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15 Beautiful Filipino Islands to Escape to in 2022

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Eager to get inspired for your next much-needed getaway? These 15 beautiful Filipino islands have everything you need for a breathtaking vacation like no other!

The Philippines is a magical country, made up of over 7000 islands and islets. While some are wild and rural, many are perfect for beach vacations and secret getaways.

Pearly white sands, crystal blue waters, and exotic adventures all await you in one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting and vibrant countries.

Journals and planners at the ready, as we take a closer look at 15 of the Philippines’ most stunning islands you can escape to next year.

15 Beautiful Filipino Islands To Escape To

1 – Coron

Filipino island: Coron

Coron is a beloved Filipino island that’s ideal if you’re looking for white beaches, water activities, and plenty of tropical adventures.

Dive and snorkel in crystal waters and see colorful, wonderful marine life. Discover turquoise lagoons and serene lakes amid the scenic beauty.

And lie back on warm, white sands, cocktails in hand, as you soak up plenty of sun and let your troubles drift away.

2 – El Nido

Filipino island: El Nido

Those with an adventurous side will fall in love with El Nido. This collection of islands are a swimmer or diver’s paradise.

Kayak, paddle, or swim through the shimmering turquoise waters of Big Lagoon and gaze at the towering limestone cliffs.

Discover hidden lagoons and secret islands by water or air. And take tranquil walks through the luscious evergreen forests where time stands still.

3 – Pamalican

Filipino island: Pamalican

Remote and breathtakingly beautiful, Palamalican is a Filipino island that’s perfect for secluded retreats and days on the beach.

Watch the world go by from the sun-kissed white sands. Swim in the calm, turquoise waters that lap the island.

And take a trip to Mamaoc to explore plenty of exotic forests and spot some rare wildlife.

4 – Cebu

Filipino island: Cebu

Looking for more than white, sandy beaches, and tranquil spots? Cebu is a Filipino island with plenty of energy, life, and both natural and man-made beauty.

Explore plenty of historic temples, churches, and relics. Head into the heart of the island to discover shimmering lakes and glorious waterfalls.

And take a boat ride out to one of the island’s many popular sites for snorkeling and diving. GoPros at the ready!

5 – Boracay

Filipino island: Boracay

Boracay is an island of staggering beauty. It has the perfect blend of peace and tranquility, with plenty of opportunities for great food, shopping, and adventure.

Take your pick from so many gorgeous white pristine beaches to relax and unwind. Stroll down D’mall de Boracay for shopping, markets, and plenty of color and energy.

And head up into the mountains to catch the sunset, or marvel over the breathtaking views of the beautiful beaches and sea.

6 – Siargao

Filipino island: Siargao

If tranquility and stunning nature are your forte, add Siargao to one of your must-visit Filipino islands for next year.

Discover secluded beaches, lapped with turquoise waters. Head into the heart of the forest and discover the awe of Taktak Falls.

Or spend your days swimming, kayaking, surfing in the pools, rivers, and ocean waters that link between the peaceful islets.

7 – Bohol

Filipino island: Bohol

Love all things weird and wonderful in nature? The Filipino island of Bohol offers an island escape like no other.

Behold the beautiful Chocolate Hills and take plenty of Insta-worthy photos. Explore the wonders of Hinagdan Cave and its shimmering waters.

And after a day of exploring, relax on some gleaming white beaches, with plenty of cocktails, music, and ocean activities.

8 – Hundred Islands National Park

Hundred Islands National Park

An essential day-trip for any island-hopping tourist, Philippine’s Hundred Islands National Park is a place of diverse wildlife and jaw-dropping beauty.

Take a boat ride along the waters and weave between the glorious islands. See Mother Nature at her rawest, with some memorable animal sightings.

And explore the wonders of the three islands tourists can visit: Quezon Island, Governor Island, and Children’s Island.

9 – Mantinloc

Filipino island: Mantinloc

Mantiloc is a Filipino island packed with plenty of magic and awe. It’s an ideal idyllic escape for anyone who loves staggeringly beautiful natural sites.

