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30 Cool Travel Gadgets and Accessories You Need to Pack (2023)

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Looking for cool travel gadgets and accessories to gift a friend or loved one for the holidays?

From luxurious electronics to nifty little gadgets, there are so many products out there that can make travel simpler, easier, and more fun.

With so many of us eager to travel again next year, now is a great time to prepare for those upcoming trips with some great travel accessories.

So, let’s get inspired and take a closer look at some of the coolest travel gadgets and accessories that money can buy for those eagerly anticipated adventures in the new year.

Travel Gadgets & Accessories Essentials

1 – No-Touch Door Opener

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With a no-touch door opener, you will never have to worry about opening doors, pressing elevator buttons, and touching various surfaces.

This smart multi-tool is equipped with an expertly designed hook and prong you can use to touch many surfaces. Picking up trash, opening and closing doors, and pressing buttons can all be done without touching.

Easy to attach to a keychain, this is an essential travel gadget for safe and hygienic travel.

2 – SmartPhone Sanitizer

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This nifty sanitizing case is a brilliant way to keep your phone clean and sanitized, both when you are using it and when it is idle.

The case uses UV disinfectant to rid your phone and screen of any bacteria.

Its lightweight and lean frame make it easy to travel with. The case also doubles up as a charger.

3 – Refillable Sanitizer Wristband

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Tired of losing your small bottles of sanitizer? This refillable sanitizer wristband is such a simple but effective travel accessory.

Its circular storage tube mimics the shape of a watch, making it easy to carry.

Simply fill it, attach the comfortable strap to your wrist, and dispense sanitizer with ease.

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Cool Photography & Videography Travel Gadgets

4 – DJI Pocket 2

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Ever watched flawless moving footage or shake-free film and wondered how it was shot?

DJI Pocket’s camera stabilizer is an innovative photography gadget that’s ideal for anyone who loves taking photos or filming videos when traveling.

Portable and lightweight, this clever gadget can be used with both iPhone and Android phones.

It fits simply in the palm of your hand, and it can take your photos and video to another level.

5 – GoPro Hero

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GoPro has been the go-to brand for recording outdoor activities and adventures. Their Hero series is a testament to this.

Hero11 gives you laser-crisp resolution, a range of features, and the ability to film in all kinds of rugged or wet terrain.

Complete with the accessories pack, you’ll have so much fun recording videos with this essential gadget.

6 – DJI Mavic Mini Drone

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The days of heavy-duty drones for recreational use are a thing of the past, thanks to mini drones.

Mini drones give you breathtaking shots and angels of the world from above while remaining portable and easy to travel with.

Whether you are hiking mountains or chasing waterfalls, a mini drone can be easily packed to help capture the moment.

Travel Gadgets for Remote Work / Business Travel Gadgets

7 – Roost Laptop Stand

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Days hunched over hotel desks or sitting on hotel beds is far from a healthy and productive workspace.

For business travelers or digital nomads, laptop stands are an essential purchase.

By elevating your machine, this innovative travel accessory helps keep you sat upright and your eye-line level.

You can create a great portable remote workspace perfect for travel with a laptop stand, a portable laptop, and a portable monitor.

8 – Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Earbuds

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If you need to do quiet, focused work or sleep on a flight, reducing background noise helps dramatically.

Noise-canceling earbuds give you the peaceful silence of earphones but without the considerable bulk.

This makes them far easier to travel with while still being highly effective at canceling out noise.

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9 – Universal Travel Power Strip

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Power strips are an essential travel accessory for both casual and frequent travelers.

With a universal adapter, you are covered for nearly every country in the world.

The selected bagel gives you multiple USB charging ports, AC sockets, and universal charge for UK, EU, Aus, and US sockets.

Designed to keep the voltage at a safe level, this is a highly effective adapter and power strip to travel with.

10 – Travel Electronics & Chargers Organizer

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With plenty of adapters, gadgets, and charging cables, your rucksack or purse can quickly become overcrowded with items.

Electronic and cable organizers are ideal for keeping your electronics and charging equipment separate from your luggage.

With padded sleeves and plenty of organizers, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing your electronics are safe and easily accessible.

10 of 30+ Cool Travel Gadgets and Accessories You Need to Pack

Travel Gadgets and Accessories for Organization & Packing

11 – Compression Packing Cubes

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Packing cubes can change the way you travel for the better. Organizing your luggage helps save space and keeps everything organized.

Compression packing cubes take things a step further. Once zipped, they draw out air and compress to a much smaller size.

