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44 Beer Gadgets, Accessories, and Gifts for Beer Lovers (2023)

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Looking for inspiration to find the best beer gadgets and gifts for beer lovers for upcoming birthdays and holidays? Don’t worry; we have you covered.

From quirky, novelty beer gadgets to wonderful beer experiences that open your palate to a world of new tastes, there are many amazing beer-themed gifts out there.

Some enhance the drinking experience. Others solve functional problems. And some are just downright hilarious!

So let’s take a fascinating journey into the world of beer essentials and take a closer look at 44 of the best beer gadgets, accessories, and gifts for beer lovers that money can buy.

Cool Beer Gadgets

1 – Corkcicle Beer Cooler

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Tired of packing beer bottles into a tiny freezer compartment to keep them chilled? The Corkcicle beer cooler could be the answer to all your problems.

Simply freeze the cooler, then insert it into your beer bottle, and you’re done! Cold, chilled beer, with relative ease. Great for beer lovers of all ages.

2 – Growler

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Achieve your desired level of crispness, freshness, and fizz you get from sipping pints at bars and taphouses with your very own carbonated growler.

Simply fill the keg with your favorite beer, screw on the CO2-filled lid, select your desired pressure, and enjoy incredibly refreshing pints from the comfort of your own home.

The keg allows you to store beer for a while in the refrigerator, so you can drink it at your own pace.

3 – Beer Dispenser

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Looking to achieve that rich, creamy head on a freshly poured pint? Get yourself a beer dispenser, and enhance the taste and texture of many beers and bottles.

This is an ideal gift for beer lovers. Its carbonation process helps produce a rich micro-foam, giving even the lightest of beers a better taste and stronger aroma.

4 – Personal Brewer

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A personal brewer is an ideal gift for beer snobs for whom you may be struggling to buy a present. BeerDroid state they are the world’s first fully automated beer brewer.

Complete with everything you need, you or a beer fanatic can brew your own delicious American Pale Ale with a simple push of a button.

Add your ingredients, and monitor the progress via the LCD display. You can even connect your phone to the brewer and get updates on your beer.

5 – Kegerator

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A kegerator is one of the coolest beer gadgets you can get for a beer-loving friend or loved one. Kegerators are a great talking point in any kitchen, outhouse, or drinking area.

Bring those rich aromas and smooth tastes into your own home, and pour a pint as creamy as the one you’d order at the bar.

The device has the capacity for one larger keg or three smaller kegs. Plus, it comes equipped with a mini-fridge to chill cans and bottles.

6 – Beer Mini Fridge Cooler

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Beer mini fridge coolers are absolutely ideal for anyone holding a gathering or for anyone who is tired of trying to squeeze all of their beer into a packed refrigerator.

Due to their size, they easily fit into corners, or on desks, around your home.

Simply stack the fridge with your favorite beers, and whenever you’re feeling a drink, you won’t need to wait for a room-temperature can or bottle to chill.

Experience & Luxury Beer Gifts for Beer Lovers

7 – Beer Tour

From Brazil to Budapest, beer tours are one of those unforgettable gifts for beer enthusiasts. They are packed with everything a beer-loving person could ever want.

Beer tours will take you to a range of both micro and larger breweries. You’ll get to see the process, learn about making the beer, and try plenty of unique beers in the process.

This is a brilliant choice if you are looking to give more than a gift and offer a beer lover you care about an experience they’ll never forget.

8 – Beer Tasting

For beer enthusiasts looking for something at a slower pace than a beer tour, a beer tasting or masterclass at a brewery is a great gift.

Beer tastings focus more on the flavors and textures of the beer. They are a great day out, and a chance for beer lovers to expand their palette and favorites.

Viator have a range of great tastings and masterclasses at breweries across the world.

9 – Beer Making Kit

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A beer-making kit could be the perfect gift for a beer enthusiast who wants to try making their own beer but may not have the time or space for specialized equipment.

With this beer-making kit, you’ll get everything you need to make flavorful and aromatic blondes, ales, porters, and IPAs.

This is great for beginners. It’s easy to follow, and you can brew flavorsome beers using a hob or stove.

10 – Around the World Beer Gift Basket

A world beer gift basket is one of the best gifts for beer lovers you can buy. Simple, fun, and an amazing way for a beer drinker to stock their refrigerator with a range of new and exciting beers.

11 – Beer Spa

For many beer lovers, does it get any better than sipping a creamy, frothy pint of beer as you relax in a huge tub filled with natural extracts.

Beer spas can be an amazing afternoon or weekend getaway. There are many of them all over the world.

Craft Beer Gifts

12 – Craft Beer Club

Want to get new, hand-selected craft beers delivered straight to your door? Craft beer club memberships are ideal for any beer lover that loves trying new artisan craft brews.

