs, I wish you the best of luck. As someone who has been able to work and travel for many years, I genuinely hope more people are able to take that leap in the years to come.

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Best Travel Jobs

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