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40 Cool Wine Gadgets, Accessories, and Gifts for Wine Lovers

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Eager to find stylish and exciting wine gadgets and gifts for wine lovers in time for birthdays, celebrations, or the holidays? You’ve come to the right place!

From novelty accessories to unique memberships that open your eyes and tastes to a world of artisan wines, there are so many great wine-themed gifts on the market today.

Some are functional. Some are decorative. And some are just utterly fantastic. And all of them will bring a smile to the face of any self-confessed wine lover.

Prepare yourself plenty of oohs, aahs, and giggles as we take a look at 40 of the coolest wine gadgets, accessories, and gifts for wine lovers money can buy.

Cool Wine Gadgets

1 – Instant Wine Aerator

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A wine aerator is a must-have gadget for any wine lover. This ingenious device allows for a richer, more luxurious drinking experience.

With just the touch of a button, you can enjoy a more flavorful wine that tastes delicious and lasts much longer.

2 – Cordless Electric Wine Opener

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Unscrewing corks can be a tricky business. We all have those moments where, no matter how hard we try, the cork just doesn’t come out smoothly.

An electric wine opener does away with difficult bottles, making unscrewing the cork a seamless two-button process.

It’s a must-have wine accessory for any wine lover with expensive, corked bottles.

3 – Wine Chiller Stick

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Keep your opened wine crisp, chilled, and refreshing with this simple but utterly brilliant wine gadget.

Designed to sit in the bottle as you pour, it both keeps your whites chilled and your reds cooler when the bottles are out at room temperature.

With this, you can keep your bottles by your side and not have to keep putting them in the refrigerator.

4 – Wine Saver System

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A wine-saver system does away with opening the bottle entirely. This unique and brilliant device allows you to pour wine from any bottle, in any quantity, without having to remove the cork.

Its clamp, needle, and capsule system penetrates through the cork, allowing you to pour the wine while preserving it for longer.

This is a brilliant luxury gift for any wine lovers and enthusiasts hosting wine clubs, gatherings, or when drinking casually.

5 – Wine Thermometer

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Track the temperature of any bottle of wine with this handy thermometer so that you can rechill or leave accordingly.

Easily strapped to any bottle, this great wine gadget is simple to use and doesn’t take up large amounts of space in your home or kitchen.

6 – Wine Decanter

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If you truly want to enhance the flavors of already delicious red wines, a wine decanter could be the perfect gift for yourself or for any wine-loving friend or loved one.

Wine decanters break down red wine into tiny particles, both filtering out sediment and adding oxygen.

This leaves you with fresh, cleaner wine with heightened aromas and enhanced flavors.

7 – Wine Cooler

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For those times you just want to keep the bottle close by and not have to keep refrigerating it, wine coolers are an ideal accessory.

Wine coolers come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. They look great and help ensure each pour remains crisp, chilled, and refreshing.

Experience & Luxury Wine Gifts for Wine Lovers

8 – Wine Class, Vineyard, or Wine Cellar Tour

Pouring wine in glass directly from wine barrel
Angelo Giampiccolo / Shutterstock

For any wine lover eager to learn more about the science and craft of wine, a wine class could be the perfect gift for an upcoming birthday or the holidays.

There are many ways to sample and drink wine with an expert. You can visit a vineyard for tours, visit a host’s house, or even take part in online classes from the comfort of your own home.

9 – Wine Tasting

Wine tasting
Magdalena Paluchowska / Shutterstock

Wine tastings are less about learning about wine and more so trying unique and new flavors and brands.

If you’re looking for wine tasting in the US, Viator is a good place to start looking.

If you’re looking for wine tasting in the UK, Virgin Experiences has some great options for vineyards all over the country.

10 – Wine Making Kit

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An ideal gift for wine-loving couples, new homeowners, or wine enthusiasts, winemaking kits give you everything you need to make your very own wine from home.

Winemaking can turn into a fun, enjoyable hobby very quickly. And for people who enjoy wine, it can be a great experience to learn about the process of making it first-hand.

11 – Wine Subscription

Bottle of wine in wooden box with glasses
Evgeny Karandaev / Shutterstock

Give a friend a unique and exciting wine gift straight to their home with a wine subscription membership.

There are plenty of wine subscriptions and club memberships that give any wine drinker new and exciting wine samples, tasting notes, food pairings, and plenty of other goodies.

A good place to start could be Winc, Wine Awesomeness, and Firstleaf.

12 – International Series Wine Club Gift

International Series’ wine club membership is another wonderful opportunity for any wine enthusiast to try new artisan wines from all over the world.