Here are three craft beer clubs to check out:

13 – Custom Beer Box

A curated beer box could be an amazing gift for a beer lover or enthusiast looking to broaden their horizons.

Plus, by ordering someone a beer box, you are not committing to a long-term membership. You can decide how many months the deliveries happen for.

Here are two custom beer boxes to learn more about:

14 – Beer Glass Gift Set

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Add a luxury, taphouse feel to a friend or beloved one’s beer-drinking through a stylish beer glass gift set.

Now you can bring the class and finesse of artisan beer drinking into your own home, with some beautiful glasses.

15 – Craft Beer Tasting Glass Set

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Most artisan beer taphouses allow you to try thirds of halves, before ordering a pint or larger amount.

A craft beer-tasting glass set allows you or a beer drinker on your gift list to enjoy the full tasting experience from home.

16 – Craft Brewing Kit

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For anyone who enjoys craft beer, making your own from home has the potential to be a fun, rewarding, and unique activity.

A craft beer brewing kit gives you or a beer enthusiast everything needed to make unique, rich, and interesting beers, ales, stouts, and IPAs at home.

Budget Beer Accessories and Gifts

17 – Automatic Beer Bottle Opener

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Kiss goodbye to aching wrists and dodgy bottle openers with an automatic beer bottle opener.

Easy to use, this cool beer gadget is the perfect novelty beer gift to put in the Christmas stocking of many beer lovers.

18 – Beer Freeze Cups

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Lined with freezing gel, beer freeze cups keep your favorite beers chilled for much longer. All you have to do is freeze the cup before use, then enjoy the cold beer served in the cup.

Beer freeze cups are one of the simplest beer accessories you can get a fellow beer-drinking enthusiast. Simple, but so effective.

19 – Cool Beer Chilling Coasters

These cool beer chilling coasters not only look awesome, but they also help keep your cans, bottles, and glasses of beer chilled as you drink them.

This is certainly one of the best beer gifts you can get a beer lover if you’re shopping on a budget.

20 – Magnetic Fridge Bottle Holder

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How awesome is this beer gadget? Easy to apply to the top of your fridge, a magnetic fridge bottle holder looks great and also saves space.

Anyone beer drinker who has to constantly stock the fridge will know the pain of trying to make room and not break the bottles.

21 – Beer Foaming Stones

Beer foaming stones are one of the simplest beer accessories out there, but they can make such a difference to the taste and texture.

The stones help add bubbles and fizz to your beer. This helps it taste better, for much longer.

22 – Beer Snacks

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Nothing beats a rich, tasty snack after you’ve had a few drinks of your favorite beer.

Craft beer jerky is a great gift for a beer lover if you’re on a budget. It will go a long way to recreating that taphouse feel from home, too.

Personalized gifts for beer lovers

23 – Personalized Beer Cap Display Sign

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If you’re looking for inspiration for personalized beer gifts, look no further than a personalized beer cap display sign.

Beer caps are always beautiful to look at, and many beer enthusiasts collect them.

Adorning a letter, this beer-themed gift could look wonderful hanging on the wall of a friend or beloved beer fanatic.

24 – Iron Beer Steins

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Beer steins are a fantastic gift idea for beer lovers who are also history buffs.

These rustic, iron beer steins will help your gift recipient feel like their home has turned into a medieval drinking house of centuries gone by.

25 – Custom Wedding Can Coolies

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Looking for inspiration for personalized beer gifts for an upcoming wedding? These custom wedding can coolies could look amazing on their big day.

Adorn the drinks at the wedding with some cool branding, dedicated to the bride and groom. And, naturally, keep the drinks cool too!

Unique Beer Gifts

26 – Beer Soap

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As novelty beer gifts go, beer soap has to be one of the most unique. Perfect for a stocking filler or for a true beer fanatic.

Lie back in the bath, and let the hoppy or oaty aromas stimulate the senses and soothe the skin.

27 – Beer Infused Hot Sauce

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Could there be a better combination than beer and hot sauce for a beloved beer-loving friend or family member?

Beer-infused hot sauces allow anyone to add plenty of heat, spice, and flavor to their food.

28 – Beer Bottle Opener Magnetic Wall Mount

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This brilliant little beer gadget is so simple, but it solves a problem plenty of beer drinkers experience all the time.

Never have to go searching for a bottle opener again with a beer bottle opener magnetic wall mount.

29 – Beer Caps Map

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This is such a cool and unique beer gift. For anyone who loves collecting beer caps, this map gives them hours of fun collecting, mounting, and charting every state they have visited and drunk in.

