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29 Best Whiskey Gadgets and Gifts for Whiskey Lovers (2023)

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Excited to add an array of cool whiskey gadgets and gifts for whiskey lovers to your home bar or as a gift to someone else’s home bar?

Whiskey-drinking gadgets and accessories are becoming more popular by the year, and there are some truly amazing products on the market.

Some enhance the flavor and drinking experience, while others look majestic in any home bar or cabinet.

So get ready to bring a smile to your face, or the face of a whiskey drinker, with one or more of these 29 cool gadgets and gifts for whiskey lovers.

Whiskey Gadgets and Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Cool Whiskey Gadgets & Gifts

1 – Glencairn Whiskey Tasting Glasses

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Gleaming with elegance and class, the Glencairn whiskey glass is the award-winning glass that sets the standard for whiskey tastings.

This glass is designed to concentrate the mixture of aromas, maximizing flavor with every sip.

And for an elevated tasting experience, add the official whiskey glass lid for the glass to lock in and preserve the aromas.

2 – Whiskey Water Dropper

A whiskey water dropper is an essential accessory for tasting any whiskey and exploring its full potential.

This water dropper is smooth and stylish. You can easily add a dash of water to your glass and draw the flavors to the surface.

3 – Whiskey Decanter

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Elegant and ornate, a whiskey decanter is a classy and conversation-starting way for any whiskey lover to store their whiskey.

Complete with a dispenser, a whiskey decanter allows you to pour in a unique and stylish way while elevating the drinking experience.

For any whiskey drinker who regularly hosts tasting, this decanter can be the star of the show.

4 – Whiskey Stone Dispenser

Pour a glass of your favorite whiskey from this utterly unique and gorgeous stone dispenser.

The streaked granite stone backdrop against the golden whiskey hue looks majestic in any kitchen or dining room.

This cool whiskey gadget is a great addition to anyone’s home bar or liquor cabinet.

5 – Whiskey Chilling Coaster Set

Keep your glasses of whiskey chilled for much longer with this set of chilling coasters.

Simply place the coasters in the freezer and enjoy sipping whiskey at the perfect chilled temperature for longer.

6 – Whiskey Glass

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These modern and breathtakingly elegant whiskey glasses both look luxurious and improve the tasting experience.

Their carved outer rim helps for sipping and reducing ethanol burn, while the double-walled glass looks ornate and fabulous.

Luxury Experience & Whiskey Tasting Gifts

7 – Whiskey Subscription Club for Explorers

Flaviar‘s membership is the perfect gift for whiskey drinkers who love trying new and exciting spirits.

A monthly membership gives you access to rare and unique spirits delivered straight to your door every month.

You also get access to tasting notes, private events, and plenty of other whiskey-themed content.

8 – International Whiskeys Gift Set

Looking for a one-off gift rather than a membership. The Flaviar international gift set could be the perfect purchase for you or for a whiskey drinker.

The gift set is hand-wrapped and gorgeously packaged and gives you several mini bottles of exotic and distinct whiskeys to try.

Prepare for wonderous and original flavors, including Japanese, Irish, American, and many other international brands.

9 – Blends & Botanicals Infusion Kit

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Know of someone who is always eager to tinker with the composition and taste of their whiskey?

An infusion kit gives you or someone who loves experimenting with everything they need to enhance and refine whiskeys at home.

Hints of herbs, spices, and botanicals allow you to discover new flavors and combinations not on the market.

10 – Whiskey Man Crate

Can’t decide between the many wonderful whiskey gadgets on the market? Why not bring them all together in one whiskey-crazed gift?

The Whiskey Man Crate is a personalized box of whiskey-themed wonder for enthusiastic whiskey lovers.

The crate includes a decanter, glasses, coasters, a whiskey journal, and other delights to create a thoughtful and stylish gift.

Whiskey Gifts & Gadgets Infographic

11 – Their Favorite Bottle of Whiskey

While whiskey drinkers are always on the lookout for new flavors, nearly all whiskey lovers will have their personal favorites.

If you know what whiskey they love, a gift-wrapped whiskey bottle will never fail to bring a smile to their face.

12 – Whiskey Online Experience

For many whiskey lovers, the experience of whiskey goes beyond the tasting.

Online experiences are ideal for learning about the history, science, and mixology behind whiskeys across the world.

The Secrets of Japanese Whiskey is one of many intriguing online experiences that a whiskey drinker who can’t travel would surely appreciate.

13 – Whiskey Tour or Tasting

For whiskey drinkers who love to travel, many distilleries across the world run intriguing and fascinating tours of their distilleries.

Viator has many options for distillery tours in many different countries.

Whiskey tours give you a behind-the-scenes look at production, along with plenty of tastings.

With over 20 countries and counting producing whiskey for the market, there are plenty of options.

Budget Whiskey Gadgets & Gifts

14 – The Whiskey Lover’s Tea Towel

Take a fascinating trip through time with this beautifully designed whiskey lover’s tea towel.

Documenting whiskey’s eye-opening history in a range of countries, this towel can take pride and place in the kitchen of any whiskey drinker.

15 – Whiskey Wedge Glass

This unique whiskey wedge glass has the potential to redefine the way you or someone you know tries new whiskies.

The silicone mold can be filled with water and frozen, providing a wedge that both chills the whiskey and aids each delicate sip.

Simple, innovative, and beautifully designed, this is a gift that’s great for whiskey enthusiasts and spirit drinkers alike.

