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15 Charming Greek Islands You Have to Visit

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Looking for inspiration for a breathtaking beach getaway next year? These 15 Greek islands could be the perfect place to escape to!

Greece is a jaw-dropping country, with its iconic white cliffs, picturesque white houses, and miles upon miles of sun-kissed, golden sands.

Greece also has thirty islands within its borders. While all of them have stunning coastlines and cozy villages, some of them are so beautiful, you’ll barely believe they exist!

Get ready for your wanderlust to ignite, as we take a closer look at 15 of Greece’s most iconic, beloved, and beautiful islands you simply have to visit.

15 Most Beautiful & Charming Greek Islands

1 – Zakynthos

Greek island: Zakynthos

Zakynthos is a show-stopper of a Greek island. Its towering, rugged coastline and pearly white beaches will have you instantly falling in love.

Awe at the famous shipwreck in the famous Navagio cove and its turquoise waters. Explore the wonders of the blue caves by boat or swimming.

Or simply take your pick from one of its many beaches to lie back, relax, and let the sun kiss your skin.

2 – Crete

Greek island: Crete

Crete is Greece’s largest island. It’s a breathtaking place of ancient Greek ruins, bustling cities with great nightlife, and some utterly jaw-dropping beaches.

Immerse yourself in the island’s age-old history. Dance the night away in many clubs and bars. Swim in crystal blue waters, and soak up plenty of that glorious Greek sun!

3 – Thassos

Greek island: Thassos

Looking for a Greek island to connect with the peace and tranquility of nature? Thassos could be a perfect secret getaway for you.

One of the jewels in the crown of the Aegean Sea, Thassos is covered in luscious green pine forests, olive groves, and has plenty of beautiful beaches.

It’s one of the lesser-known Greek islands. Hence, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing getaway, surrounded by acres of green, gold, and blue beauty.

4 – Naxos

Greek island: Naxos

Naxos is another unheard gem, sitting cozily in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Its vibrant green forests and glistening white beaches are a sight for sore eyes.

Marvel at the Apollo Temple ruins, gazing out over the ocean. Hike up rolling hills and enjoy the jaw-dropping views.

And be sure to get plenty of beach time in. Is there a better way to unwind than by laying out on sweeping white beaches under a baking hot sun?

5 – Kos

Greek island: Kos

Kos is a much-loved Greek island. Its stunning scenery and tranquil waters have deservedly earned it the nickname ‘the garden of the Aegean.’

Take in plenty of sun on one of its many gleaming white beaches. Visit the famous thermal springs.

And connect with your inner spirituality at one of Kos’ many ancient sites, including the Plane tree of Hippocrates, the famous father of medicine.

6 – Euboea

Greek island: Euboea

Euboea is Greece’s second-largest island. This exotic, largely unknown paradise is home to idyllic villages, rugged terrain, and a breathtaking coastline.

Choose from many glistening beaches. Connect with nature amid the trees and trails of the Ochi Mountains. And let your body soothe in the sparkling turquoise waters.

7 – Lesbos

Greek island: Lesbos

Lesbos’ white-cliffed, rugged terrain and secluded coves make it a must-visit place for nature lovers and island hoppers.

Step back in time as you explore historical sites like the Castle of Mytilene. Hike through luscious green forests and olive groves.

And be sure to take some time for yourself at one of Lesbos’ many beautiful beaches, lapped by crystal clear waters.

8 – Rhodes

Greek island: Rhodes

Another of Greece’s most beloved islands, Rhodes is a stunning mix of medieval architecture, vibrant nightlife, and incredible coastline.

Spend the day amid the energy and bustle of Rhodes’ most popular beaches, or go off the beaten track to find peaceful, secluded beaches.

For explorers, visit one of Rhodes’ many historical sites, including the Colossus of Rhodes and the Acropolis. A memorable glimpse into Greece’s unique past.