These effective travel accessories are a sound investment if you travel with a lot of luggage.

By being organized, you’ll save time and feel less stressed. And by saving space, you can travel with more essentials.

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12 – Hidden Money Belt

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In many countries, you will still need to withdraw cash or travel with cash to buy food, services, and excursions.

Money belts are a smart and effective way to stow money out of sight.

Attached to your body and out of sight, you can keep cash and valuables in a far safer place than your wallet or bag.

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13 – Passport Holder Wallet Case

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Your passport is the most important item you can travel with. Therefore, it should travel with you safely in style.

A passport wallet holder is ideal for housing your passport and other valuables, like credit cards.

Various passport wallets also come equipped with RFID technology, stopping thieves from scanning your passport and credit card information.

Passport wallets come in a range of fun and luxurious designs. These cool travel gadgets are a sound investment to protect and carry your most essential travel document.

Travel Gadgets for Outdoor Activities

14 – Water Purifying Bottle

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Whether you are exploring the great outdoors or visiting a foreign country, access to clean drinking water should always be made a top priority.

A water purifying bottle allows you to drink filtered, clean water from a range of sources. Purifier bottles are easy to carry and simple to use.

This travel essential gives you peace of mind when you’re not too sure about the safety of tap water or fresh water when out hiking or camping.

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15 – Waterproof Backpack

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A backpack is, without a doubt, one of our most trusted travel companions. A backpack stores our clothes, tech, and essential items, both in rural and urban areas.

Waterproof backpacks take protection to another level. From hiking in the wilderness to getting caught in monsoon rain, backpacks often have to hold up against the elements.

Waterproof backpacks will prevent showers, rainfall, and precipitation from seeping into your backpack and soaking or damaging your belongings.

If you’re planning on traveling frequently, such a bag could end up being a lifesaver.

16 – Lifepod Travel Case

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The LifePod travel case is a lightweight and innovative security case for storing your valuables and electronics while traveling.

Lightweight and durable, this travel case features a key lock and touch activation keypad. Its watertight seal also protects from spills and precipitation.

With a lockbox, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing your most precious valuables can be stored in a secure way.

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17 – Travel Towel

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When traveling, standard bathroom towels often will not cut it. You need a towel that is comfortable, soft, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Microfiber towels are ideal for both short and long-term travel. Microfiber dries quickly, no matter how much moisture needs to be absorbed.

Whether you are hiking through rainforests or laying out by the pool, your travel towel can soon be your trusted travel companion.

Travel towels also roll and stow with ease. This means they take up far less space in your luggage than thicker cotton towels.

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18 – Adventure First Aid Kit

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The Adventure First Aid Kit revolutionizes the way you can travel with a first aid kit when exploring the great outdoors.

It has a slim, cylindrical design, making it very easy to pack. A number of carefully curated first-aid essentials can be carried in the vessel.

It has a durable, waterproof casing, allowing it to hold up in even the most challenging of conditions.

A first aid kit is a must-have essential for any traveler who regularly enjoys the outdoors.

This kit, with its innovative design, makes first aid easier to carry and more accessible than most before it.

19 – Travel Blanket and Pillow

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For those long flights or overnight bus journeys, you’ll want to snuggle up in a warm blanket and rest your head on a travel pillow.

Travel pillows and blankets are an essential combination for long-haul and overnight trips.

Travel pillows help keep your head and neck supported while taking a nap on a plane or a bus. And you can use the travel blanket to snuggle up in and stay warm while you are resting.

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20 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Inject plenty of fun and rhythm into your beach trips or lazy days by the pool with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speakers connect seamlessly to your phone. From there, you can play or stream music from any of your apps.

Waterproof speakers remove the stress and anxiety of having your phone by the pool or at the beach. They are a truly cool travel gadget to get the party going.

Our Favorite Geek Travel Gadgets

21 – Tile Mate Pro Tracker

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Tired of losing your keys, valuables, bags, or backpacks? The Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker can most certainly help.

Once attached to your keychain or luggage, the Tile Pro gives you a range of up to 400ft (about 120 meters).

You can easily use your phone or other devices to track down your misplaced items.

This is such a simple travel gadget, but it could end up saving you a lot of money and stress.

22 – Travel Router

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Concerned about the reliability or strength of the internet connection at your destination? A travel router could solve some of these problems.

Travel routers have multiple benefits if you have to work remotely while on the road.

You can connect all your devices (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) to the router. Then, you only have to connect the router to the new Wi-Fi networks wherever you go.