16 – Sphere Ice Molds

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Both practical and decorative, sphere ice molds can change the way you chill your drinks in the future.

The ice molds create spherical ice that can be easily placed in your whiskey glass.

It’s particularly great for those who love whiskey cocktails.

As the ice melts much slower, your drink stays chilled for much longer without becoming completely diluted in water.

17 – Whiskey Book

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Self-confessed whiskey enthusiasts are often eager to learn about the history and science behind many of their favorite whiskies.

A whiskey book, such as The Ultimate Guide by Lew Bryson, puts whiskey knowledge and understanding at the forefront.

Fascinating to read and packed with tips and insight, avid whiskey drinkers will take plenty of nuggets of gold from such in-depth guides.

Unique & Unusual Whiskey Gifts

18 – Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

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Give yourself or someone you care about a dash of whiskey flavor in their morning or evening coffee, with whiskey barrel-aged coffee.

The beans, aged in the barrels of various whiskey, produce a brew with flavors like no other.

For both whiskey and coffee drinkers, this is a gift they could easily fall in love with.

19 – Hot Chocolate & Whiskey Gift Set

Is there a more comforting combination than hot chocolate and whiskey? For someone who likes the finer things in life, this gift set is ideal.

Complete with everything you need to make a rich and delicious glass of Golden Hot Cholocate, this premium combination is the perfect soothing brew to unwind after a long day.

20 – Whiskey Candles

Fill your home with an array of rich and delightful whiskey aromas with these scented candles.

Rustic and beautiful, these candles unleash some truly soothing aromas, such as aged oak, caramel, and bourbon, among many others.

21 – Whiskey Infused Snacks

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The raw, earthy, and deep flavor of whiskey is finding its way into more and more foods as its popularity continues to grow.

Whiskey-infused jams and marmalades are a great little gift for a whiskey enthusiast who can appreciate the strength and heat of whiskey flavoring.

You can also find a range of other foods with whiskey flavorings, including chocolate, nuts, cherries, and cheese.

Personalized Whiskey Gadgets & Gifts

22 – Engraved Personalized Whisky Bottle

Choose from a wide range of well-received whiskeys, and personalize the bottle with a custom message and engraving courtesy of the Whiskey Exchange.

Nothing beats personalization when it comes to a gift that touches the heart.

If you’re looking for gifts for a whiskey drinker who always has the latest gadgets and accessories, this is a worthy choice.

23 – Personalized Mini Whiskey Barrel

Show your love and affection for a fellow whiskey drinker with this grand personalized mini whiskey barrel.

Sure to look marvelous in any whiskey-drinking home, the barrel helps age spirits it stores with infusions of lignin, lactones, and tannins.

The personalized messaging allows you to add a human touch and give someone who loves their whiskey an accessory that is both beautiful and practical.

24 – Custom Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan

Rustic, textured, and nostalgic for many whiskey drinkers, a custom lazy susan provides the perfect surface on which to serve whiskey.

You can add a name or date to the turntable and give it a thoughtful, personal touch that so many spirit drinkers would love.

25 – Engraved Glasses

Want to say thanks, celebrate a milestone, or just show someone close to you that you love them?

An engraved whiskey glass, ideal for many spirits, is a simple and thoughtful way to give a gift with a touch of both class and personality.

Portable Whiskey Gadgets & Gifts

26 – Double-Wall Stainless Steel Whiskey Nosing Glass

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Savor and discover every single note with a whiskey-nosing glass that goes the extra mile to lock in each and every aroma.

Adopting the classic tulip-shaped style, this double-walled glass excels at retaining temperature, concentrating aromas, and stopping dilution.

This is both a gorgeous and functional gift, perfect for someone who regularly hosts whiskey tastings and tries new brands.

27 – Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

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Recreate some of the classic cocktail recipes with a designated cocktail-making kit, complete with everything you need.

Cocktail kits are great for people who travel regularly. The kit allows them to mix on flights, in hotels, or when traveling for long periods of time.

A whiskey cocktail kit is a fun and delightful little gift a whiskey-loving globetrotter could appreciate.

28 – Bulleit Yeti Outdoor Pack

Give someone who loves their campfires and evenings on the porch a truly unique gift with the Bulleit Yeti outdoor pack.

This gift set contains a bottle of bourbon whiskey and a bottle of 95 rye whiskey, along with a rambler to keep the whiskey cocktails at the perfect drinking temperature.

29 – HydroFlask Vacuum Insulated Glass with Lid

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A hydro-flask is an ideal gift idea for any whiskey enthusiast who regularly travels and wants to enjoy their favorite tipple without the home comforts.

Complete with stainless steel insulation, this hydro-flask will help store whiskey at your preferred temperature once sealed with the lid.

Simple to drink from and lightweight to travel with, this is the vacuum mug whiskey drinkers have been waiting for.

Whiskey Gadgets Summary

Whiskey is so much more than a drink for some people, and that truly shows in the diversity of the whiskey gadgets available on today’s market.

The pursuit of that perfect taste has inspired a wide range of unique and exciting products that are fun, ornate, and functional.

From drinking gadgets to personalized items, there are so many whiskey-based products out there to explore.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone close to you, these cool whiskey gadgets and accessories will give you plenty of inspiration to source the perfect gift.

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29 Amazing Gifts & Accessories for Whiskey Lovers

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