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22 Cool Travel Photography Gadgets, Gear, and Accessories (2023)

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Looking to elevate your pictures and video with cool travel gadgets, gear, and accessories on your next vacation or adventure?

Never before has it been so simple to take stunning photographs and record breathtaking videos with a range of high-quality photography gadgets on the market.

Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned photographer, these photography accessories are ideal to pack with you.

Prepare to take your photography to a whole new level as we look at 22 of the coolest photography gadgets and essentials to take on trips with you.

Cool Travel Photography Gadgets, Gear, and Accessories

1 – Camera Backpack: Lowepro ProTactic

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Keeping your expensive photography gear protected and dry when traveling should always be a top priority.

All-weather camera and laptop backpacks are ideal for your travel photography kit bag.

Camera backpacks are compartmentalized, allowing you to keep your gear, like lenses, padded and protected.

With waterproof features, you can take your camera out to wet and rugged areas with peace of mind your gear will stay intact and dry.

2 – Lightweight Tripod: Peak Design Travel Tripod

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For steady shots and laser precision in your photography, recording from a tripod makes a substantial difference.

A travel tripod is designed to save space in your luggage with innovative packing and deployment mechanisms.

Travel tripods can hold a range of cameras, from DSLRs to lightweight smartphones.

This is an essential piece of travel photography gear for beginners, particularly if you’re new to photography.

3 – Portable External SSD

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Very quickly, the sheer file size of all your photos and videos will eat up both camera and laptop memory.

Therefore, investing in a robust and large-capacity SSD allows you to store gigabytes of content, freeing up your camera and laptop.

The right SSD will also have a quick transfer speed, allowing you to edit and use raw footage seamlessly.

If you plan to do your editing and creating while traveling, this is one of the travel photography must-haves to take with you.

4 – Travel Drone: DJI Mavic Mini 2

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Snapping and filming from high in the sky is one of the most amazing ways to get awesome videos and photos while traveling.

However, traveling with a drone can be problematic. Many countries require you to have certain licenses to legally use them.

Mini-drones are built to try to avoid this issue. The size of the drone means it could not fall under such regulations if you’re not using it for commercial purposes. However, make sure to check the laws at your destination before using the drone.

Lightweight, agile, and able to shoot remarkable quality footage for its size, a mini-drone is the perfect gift for any photography-loving traveler.

5 – Memory Card: SanDisk Extreme Pro

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No keen photographer should head out into paradise without more than one memory card in their backpack or camera bag.

Sometimes, getting that perfect shot can take tens, even hundreds, of attempts.

The last thing you want is to be scrolling through and deleting images on your camera, knowing that your time is precious.

6 – Portable Power Bank: Anker PowerCore+ 

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Even the most powerful of camera batteries only have a certain capacity. Knowing you have backup power is essential.

A portable power bank can give your camera, phone, laptop, and other devices hours of additional charge, no matter where you are.

Hours spent in exotic rainforests or by thundering waterfalls can be captured throughout the day without worrying about your camera or phone completely running out of juice.

Portable power banks are one of the best pieces of minimalist travel photography gear money can buy. It is a simple device, but it can make or break a trip’s success.

7 – Memory Card Case: PolarPro Slate Card Case

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Memory cards are a critical part of your photography setup. On memory cards, all your raw video and photography are stored.

However, such delicate items need protection. Memory cards rattling around loose in your backpack can cause damage and data loss.

Give yourself peace of mind by keeping your memory cards in a safe and protective memory card case.

8 – Camera Strap: Peak Design

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Carry your camera safely, with flexibility and confidence, with an adjustable camera strap.

The Slide Pro camera strap is for full-frame and DSLR cameras. The strap has quick pull adjusters, allowing you to get the range you want in seconds.

If you are traveling with a mirrorless camera, the Slide Lite is a camera strap you should definitely try.

9 – Travel Power Strip & Surge Protector

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With different socket types and voltage outputs all over the world, charging your camera can be a stressful task.

A travel power strip with surge protection controls the voltage level going to your camera.

This helps stop surges and overheating, which can lead to blowouts and permanent damage.

You can use a universal power strip in nearly every country in the world. You can also charge all your devices, not just your camera.

10 – Travel Cable Organizer

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The more you build up your travel photography setup, the more cables you will inevitably have to use.

Keep your cables safe, organized, and accounted for with a travel cable organizer.

With a cable organizer, you’ll never have to worry about tangled cables and not finding the right cable for its intended device.

A travel cable organizer is one of the travel photography essentials that can save you a lot of time and frustration in the future.

10 of 20+ Cool Travel Photography Gadgets, Gear, and Accessories

11 – Portable Memory Card Reader

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If you fall in love with travel photography, you will soon notice how quickly you fill memory cards with content.

Constantly switching and unplugging cards and devices when editing and creating is both time-consuming and exhausting.

A portable card reader can make your life much easier. With this device, you can access multiple memory cards at the same time.

And if your computer doesn’t have a memory card slot, you generally need a card reader to transfer the files to your computer quickly.

