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18 Best Gin Gadgets and Gifts for Gin Lovers (2023)

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If you, or someone you know, is a seasoned gin drinker, these cool gin gadgets and gifts for gin lovers are sure to elevate and enhance the drinking experience of this delicate and flavorful spirit.

Gin is a beloved drink in countries across the globe, and its popularity continues to grow year and year.

Whether you are looking to enhance flavors, try new brands, or simply spread some gin-related love, there is something on this list for all gin drinkers.

So, let’s dive together into the haven of gin-inspired gadgets and take a closer look at 18 gifts and gadgets to take drinking gin to a whole new level of fun and excitement.

Gin Gadgets and Gifts

Best Gin Gadgets and Gifts for Gin Lovers

Luxury Gin Gifts

1 – Their Favorite Bottle of Gin

Naturally, every gin lover is going to have their favorite gins, perfect for those special moments that need to be celebrated with class and swagger.

So, do a little digging. Ask them about their favorite gins, or have a glance at their liquor cabinet to see which brands take pride and place on the center shelves.

If you are struggling to find a great bottle of gin, do some research online. There are thousands of fresh and exciting gins to choose from.

If you need a little help, our personal favorites include Ophir, Hendricks, Roku, and Bathtub.

2 – Gin Copa Glasses

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A set of gin Copa glasses is the perfect way for you or a fellow gin lover to bring the elegance and class of a gin or cocktail bar into your own home.

The ‘balloon’ style glass is iconic with gin drinkers and a worthy addition to any home bar or gin enthusiast’s drinks cabinet at home.

Designed to enhance the botanicals and character of every gin poured into the glasses, such glasses are ideal for gin tasting or for simply enjoying a crisp, fizzy glass of your favorite gin on a Friday evening after work.

3 – Playful G&T Glasses

Looking for a gift with a home-crafted, handmade feel? A set of playful, gin-inspired glassware has all the potential to bring a smile to any gin lover’s face.

These gin and tonic glasses show you how much gin and tonic to add to the classic G&T recipe, in a fun, illustrative style.

If you or another gin lover has a real soft spot for cute, crafty glass and homeware, this could be a fun and thoughtful gin-themed gift.

4 – Homemade Gin Kit

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Are you eager to take your love of gin to new levels? A homemade gin kit has the potential to open your eyes to a world of fun and experimental homebrewing.

Complete with everything you need and step-by-step instructions, this homebrewing gin kit helps you transform a bottle of vodka into your very own, one-of-a-kind home-brewed gin.

Ideal for anyone with a love of craft brews, gins, or classic cocktail making, this kit is great for gin enthusiasts of all skills and ages.

Initially, hours of fun and intrigue, you may also fall in love with the delicate craft of gin making for the long-term.

Budget Gin Gifts

5 – Botanicals

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A botanicals kit allows you to enhance and elevate the flavor of your favorite gins and gin cocktails.

This is a wonderful gift idea if you’re looking to buy someone their favorite bottle of gin, as the brand will recommend their best botanical pairings.

Such sets come with various spices, juniper berries, and cardamom, among many other flavors.

If you, or the person you are buying for, are an avid gin taster who constantly tries new brands, this is an essential gin-themed purchase.

6 – Flavored Simple Syrup Set

Perfect for a range of spirits and liquors, including gin, a flavored syrup set allows you to add sweetness, subtle notes, or plenty of extra punch to your favorite gin drinks.

Lightweight and gorgeously designed, the spirit scientists behind the set have curated the syrups to seamlessly infuse with a wide range of drinks, adding aroma, texture, and flavor.

Perfect for gin gatherings or a quiet drink by yourself, this is an ideal gift for a gin drinker who loves to experiment and mix.

7 – Cocktail Enhancing Mists

Excited to give your homemade gins the luxurious cocktail bar treatment? Add a set of cocktail-enhancing mists to your gift list.

Very much one of the magic tricks up many mixologists’ sleeves, cocktail-enhancing mists, first and foremost, heighten the pouring and serving experience of your gins for you and your guests.

But cocktail mists are more than just for show. Their wonderful aromas and flavors add an additional layer of taste and texture to each drink they are served with.

8 – Gin Tea

If you or someone you know is in love with the aromatic qualities and iconic, dry taste of gin, gin tea may be the gift you’ll wonder how you lived without for so long.

Gin tea, a delightful blend of alluring botanicals, can both be used in place of gin to create a flavorsome mocktail or with water to create a unique and aromatic tea, perfect to start the day with.

9 – Gin Lovers Tea Towel

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Add a touch of class to your kitchen, and pay homage to your love of gin, with this beautifully designed gin-lovers tea towel.

Adorned with crisp, beautiful visuals, the tea towel takes you on an illustrated journey through gin, including its production and the make-up of some classic gin cocktails.

This fun and beautiful gift is sure to bring a touch of joy to any gin-lovers kitchen and is ideal if you are shopping on a budget.

10 – Ice Cubes Mold

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If you’re tired of small ice cubes quickly melting in your favorite gin drinks, this ice cube mold could change the way you prepare your drinks in the future.

