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21 Work From Home Gifts Remote Workers Will Love (2023)

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Are you looking for work-from-home gifts for a fellow remote worker? Or, perhaps you want to treat yourself with a little gift that can also be practical for your remote job.

Our list of 21 work-from-home gifts can brighten up your day and make working from home more enjoyable, comfortable, and practical.

And if you’re just setting up your home office, make sure to also check out our work-from-home office essentials article to get all the products for the perfect home office setup.

Work From Home Gifts

21 Work From Home Gifts Remote Workers Will Love

Useful Work From Home Gadgets

1 – White Noise Machine

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Having trouble staying focused while the noises from traffic and people walking by are constantly disrupting you? A white noise machine could be the ideal solution.

Simple to use, a white noise machine gives you a range of non-repeating sounds, both industrial and ambient, to help block out disruptive noise.

Also great for sleeping, you can leave this machine on throughout the day or night. It is a great work-from-home gift for anyone who lives in a busy and noisy area.

2 – Lap Desk

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Effective home working requires a comfortable, stable desk, chair, and other accessories. But for those on a budget or without the space at home, that can become tricky.

If you find yourself or someone you know ditching the kitchen or dining room table for the couch, a lap desk could be the perfect work-from-home gift.

Lap desks provide a padded, comfortable buffer between you and your laptop. This helps stop your laptop from overheating and elevates it a little.

A lap desk is an ideal solution if you find yourself spending several hours of your day working from the sofa with your laptop.

3 – Air Purifier

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Large offices are equipped with various air conditioning and purifier units to make working in the same room for many hours comfortable and breathable.

At home, however, this is not the case. If you work from the same room all day, the room can quickly become hot, stuffy, or suffer from poor airflow.

An air purifier can be a truly useful work-from-home gift. Simple to turn on and leave in the corner of the room, an air purifier works tirelessly to remove dust, bacteria, and odors from the air in the room.

Low noise and low maintenance, this work-from-home essential can help you feel fresh and focused throughout the day.

4 – Blue Light Glasses

Much has been documented about how overexposure to blue light can be harmful to our eyes long-term.

However, when it comes to working, we have little choice. Practically all work-from-home jobs are done on laptops and devices.

Blue light glasses could be the answer to relieving you of repeated eye strain, headaches, and long-term problems.

Blue light glasses are equipped with lenses that block out blue light from your laptop and other devices in your harm.

That way, you can observe, focus, and enjoy hours of screen time without having to endure the strain and soreness that comes after prolonged screen viewing.

Best Work From Home Gifts for Employees

5 – Noise-Canceling Headphones / Earbuds

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Noise-canceling earbuds help give you the headspace that noise-canceling headphones achieve, but without the considerable weight and bulk of headphones.

Noise-canceling headphones can be switched on to emit a powerful white noise, significantly reducing background noise and loud sounds around you.

The beauty of headphones is in their lightweight frame. Wearing bulky headphones for hours at a time simply isn’t doable for many people who work from home.

If you listen to music while working, the noise cancellation gives you a clearer, deeper sound, allowing you to fully immerse in your focused work.

6 – Credit Towards Home Workout Equipment or Online Wellness Classes

Working from home is not without its challenges. Staying fit and healthy from the confines of your home can be challenging, particularly as our homes are largely set up for comfort.

During normal times, many employers will cover the cost of a gym membership. There is no reason this needs to stop when employees work from home.

It would be a good idea to offer your employees a set budget for home gym equipment or online wellness classes.

Your employees will do their best work when feeling happy, healthy, and energized, and a home workout setup will go a long way to helping support that state of mind.

7 – Coffee Gift Set or Gift Set by Interest

Morning commute coffee and coffee runs are commonplace in large offices and working from the city. But when working from home, the means of getting coffee and hot drinks suddenly switch to the kitchen.