30 – Couch Arm Beer Holder

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For those times you or a beer lover just want to sink back into a chair and enjoy a cold beer, a couch arm beer holder could be the ideal gift.

The beer holder allows you to keep an unsupervised glass, bottle, or beer can steady, and not get wetness or moisture on the couch fabric.

Funny Beer Gifts

31 – Shower Drink Holder

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This is one for the novelty value, and it’s sure to provide plenty of laughs. A shower drink holder could be a brilliant and funny beer gift to fill a stocking or for Secret Santa.

32 – Beeropoly Game

Beeropoly is a funny and brilliant beer gift, perfect for anyone who is looking to host parties or play drinking games.

Ideal for college students or hosting at home, this unique beer gift can be hours of fun and really bring a group of people together for fun and laughs.

33 – Parody for Beer People Book

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Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People is a funny beer-themed hardback book that most beer enthusiasts will chuckle at and enjoy.

A perfect talking point for guests, or to place on a coffee table for casual reading.

34 – Mini Beer Pong

Relive another classic drinking game in the comfort of your own home with a mini beer pong set.

Due to its size, it is much easier to set up on any table or surface. It’s a funny and novelty beer gift that college students and hosts would enjoy.

35 – Beer Holster

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Beer holsters are a great way for any beer-drinking friend or loved one to be the life and soul of any party or gathering.

Simple to attach to your waist, a holster is a great talking point while keeping your hands free to do other things when not drinking.

Portable Beer Gadgets, Accessories, and Gifts for Travel

36 – Vacuum Insulated Beer Bottle Cooler

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Know someone who is traveling or going away and doesn’t have access to a refrigerator? This could be a simple and portable beer gift for them.

A vacuum-insulated beer bottle cooler is ideal for weekend trips, getaways, and relaxing self-board vacations. It’ll keep your beers cold, without having to worry about large refrigerators and big ice coolers.

37 – Hopsulator

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Need a beer-themed gift for someone you know who loves to drink beer from cans. A hopsulator could be an amazing gift for them.

This cool beer accessory keeps canned beer, and other cans, icy cold for long periods of time.

It allows anyone to enjoy a refreshingly cold beer from the moment of pulling the ring pull, to the very last sip.

38 – Portable Cooler

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Great for weekend trips, camping trips, and other getaways, a portable cooler allows any beer lover to take chilled beers on the road with them.

Portable coolers are simple to carry, and can easily be packed into the trunk of a car with other luggage.

39 – Portable Wheeled Cooler

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Want to make life even easier for your beer-loving gift recipient? Get them a portable wheeled color, so that they can roll their chilled beers to their destination.

40 – Golf Cooler Bag

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This is a unique and brilliant gift for any beer lover you know that also enjoys playing golf.

Combine the both, and give them the gift of a cooler bag that carries both their beer and their golfing equipment.

41 – Inflatable Beer Cooler

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Inflatable beer coolers are the perfect beer gift for anyone who loves novelty items for their home.

Big, bold, and colorful, you can keep plenty of beers chilled in a fun way with these coolers.

42 – Beer Caddy

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A great gift for beer-drinking enthusiasts, that is simple to use but very effective.

This beer caddy even comes with an integrated bottle opener. You can store, chill, and open up to six bottles of delicious beer with this great little gift.

43 – Keychain Bottle Opener with iPhone Charger

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This is one of the age-old gifts that never fail to bring a smile to beer lovers from all walks of life. Keychain bottle openers have been a useful tool to have for many people.

With this keychain attached to your wallet or other attire, you’ll never have to worry about buying bottled beer with no bottle opener.

44 – Beer Savers

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Our final stop of essential and unique beer gadgets and accessories takes us to one of the simplest of all: beer savers.

Beer savers are simple, colorful caps you can place on top of most bottles to help keep in the fizz and the flavor.

These little caps are easy to carry with you and could go a long way to keeping beers tasty and fresh when you’re away from your kitchen and home.

Beer Gadgets, Accessories, and Gifts for Beer Lovers Summary

Beer is more than just a drink for so many people. Some of us adore the different tastes, styles, and the art of beer making itself.

For others of us, the social aspect of beer and drinking beer is important. From fun games to socializing with friends and family, beer is a big part of many people’s lives.

So when looking for gifts and gift ideas for beer lovers, it’s wonderful to see there are so many amazing beer gadgets and beer accessories out there.

From simple, cool-looking coasters to entire game nights dedicated to beer, there are so many amazing gifts for beer enthusiasts to get excited about.

I hope this list of unique, funny, and awesome beer gadgets has helped inspire you to find the perfect gift for your beer-loving friend or loved one.

Here’s to beer, its glorious taste, and all the positive things it can bring to our lives!

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