Along with new wines, members also get wine credits, tasting invitations, and access to a range of wine experts who can answer any wine-related questions.

Budget Wine Gifts

13 – Wine Stopper and Pourer

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A simple but brilliant wine gadget, wine stoppers allow you to store and pour already opened wine bottles without having to recork them.

Recorking bottles comes with a whole host of problems. With a wine stopper and pourer, you can attach the gadget to the top and pour without worrying about letting the wine sit.

14 – Wine Gems Chillers

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Wine gems chillers allow you to add a luxurious edge to your wine activities, gatherings, and wine hostings.

Wine gems are beautifully designed and a stylish alternative to ice. They’ll add plenty of style to every glass you pour and are a great conversation starter.

15 – Wine Tote Carrier

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Handbags and backpacks are not an ideal way to carry wine. So, a wine tote bag could be a fantastic gift for any wine-loving guest or traveler.

Wine totes are designed to hold wine bottles specifically while being as simple and seamless to carry as a regular tote bag.

With a range of designs, materials, and styles, this could be a sleek and stylish addition to anyone’s collection of wine accessories.

16 – Wine Lover’s Tea Towel

The wine lover’s tea towel is a worthy addition to the kitchen of proud and passionate wine drinkers.

From wine terminology to a brief history, this amazing tea towel has been beautifully designed, and it is a brilliant conversation starter.

17 – Wine Bottle Coaster

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Whether it’s to showcase your favorite, most valuable wines or to keep an opened bottle from marking your surfaces, wine bottle coasters are a simple yet stylish gift for anyone who loves wine.

18 – Wine Stain Remover

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The age-old horror of removing wine stains from clothes, carpets, and other fabrics has traumatized wine drinkers for decades!

So do away with the DIY advice, and have a wine stain remover on hand in the house. Wine Away’s stain remover works on fresh and dried stains and has been featured in many publications.

Unique Wine Gifts

19 – Barrel Cork Catcher Side Table

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This rustic, stylish barrel cork catcher could look fantastic in the cozy, elaborately designed homes of plenty of wine drinkers.

There’s something mesmeric and therapeutic about the look and feel of a giant collection of corks.

For anyone who loves decorating their home with unique and grand furniture, this side table catcher has the potential to be a true hit.

20 – Charcuterie Board

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Whether it was planned or not, the cheese and crackers never take long to surface from the refrigerator and cupboards once the wine has been uncorked!

Rather than serving on plates and making a mess, a charcuterie board allows you to serve cheese to your guests in a stylish, functional, and less messy way.

That way, when it’s inevitably time to bring out your delicious cheese, you’ll have everything you need on hand to do it with class and elegance.

21 – Wooven Wine Tote with Glasses

A gift with such grace and elegance, this woven wine tote, complete with stylish wine glasses, will look the part on any table or surface.

The hand-woven basket has an earthy, rustic touch and look to it. It’s a beautiful piece of decor and a stylish way to hold one of your wine bottles.

22 – Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses

With a marvelous decanting feature and a sleek, modernist design, these stemless aerating wine glasses are an amazing way to drink and showcase your most valuable wines.

Serving wine to friends and fellow wine enthusiasts in such unique and beautiful glasses is only going to enhance the wine-tasting experience.

23 – Wine Rack

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This wall-mounted, aged oak wine rack will look wonderful on the walls of plenty of wine lovers’ beloved homes.

Why keep your favorite wines hidden in the cupboard when you can have them on display? Particularly when they have elegantly designed labels and rich colors.

24 – Personalized Picnic & Wine Table

Picnics and wine are a dynamite combination. This beautiful, hand-crafted picnic table has everything you need to take your wine and cheese parties into the great outdoors.

Easily folded, you and your wine-enthused friends can enjoy drinking your favorite wines in scenic gardens or luscious, green fields.

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25 – Wine Print

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Wine prints are a brilliant gift for wine drinkers to frame, hang, or just admire for their own satisfaction.

From stylish infographics to ornate typographic pieces, prints pack well and are great to gift for birthdays and holidays.

26 – Wine Anniversary Box for Couples

Struggling to find an anniversary gift for a newlywed couple? This fabulous wine anniversary set is ideal for couples to keep in their home.

The anniversary box houses three bottles of special wines to be opened on a couple’s 1st, 3rd, and 5th wedding anniversaries.

Elegantly designed and with a wonderful purpose, it’s a thoughtful, original gift for a newly married couple to share together.

27 – Wine Infused Coffee

Yes, you read that correctly. Merlot-infused coffee is a thing, and it’s a brilliant conversation starter for anyone who loves wine.