In the city, we are surrounded by the swankiest, most luxurious coffee shops and accessories, which have everything at their disposal to make rich, flavorful coffee on-demand. That does not translate to the kitchen at home.

If you, someone you know, or your team is missing the convenience and camaraderie of the office coffee runs, try a service like Corporate Gift.

Corporate Gift gives you thousands of gifting options for large teams, including coffee, to keep your workforce happy and energized.

If you’re looking to help an individual, a coffee subscription or a gift card/credit towards their favorite coffee shop is a gesture that can go a long way.

There is also a wide range of home coffee bar accessories and tea gadgets and gifts on the market to turn your kitchen or home office into a sanctuary for hot drinks.

Best Work From Home Gifts for Coworkers

8 – An Indoor Plant / Cactus

An indoor plant can add a healthy dose of life and color to even the blandest and most sterile of home offices.

Research has shown that an indoor plant can help reduce stress and anxiety, boost your mood and productivity, and also help cleanse stuffy air.

The beauty of a plant, such as a cactus, is in the minimal effort required to keep it alive and healthy. An indoor plant only needs to be watered and can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home office.

9 – Freshly Baked Cookie Box

For those tough days when nothing is going right, a freshly baked cookie box could be the pickup you or someone you know needs to get them through the workday.

The isolation and lack of human interaction that can sometimes occur when working from home mean that surprises and moments of joy are even more important to stay happy, healthy, and focused.

Services like David’s Cookies can have your home office filled with the aroma of freshly baked cookies in no time at all with their simple and efficient delivery service.

10 – Snack Box

A hearty and healthy snack box is the work-from-home gift most remote workers want to see when they pull open one of their desk drawers in those moments of low energy and hunger.

Stifling cravings is a common problem when working from home. When we’re hungry, the urge to reach into the cookie jar or the chocolate compartment in the fridge can sometimes be overwhelming.

Kind Snacks allow you to create custom snack boxes, filled with delicious and healthy treats, that you can eat during the day without loading your body with sugar or disrupting your mealtimes.

Comfort Work From Home Gifts

11 – Comfy Slippers

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A pair of comfy slippers is such a simple work-from-home gift, but one that many remote workers will instantly fall in love with.

Being at home all day means that comfort becomes even more of a priority. To stay focused and do quality work for hours at a time, we need to be comfortable and warm.

Comfy slippers help keep your feet warm and provide a barrier between the soles of your feet and cold, hard floors. Staying warm and cozy should always start with your feet, and slippers are perfect for this.

Whether you choose a stylish set or something for the novelty value, never underestimate the importance of comfort when it comes to working from home.

12 – Anti-Fatigue Mat

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An anti-fatigue mat is a match made in heaven with a standing desk, allowing you to work longer and in greater comfort.

Anti-fatigue mats subconsciously encourage gentle foot movement and massage, triggering better circulation and allowing you to stay in the same position for longer, with less pain and soreness.

This innovative work-from-home accessory can also be used from a seated position. The goal to stop aches and stiffness is movement, and such mats allow non-distracting movement to keep you energized and focused.

13 – Extra-Padded Seat Cushion

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A padded seat cushion is an essential purchase for remote workers who do not have a designated desk chair at home. Hours spent sitting on low-lying couches or rigid kitchen chairs can soon become very uncomfortable.

Extra-padded cushions give you both padding for your glutes, back, and legs while supporting your back as you sit in a more upright, work-friendly position.

When it comes to working from home, sometimes we all need to get a little creative. Padded seating can help turn even the most uncomfortable of chairs into a seat on which you can work longer and faster, with more focus.

Budget Work From Home Gifts

14 – Water Bottle

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Keeping a water bottle next to your workstation is a great way to remind you to stay hydrated, one of the most important things so many of us continually forget to do throughout the workday.

A designated water bottle will keep bottled or tap water fresher for longer. Working while sipping water, rather than drinking whole glasses at a time, is a more effective way to stay hydrated.

