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Fantastic Subscription Boxes for Travel Lovers

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Looking for a thoughtful gift for yourself or for someone who travels until their heart’s content? These fantastic subscription boxes for travel lovers could be perfect for you, a friend, or a loved one.

Whether it be exquisite-tasting beverages or nostalgia-inducing charms, these subscriptions assure you get a monthly dose of travel-themed splendor.

Prepare to get inspired as we take a closer look at ten exciting subscription boxes that frequent travelers will love.

10 Fantastic Subscription Boxes for Travel Lovers (pin)


Do you know a worldly traveler or coffee addict who always wants to try new things? Driftaway is a subscription to get excited by.

Driftaway will send you coffee beans from around the world, allowing you to try so many delicious and international flavors.

Saving the environment is an important part of Driftaway’s mission. They ethically source the beans, and the packaging is eco-friendly.

For coffee drinkers who love trying new flavors, this has the potential to be a memorable gift.

Universal Yums

Love trying new and exciting food when you travel? Universal Yums is an excellent way to bring those flavors to your own home.

Universal Yums send you snacks from around the world every month.

Packed with lots of sweet and savory flavors, it’s an ideal subscription for foodie travelers.

You also get a booklet telling you all about the snacks, original recipes, and plenty of other surprises.

Little Global Citizens

Do you or someone you know love to travel and want your kids to have the same experiences? Little Global Citizens is an amazing place to start.

This annual subscription opens children’s eyes up to the world, inspiring them with guides, crafts, language learning, and storytelling.

For your own kids, or as a gift to someone close to you, this is a truly wonderful opportunity for kids to learn about travel and other cultures.

Little Passports: A Global Adventure

Want to really ramp up the learning experience for your kids? Little Passports is a monthly subscription box that caters to different age groups.

Every month, they will send you an activities box exploring something related to travel or science.

Children of ages 3-5 can learn about a new world theme, like oceans, every month. Ages 6-10 can learn about a new country, and 7-12 a different US state.

This is a subscription box that balances fun with education. Each month there are plenty of souvenirs, crafts, activities, and other surprises.

International Cheese Box

From people who smother their food in cheese to those who seek new and exciting tastes, you can’t go far wrong with an international cheese box subscription.

With igourmet‘s subscription, you’ll get a curated selection of cheeses sent to your home, every month.

Included is always an insightful newsletter, telling you all about each cheese, its flavor profile, and suggested pairings.

With these wonderful cheeses, you can host wine and cheese nights and gatherings, and you can try them in your food and recipes.

World Connoisseur

Igourmet’s World Connoisseur subscription box is the monthly delivery foodie travelers need in their life.

Each month, you will be sent 2-3 culinary items from a different cuisine from all over the world.

Soon, your cupboards will be filled with spices, colors, herbs, and flavors from countries far and wide.

This subscription box is a great way to learn about world cuisines and elevate your home cooking to another level.

International Beer Club

Looking for the perfect gift for a worldly traveler whose choice of tipple is beer? International Beer Club has you covered.

With their monthly subscription box, you’ll be sent rich and exciting craft beers from breweries all over the world.

Their monthly newsletter will also keep you in the know about the beers, their styles, and their origins.

As craft beer continues to grow in popularity, now is a perfect time to explore smooth, rich, and flavorsome beers from home.

Paired with some unique beer gifts, gadgets, and accessories, this subscription is sure to bring a smile to a beer lover’s face.

International Blessings

Cratejoy’s International Blessings subscription box is a wonderful initiative to get involved with.

Every month, you or your gift recipient will be sent elegant and unique handmade products from families all over the world.

By signing up for the subscription, you will be helping families from poverty-stricken regions of the world make a better living for themselves.

This is a beautiful and thoughtful subscription, particularly for someone who loves to travel and work with charities.

Whiskey and Spirits Club for Explorers

Love to drink liquors, whiskey, and spirits, or know someone who does? If so, Flaviar‘s club welcomes you with open arms.

Each month, their subscription box will introduce you to new tastes and liquors from all over the world.

You’ll get access to premium, rare spirit brands, invites to exclusive events, and learn all about new and exciting tastes.

This is a truly unique and luxurious way to travel around the world through spirits.


GlobeIn‘s monthly subscription box is ideal for travelers who love to collect gifts and products wherever they travel to.

GlobeIn will send handmade artisan products from around the world straight to your door every month.

Decadent, ornate, and oozing with elegance, this subscription box is an adventurous interior designer’s dream.

If you or someone you know lives in a place full of gifts and decorations brought back from travel, this is an ideal gift.

The beauty of subscription boxes is that they cater to hobbies, interests, and intrigue.

And even for frequent travelers, visiting every vineyard, brewery, craft shop, and charitable cause in the world is impossible.

These travel-themed boxes allow you to bring a little taste or experience into your own home, hand-picked by people who know their stuff.

Great to experience yourself or to give as a gift, you’re sure to experience plenty of new things, whether it be through food, drink, craft, or learning.

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10 Fantastic Subscription Boxes for Travel Lovers (pin)

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