Packed with arabica beans that have aged in wine oak barrels, this is definitely a delicious way to start your mornings!

28 – Wine Bottle Candle

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Wine bottles and labels are some of the most beautifully designed packaging in the drinks market. Yet, once we finish a bottle, we often throw it away.

Wine bottle candles are an excellent way to celebrate the beautiful design of wine bottles while filling your home with wonderful aromas and setting a relaxing mood.

29 – Wine Soap

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For seasoned wine lovers, wine is more than taste. Wine encompasses plenty of the other human senses, including aroma.

Wine soap is a wonderful, simple little gift for wine lovers of all degrees. Or, for anyone who enjoys artisan soaps and other bath products, this could be a great addition to their collection.

Funny Wine Gifts

30 – Funny Wine Stoppers

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These quirky and hilarious wine stoppers are a very easy way to keep your opened wine fresh while also giving everyone a little chuckle at the same time.

They are great for wine tasting, picnics, and traveling with wine. Plus, they come in a pack, so you’ll have plenty to share with everyone.

31 – Funny Wine Shower Holder

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This wine gadget should go down a storm with any of your friends you know who simply love a glass of wine, no matter what the occasion!

A wine shower holder is a fun, novelty gift, perfect for a stocking or hamper filler.

32 – Funny Wine Glass Coasters

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Coasters can breathe plenty of personality and fun into evenings with friends, celebrations, or wine-specific gatherings.

These funny wine glass coasters are beautifully designed and great to bring out to hold your wine glasses while having a laugh.

Portable Wine Gadgets, Accessories, and Gifts for Travel

33 – Wine Suitcase

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If you or a wine-centric loved one enjoys wine tastings and vineyard visits while traveling, you’ll know the pain of transporting bottles of brand-new wine home.

A wine case is designed to hold only wine bottles. Hence, you can pack newly bought wine safely in the knowledge the bottles won’t be rattling around and breaking.

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34 – Wine Freezable Bag

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Wine-freezable bags utilize a brilliant new technology of a freezable gel-lined interior. Once frozen, the bag can keep your wine bottle chilled for hours on end.

Designed as a simple, elegant tote, this bag is great for taking wine to picnics, the beach, parties, and while traveling with wine.

35 – Corkscrew

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Multi-tools with corkscrews are often elegantly designed, portable, and come with a wide range of useful accessories.

When traveling, getting a hold of various kitchen items, like corkscrews to unscrew your bottles, can often be a challenge.

This handy little device is an ideal gift for travelers, with the corkscrew being perfect for trips to wine countries and vineyards. Just make sure to put it in your checked bag (and not your carry-on)!

36 – Wine Stain Remover Pen

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A wine stain remover pen can be a lifesaver for those heart-in-mouth moments when you spill wine on yourself, on hotel sheets, or on Airbnb carpets.

With a little patience and some gentle dabbing, you can remove sprays, blots, and spills from a range of surfaces and fabrics.

37 – Winesulator

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If the thought of traveling with a glass bottle of expensive wine makes you nervous, regardless of the protective gear, a winesulator could be a great addition to your travel gear.

Made of shatter-proof stainless steel, and able to store wine at a desirable temperature for 24 hours, a winesulator can be an effective, less stressful way to carry and transport valuable wine.

38 – Wine Glass Tumblers

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Finding wine glasses while traveling can be a tall order. For those moments you want to drink from the hotel or accommodation, wine glass tumblers can be great to travel with.

With non-slip bases and splash-proof lids, these smooth, glistening stainless steel tumblers are a great way to enjoy your wine without having to drink from a bottle or flimsy cups.

39 – Insulated Shatterproof Wine Goblets

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If you truly want to elevate the wine-tasting experience while traveling, these stainless steel wine goblets may be a sound investment.

Strong, insulated, and sleek to behold, you’ll have no trouble dazzling new friends and wine lovers with these beautiful, grand goblets.

40 – Wine Straws

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And last, but by no means least, sometimes, when traveling, it’s better just to drink wine from the bottle.

For those moments, a wine straw is a brilliant novelty gift and a total life-saver when there are no glasses or cups around.

Wine Gadgets and Gifts for Wine Lovers Summary

Drinking wine means so many things to so many different people. Some of us love the tastes, the textures, and the art of the craft.

Others of us love wine culture, social bonding, and the magical moments and memories made over drinking wine.

From coasters to aerators, cool accessories to funny gadgets, there are so many wine-themed products to get excited about.

However you or your wine-loving friends and acquaintances enjoy wine, I hope this list of truly brilliant wine gadgets helps you choose a perfect gift for them.

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