If you’re eager to drink fresher, purified water or are traveling, a water purifier for both outdoor and indoor use could also be a robust and worthwhile investment.

15 – Espresso Coffee Candle

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Miss the earthy aromas of your favorite coffee shops? Help transport yourself or someone you know to their favorite coffee-serving workspaces from home with an espresso coffee candle.

For many of us, even the smell of coffee is enough to trigger our minds and bodies into action. Plus, the rich, familiar smell will help add character to sterile home offices born out of necessity.

16 – Yeti Coffee Mug

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The YETI mug is a thoughtful gift for long-term remote workers tired of constantly having to sip lukewarm and rewarmed tea, coffee, and other drinks.

The YETI mug’s double-wall vacuum insulation means you can keep your hot drinks piping hot and cold drinks icy chilled from the first sip to the last gulp.

The mug is designed to be durable enough for the great outdoors, so it will have no problems keeping your beverages at their ideal temperature from the warm confines of your home office.

Funny Work-From-Home Gifts

17 – Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings

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Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings is a work-from-home gift that is sure to get plenty of laughs from a fellow remote worker.

This novelty calendar that you can hang from the wall is packed with hilarious tips and scenarios that both employers and employees from all over can relate to.

This is a great gift to bring a smile to someone’s face while also being a useful calendar in its own right.

18 – Poo-Pourri

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Eager to give someone you know a truly funny work-from-home gift? A bottle of Poo-Pourri is sure to crack some laughs for anyone who works from home long-term.

Poo-Pourri helps your bathroom smell clean and fresh, which most remote workers will agree is much needed if you’re at home working all day.

Fun Work-From-Home Gifts

19 – Beer Dispenser

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Missing the Friday happy hour drinks after work? Bring the taste of that crisp, cold, refreshing pint into your home office with a stylish and grand beer dispenser.

A beer dispenser will allow you to pour a smooth, fizzy glass of your favorite brews, perfect to lie back with after a hard day of work.

You or someone you know will be the talk of the Friday evening virtual beers call, with their very own dispenser to sign off the work week in style.

20 – Charcuterie / Cheese Board

Looking for a grand, delicious savory treat to accompany your Friday evening after-work drinks? Get yourself or someone you know a multi-purpose cheese board, and fill it with delicious cheeses and snacks to see yourself into the weekend in style.

Cheese boards help add a touch of class and indulgence to your post-work drinks and relaxing evening. Plus, loading crispy crackers with a thick wedge of rich, flavorful cheese is a welcome reward for a week of productivity and hard work.

21 – Airbnb Online Experience / Class

Eager to recapture the fun and camaraderie of the office social events? Airbnb online experiences are a great way to spend time with coworkers when happy hour and nights out are not an option.

Airbnb experiences have a range of online classes, from cooking to cocktail-making. Many of them are laid back, enjoyable, and great fun to partake in.

An hour or two of cocktail mixing or wine tasting is the perfect replacement for the 5 o’clock happy hour and will help your coworkers or your team continue to bond and socialize away from the office.

Work From Home Gifts Summary

Working from home doesn’t just have to be all about ergonomic equipment and productivity tools. There are plenty of ways to make your home office a place of inspiration, color, and fun.

Whether you need to inject some life into your home office or want to help others do the same, these work-from-home gifts will give you plenty of practical, fun, and unique ideas.

Little things can go a long way. Things like keeping your drinks hot, or making your seat far more comfortable, can help make your home office become a place of enjoyment rather than necessity.

Don’t let blank walls and kitchen stools be the order of the day. Give your or someone else’s home office a touch of comfort, class, and style, and see how much brighter your workdays become.

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Author: Dale Johnson is a content writer, creator, and strategist, who has worked remotely since 2012. Whether it be in hotel rooms, Airbnbs, or his home office, he has a wealth of experience in building work setups that are flexible and productive and is constantly adding to this setup with new gadgets and tech.


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