9 – Chios

Greek island: Chios

Sleepy villages, glorious architecture, and secluded beaches, surrounded by sweeping rugged terrain, define the underrated paradise of Chios.

Marvel at the island’s ancient architecture and amazing history. Visit the mystical Athena temple or Chios castle.

And be sure to escape to one of the many secret beaches, with their white sands, twisting caves, and shimmering turquoise waters.

10 – Kefalonia

Greek island: Kefalonia

This gem of a Greek paradise is eager to share its secrets with you. Delightful beaches, sweeping countryside, and delicious Greek wine all await.

Enjoy the color and beauty of its glorious beaches. Indulge in some of Greece’s finest cuisine. And be sure to visit the mind-boggling Melissani Cave, hidden amid the forest.

11 – Corfu

Greek island: Corfu

With its emerald-colored vegetation and magical landscape, Corfu is one of the most celebrated Greek islands.

Enjoy mouthwatering food and drink the night away in bustling, picturesque cities and towns.

When you’re ready for some peace and quiet, head out and explore Corfu’s blue bays, sweeping beaches, and acres of luscious green olive groves and forests.

12 – Lemnos

Greek island: Lemnos

Lying proudly in the north Aegean Sea, Lemnos is the island of the god of volcanoes and fire: Hephaestus.

Boasting a rich history and a jaw-dropping, rugged volcanic landscape, it’s clear to see why.

Lemnos is perfect for a peaceful, idyllic getaway, beneath the heat and sizzle of the Greek sun.

13 – Samos

Greek island: Samos

Another Greek island boasting unbelievable beauty, Samos is rife with natural beauty, glorious beaches, and amazing Greek ruins.

Spend your afternoons lounging on the soft sands of one of its many beaches. Take a trip into the past by visiting its historical jewels, including the Tunnel of Eupalinos.

And connect with nature of a deep level, by trekking and hiking through Samos’ lush, green forests and postcard-picture mountains.

14 – Karpathos

Greek island: Karpathos

One of Greece’s best-kept secrets, Karpathos is a largely untouched island with miles of golden beaches, lapping blue waters, and villages that time has passed by.

A favorite island getaway for native Greek people, it has an incredible selection of jaw-dropping, tranquil beaches, with everything from water sports to cocktail-serving bar huts.

Karpathos is even home to villages that still speak in ancient Greek dialects! This is a place you can truly step back in time in.

15 – Milos

Greek island: Milos

Our final stop takes us to another volcanic island, full of awesome, rugged landscapes, brightly colored houses, and water so blue you’ll barely believe it’s real.

Known as the ‘Island of Colors’, take your pick from some of the most glorious beaches in the Aegean Sea. Enjoy plenty of rich, tasty food and drink, and warm Greek culture.

And be sure to visit some of Milos’ fascinating historical sites, such as the Catacombs of Milos.

Greek Islands Summary

Greece is a place of utterly beautiful landscapes and beaches. Whether you’re looking for tranquility, ancient history, or fun, the Greek islands have all in abundance.

The beaches, with their bright sands and crystal waters, have to be seen to be believed. And, because there are so many of them, you’ll always have so much choice.

Throw into the mix sweeping, rugged terrain, and spellbinding ancient architecture, and you truly have a recipe for a getaway like no other.

Enjoy rich, delicious Greek food. Drink and dance the night away. Connect with nature and ancient history.

And leave your troubles far, far behind as you lay, cocktail in hand, on the soothing, pearl white sands of Greece’s staggeringly beautiful coastline.

One last time, here is our list of 15 Greek islands for a future getaway full of awe, joy, and memories that will last a lifetime:

  1. Zakynthos
  2. Crete
  3. Thassos
  4. Naxos
  5. Kos
  6. Euboea
  7. Lesbos
  8. Rhodes
  9. Chios
  10. Kefalonia
  11. Corfu
  12. Lemnos
  13. Samos
  14. Karpathos
  15. Milos

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