Complete with both square and spherical molds, this ice mold is for more than simply beauty and novelty.

Larger ice melts slower, meaning every glass of gin will stay chilled for longer and dilute at a slower pace.

This is a simple yet thoughtful gin-inspired gift, perfect as a stocking filler or for a seasoned gin drinker who is intrigued by the science behind gin drinking.

11 – Gin Infused Chocolate

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Eager to give someone a luxurious gin-themed gift on a budget? Gin chocolate is the award-winning, quality gift you need to get.

It turns out that gin and cacao are a match made in heaven when fused within an indulgent blend of both milk and dark chocolate.

Delicious and exciting, gin chocolate is a gift with a difference, without you having to break the bank.

Gin Experience Gifts

12 – Gin Experience Online

Online gin experiences allow you or a fellow gin lover to immerse in a world of gin facts, history, and tasting from the comfort of your home.

Through Airbnb, there are a variety of gin-inspired online experiences. GINspiration, hosted in the UK, is one of the top-rated experiences, allowing you to delve into the history of gin and cocktail making.

Ideal for any gin enthusiast, this is a thoughtful gift that can give someone a truly memorable evening.

13 – Gin Subscription

Some gin drinkers stick to their favorites, while others are constantly on the lookout for new flavors and mind-blowing fusions.

If you or a gin drinker you know has a tendency to roll the dice in gin and cocktail bars, a gin subscription is an ideal gift.

Courtesy of Craft Gin Club, their monthly box subscription in the UK sends you a unique, small-batch bottle of gin to your door every month.

Some gins are from the UK, and others are from all over the world. You’ll also get paired mixers, snacks, and a monthly magazine.

For true adventurous gin drinkers, this really is the subscription they will wonder how they managed without for so long.

14 – Gin Tours

While at-home experiences are no doubt fun and enjoyable, for many gin drinkers, the awe and wonder of being at a distillery, seeing the process and tasting the gin first-hand, is simply unbeatable.

Gin tours are the perfect activity for vacations, afternoon or weekend getaways, or to give an adventurous gin-lover a gentle push to a destination they have always wanted to visit.

Viator has several gin and distillery tours in countries across the world. Such tours offer you an unforgettable insight into the world of gin-making, along with tastings and other enjoyable activities.

Unique Gin Products

15 – Gin and Tonic Lip Balm

Perfect as a stocking filler or thoughtful gift for any occasion, gin and tonic lip balm is a fun gift to give to your gin and tonic drinking friends.

Made with natural ingredients, this long-lasting lip balm is packed with fruity, organic aromas and that iconic citrusy gin and tonic flavor.

Fun and creative, your friends or family will truly look and feel the part at your next cocktail or rooftop bar evening.

16 – Gin & Tonic Marmalade

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Breakfast or afternoon tea will never be the same again once gin and tonic marmalade finds its way onto the breakfast bar!

Hand-made with love, this gin-inspired marmalade is inspired by recipes that have been handed down through an English family for several generations.

A sweet, sumptuous marmalade of lemons, sugar, tonic water, and gin, this indulgent sweet jam will add plenty of zesty flavor to breads, cakes, scones, and many other hearty treats.

17 – Gin & Tonic Soap

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Whether it be for you, or a gin-lover dear to you, bathtime and showers will never be the same again once you start lathering up with gin and tonic soap.

With its wooden, citrusy scent, the touch of juniper berries, lemongrass, and other natural ingredients against your skin are sure to invoke plenty of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as you wash and relax.

Gin and tonic soap is a simple gift, but a must-have for anyone who loves their own DIY spa days.

18 – Gin Gummy Sweets

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Ready to embrace your inner child? Gin gummy sweets are the alcoholic treats you and fellow gin lovers need in your life.

Packed with a range of popping flavors, including gin and tonic and cherry and hibiscus, the range of tastes inside every pack will amaze you every time you go back for more.

Ideal for a post-dinner dessert or snack or to use as a cocktail mixer with a twist, you can also use them in goodie bags or gift hampers.

If you’re looking for a fun gin-inspired gift that is affordable and easy to wrap, gin gummy sweets are a great choice.

Gin Gadgets Summary

For many enthusiasts, gin is so much more than a mere refreshing alcoholic drink. Gin has class, provokes intrigue, and is steeped in truly fascinating history.

Gin’s position as a drink for all times and ages has helped inspire a breathtaking array of fun gadgets and useful accessories for both practical and novelty purposes.

Gift-giving can often lead to plenty of head-scratching. If you know someone who loves to drink gin, there is plenty on this list to give you plenty of inspiration.

Whether you’re trying new brands or paying homage to your favorite drink with a personalized tea towel, have fun with these awesome gin gifts. They are sure to bring a smile to plenty of gin drinkers’ faces.

Get excited about gift-giving or treating yourself once again, and use our list of exciting gin-related accessories to bring joy, intrigue, and laughter into your or someone else’s life.

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18 Perfect Gifts & Gadgets for Gin Lovers

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