In most Airbnbs, when traveling, there are rooms where the WiFi signal is worse because those rooms are far away from the router. As most routers can also work as wireless extenders, you can use your travel router to get a better signal in those rooms.

And finally, some routers come with built-in SIM card slots, so you can have your own WiFi connection by just bringing along a data sim or buying one at your destination.

23 – Paperwhite

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Reading is one of the best ways to spend your downtime on vacation. Few things kill time on flights or help you relax the way a good book does.

A Kindle Paperwhite allows you to store thousands of books into one simple, comfortable, and easy-to-use reader.

Plus, a subscription to Kindle Unlimited gives you access to tens of thousands of books every month.

Just like a library, you can read a range of thrillers, romances, and true stories and then return them once finished.

24 – Streaming Device

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Tired of boring channels on hotel TVs or watching your favorite shows from a laptop screen?

A streaming service device, like the Fire TV Stick, can grant you access to a world of entertainment via many streaming services.

All you need to use a streaming stick is an internet connection and HDMI port, which most televisions today will have.

A simple USB-C to HDMI cable (if your laptop has a USB-C slot) is also worth traveling with. This cable will allow you to connect your laptop to many TVs and screens in hotels and AirBnBs.

That way, you can enjoy all of your favorite online shows while watching on TV from the comfort of a couch.

Unique Travel Gadgets

25 – Airhook

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Tired of having to hold your phone and tablet on planes to watch your favorite movies and shows? The Airhook may be the travel gadget you’ll wonder how you managed without.

Airhook can attach and adjust to reclined seats and table trays. From there, you can clamp in your tablet or device and watch away.

Its adjustable support means you can angle the screen, no matter how low the recline.

Complete with a cup holder, this is a travel essential for both frequent and long-haul flyers.

26 – AeroPress

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If you are a coffee lover, you’ll know of the pain of finding coffee that is just right for you when traveling. Sometimes, it can be really difficult to find quality coffee served in the area.

AeroPress is a portable and innovative coffee press that many coffee-loving travelers swear by.

As you pack and press the coffee yourself, you can decide the type of ground coffee bean to use.

AeroPress’s excellent design allows you to add ground coffee and boiling water and then press the coffee into a cup in a quick, simple, and smooth process.

Don’t take the chance if you like your coffee a certain way. Pack your own ground beans and this nifty gadget with it.

27 – Portable Door Lock

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The innovative gadget is an ideal travel device for any lone traveler or for those who are worried about safety at their accommodation.

A portable door lock is simple to use, and it can offer peace of mind in hotels, Airbnbs, apartments, and many other rooms.

Portable and lightweight, this device gives you an extra barrier of protection to ward away any intruders or thieves.

Minimalist Travel Gadgets

28 – Six-in-One Portable Charging Cable

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Tired of keeping track of so many different cables and adapters when traveling? A portable charging cable could make your life a whole lot easier.

The InCharge portable cables give you USB, USB-C, and micro USB connections, all from one durable and lightweight device.

You can carry this connector with ease in your luggage. It will also stop you from having to pack lots of cables and adapters together.

29 – Ultra-Compact Portable Charger

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Make the stress and frustration of dead phone or device batteries mid-flight or mid-trip a thing of the past.

Portable chargers can be an essential travel item if you need to be constantly connected.

Once charged, a portable charger can provide hours of additional battery charge to phones and devices.

Don’t take that risk on long flights or excursions. Travel with a portable battery charger, and give yourself peace of mind.

30 – Portable Wash Bag

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Does the thought of doing laundry on vacation cause your heart to race? From industrial machines to packed laundrettes, there are many ways your best clothes can get lost or damaged.

A portable wash bag is a truly unique travel gift that allows you to wash your clothes in a controlled way.

Lightweight and easy to use, you are just six simple steps away from fresh, clean clothes from the comfort of your hotel or Airbnb.

Cool Travel Gadgets and Accessories Summary

The way we travel is always changing. More and more innovative and essential travel accessories are coming to the market every day.

These cool gadgets and essentials can help eliminate many of the pain points of traveling and make it a more fun and memorable experience.

When it comes to your luggage and setup, a little forward-thinking and investment can go a long way.

Travel gadgets can help keep you safe and your belongings secure, particularly when traveling to new places.

Many of these accessories can also help you capture wonderful moments and make your trip far more fun and engaging.

However you like to travel, always make sure you are well-equipped for both the challenges and the magical moments.

That way, you can focus all your time and energy on the one thing that matters: having an unforgettable trip and making memories that last a lifetime.

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