Discover abandoned shrines of ancient religions gone by. Uncover secret pools and lagoons hidden between the towering limestone cliffs and sprawling green forests.

And be sure to spend some time laying out on some of the island’s secluded, pearly white beaches.

10 – Matukad

Filipino island: Matukad

The beautiful Filipino island of Matukad is one of the Caramoan Islands’ most vibrant and adventurous places. There’s so much to see and enjoy.

Take a boat ride out from Lahos to the pristine sands. Scale rocks and jump into the crystal waters of the pools and lagoons.

And try to catch a glimpse of the rare milkfish, swimming amid the waters of one of the island’s most popular lagoons.

11 – Lahos

Filipino island: Lahos

A stone’s throw from Matukad, Lahos is another of the Caramoan Islands’ must-see wonders.

Lie back and let the warm sands of the twin beaches caress your skin and the sun soothe your limbs. Swim in calm, crystal waters and let the stresses of everyday life fade away.

And awe at the coral formations of this tiny but utterly majestic Filipino island, that you’ll instantly fall in love with.

12 – Calaguas

Filipino island: Calaguas

Paradise awaits you at Calaguas. This spellbinding Filipino island has plenty of white sands, crystal waters, and breathtaking scenery.

Soak up plenty of sun on the beautiful sands of Calaguas beach. Snorkel and swim in the glistening waters that surround the island.

And for a truly breathtaking moment, be sure to catch the sunset or sunrise from atop the hills of Tinaga Island.

13 – Palaui

Filipino island: Palaui

Looking for a Filipino paradise with more of a wild and rugged side? Palaui could have everything you’re looking for, and more.

Enjoy plenty of sun, sea, and sand at the jaw-dropping beaches of Anguib and Nagaramoan. Spend your time amid the beauty of Crocodile Island.

And explore the wondrous coves, caves, and cliffs of the Cagayan Valley region via a range of fun activities.

14 – Malapascua

Filipino island: Malapascua

Want a Filipino island full of fun, energy, and so many cool things to do? Malapascua is very much a place to add to your list.

Scuba, snorkel, kitesurf, and dive in the fabulous, sparkling waters, teeming with marine life. Enjoy the views of the ocean from Lapus Lapus Cliff.

And enjoy so much sun, sand, and games from pearly whites beaches like Logon beach and Guimbitayan beach.

15 – Bantayan

Filipino island: Bantayan

And last, but by no means least, we travel to the beautiful island of Bantayan, to the north of Cebu.

Enjoy unspoiled, white beaches, and glorious, shimmering waters. Explore, swim, and cliff dive at a range of beloved eco-tourist spots.

And sit back, drink in hand, after a day of fun and activities, watching the sun descend beneath the horizon and fill the waters with streaks of red and orange.

Beautiful Filipino Islands Summary

The Philippines is a truly unique country. Its thousands of islands are home to glistening beaches, crystal waters, and breathtaking landscapes.

Whether you’re looking for secluded retreats or wild, all-action adventures, Filipino islands really do have something for everyone.

And with so many islands to choose from, you can plan a much-needed getaway that suits your needs perfectly.

There are so many serene, white, and breathtaking beaches you’ll fall in love with from the moment your toes touch the sand.

Snorkel and swim in crystal-clear waters. Explore vibrant green forests. Jump into shimmering, hidden lagoons and see the gorgeous colorful fish.

Or spend your vacation sipping cocktails, eating delicious food, and relaxing beneath the warm rays of the Southeast Asian sun.

Rife with natural wonders and perfect white sand beaches, these are some of the best Philippines islands you can visit for an adventure like no other. Spend your time exploring one, or sign up for an island hopping tour to see as many of these gems as you can on your vacation.

So, one final time, here’s our list of 15 of the most beautiful Filipino islands to help inspire a vacation full of joy, splendor, and memories you’ll keep forever.

  1. Coron
  2. El Nido
  3. Pamalican
  4. Cebu
  5. Boracay
  6. Siargao
  7. Bohol
  8. Hundred Islands National Park
  9. Mantinloc
  10. Matukad
  11. Lahos
  12. Calaguas
  13. Palaui
  14. Malapascua
  15. Bantayan

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