With fast data transfer speeds and multiple inputs, a portable card reader could be a valuable addition to your travel photography setup.

12 – Camera Rain Cover: LensCoat

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Sometimes, getting the most amazing shots and footage means trekking out into rugged and wet terrain.

Maybe you want to timelapse a waterfall or snap a rare bird fishing in a lake. If so, your outside photography will also be at the mercy of the weather.

A camera rain cover keeps your camera dry and functional while you take all the time you need to capture countless moments.

If you’re keen to take your camera into rainforests, on rivers, or to caves and lagoons, this would be a great addition to your photography gear list.

13 – Portable Lighting: Lume Cube

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In darker places, poor weather, or at night, portable lighting can take your photography to a whole new level.

A portable lighting cube can be placed wherever you need it, at a brightness that best enhances your photography.

Easy to travel with and operated via an app, this is one of those cool photography accessories that can help you level up your photography.

14 – Camera Cleaning Brush

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Camera care is very important for maintaining high-quality photography. Naturally, over time, dust and dirt will gather on your lenses.

A camera cleaning brush is a photography gadget no passionate travel photographer should be without.

By cleaning lenses, your photography will be sharper, crisper, and without blemish.

Plus, you’ll decrease the chance of damage to both your lens and camera body.

15 – Camera Belt/Strap Clip

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A camera belt is one of the most creative photography accessories on the market. It can carry your camera securely with ease.

Camera belts allow you to say goodbye to the neck and shoulder pain caused by carrying a camera by the strap.

Equipped with a quick-release button, you can access your camera at rapid speed when time is of the essence.

16 – Camera Wrist Strap

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Keep your camera secure and ready for quick-fire photography with a durable camera wrist strap.

Camera wrist straps can hold both lightweight and bulkier cameras. The adjustable straps allow you to find the perfect position to hold your camera.

For those split-second moments where timing is key, this simple piece of photography gear can be the difference between getting the shot or missing it.

17 – Remote Control

Having wireless or Bluetooth connectivity to your camera through a remote control opens you up to many more opportunities.

Remote controls allow you to be in the picture and to attempt more complicated or time-sensitive shots and filming.

Many cameras already come with remote controls. However, if yours does not have one, make sure to get one that is compatible with your camera brand.

18 – GorillaPod

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The GorillaPod is one of the most unique photography gadgets on the market. It opens up more opportunities to take varied and creative photographs and film.

The GorillaPod can be secured into a range of positions and easily adjusted with its flexible, locking mount legs.

From balcony sunset time-lapses to live streaming your epic adventures, this brilliant piece of photography gear makes it all the more possible.

19 – Universal Lens Cap

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As you become a better photographer, you will start to experiment with different lenses to achieve styles and effects beyond what a standard lens can do.

Lenses, however, are very fragile. The last thing you want is for your lenses to be loose and unprotected in your camera bag or backpack.

Universal lens caps are ideal to have as a backup if you travel with a lot of photography gear. Each cap will keep your lens clean, dry, and protected.

That way, you can travel with your lenses and not have to compromise on the types of photography you would like to do.

20 – Gimbal

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A handheld gimbal camera stabilizer is a travel photography and videography accessory filmmakers and creatives on the move need to try.

This innovative gadget allows you to capture film and video with smoothness and clarity, even in shaky and turbulent environments.

The stabilizer also doubles up as a tripod. It is equipped with a range of remote control features to make using your camera even easier.

With this device, you can kiss goodbye to shaky film, blurry photographs, and the regret of failing to capture the moment with crispness and clarity.

21 – Filter Set

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Eager to alter the tints and colors of your photographs to maximize impact? Look to add a filter set to your travel photography gear.

Lense filters slip seamlessly over the top of your lenses. You can use them to create vibrant and dramatic photographs.

Filters can make skies bluer, forests greener, and sunsets warmer. They can also help improve the quality of your shots in saturated or poorly lit environments.

A filter set can add both fun and practicality to your travel photography.

22 – Spare Batteries Holder

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As with memory cards, carrying spare batteries with you gives you the ability to shoot and film for much longer.

Like most photography gear, batteries can easily be corrupted or damaged if not looked after properly.

A spare batteries holder gives your additional batteries padded protection inside your camera bag or backpack.

Plus, it keeps them all in one place. No longer will you need to rummage through your backpack to find loose spare batteries.

Cool Travel Photography Gadgets Summary

Whether you’re an experienced photographer or want to get into photography for an upcoming trip, your gear is very important.

Those crystal clear YouTube videos and Instagram photos from influencers and professionals are the results of gradual investment in a proper travel photography setup.

Photography and filmmaking are wonderful ways to capture your travels. Plus, as hobbies, they are enjoyable and very rewarding.

The beauty of the equipment in this guide is that all are designed to travel with.

No longer do you need huge, bulky cameras, rigs, and tripods to take breathtaking photos.

These travel photography essentials are portable, well-designed, and can elevate your photography and videography to new levels of professionalism.

Don’t settle for grainy photographs and low-quality videos. Even just a few of these photography gadgets can go a long way to capturing higher-quality images and videos.

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