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8 Best Underwater Gadgets for Travel and Ocean Adventures (2022)

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If your travels involve plenty of ocean and underwater activities and you’re looking for some of the coolest underwater gadgets to take with you, then you’ve come to the right place. Our guide will take you through eight interesting and high-tech underwater gadgets that will take your underwater activities to a whole new level.

We’ve categorized our picks into the following categories:

  • Best Underwater Gadgets for Photography and Video
  • Best Underwater Gadgets for Snorkeling
  • Best Underwater Gadgets for Diving

So without any further ado, let’s dive right in (excuse the pun) to our list of eight of the best underwater gadgets for travel.

Underwater Gadgets

8 Best Underwater Gadgets for Travel

Quick Picks

Don’t have time to read through the article? Our quick picks will help you get to the underwater gadgets that best suit your needs in no time at all.

Best Underwater Gadgets for Photography and VideoGoPro HERO 11 Waterproof Action Camera
Qysea Fifish V6 Underwater Drone
Best Underwater Gadgets for SnorkelingDivelux Snorkel Mask
Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin
Garrett Waterproof Metal Detector
Best Underwater Gadgets for DivingNosubo Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves
Yamaha Seascooter
Suunto D4i Novo Dive Computer

Best Underwater Gadgets for Photography and Video

1 – GoPro HERO 11 Waterproof Action Camera

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What better place to start than one of the world’s most popular all-action camcorders, renowned for taking breathtaking footage no matter how rugged, wild, or wet the terrain or environment may be.

HERO11 Black can shoot cinematic 5.3K60 and 2.7K240 video, and photograph sumptuous high-resolution photos with its 27-megapixel camera. Plus, footage has never had such clarity courtesy of its HyperSmooth 5.0 video stabilization lock.

For underwater footage, the camera is built to be waterproof (inside in the case) for up to depths of 33ft, making it the perfect companion for capturing your swimming, snorkeling, and diving adventures in some of the world’s most beautiful waters.

2 – Qysea Fifish V6 Underwater Drone

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Nowadays, drones have become a fairly standard and accessible way of taking videos from the air. When it comes to water, humans can only dive so far. Going any deeper than the limits of our bodies would require a submarine, which isn’t exactly the most affordable piece of equipment.

The Qusea Fitfish V6 underwater drone will let you experience the depths of the ocean in a way that will make you feel as if you’re looking at things with your own eyes.

The drone is equipped with a camera capable of recording 4k videos in low light environments, and it has six propellers arranged in a way that will make steering the drone in any direction a breeze.

Image stabilization technology ensures that it will take great video, even in the chaotic environment of the deep ocean.

Its powerful batteries allow it to stay underwater for as long as four and a half hours. Since retrieval could be an issue when the drone can dive deeper than you, it also has a Kevlar tether that is 100 meters long.

This is all good, but we haven’t yet mentioned that which is by far the best feature of this drone. Imagine if you could look through the lens of its camera and see what the camera sees in real-time. Guess what?

The drone comes with a VR headset that lets you do just that. Even better, you can let go of the remote while you’re in first-person mode and control the movement of the drone just by tilting your head in the direction you want it to go.

There’s no doubt this is one of the most exciting underwater gadgets on the market.

Best Underwater Gadgets for Snorkeling

3 – Divelux Snorkel Mask

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Snorkeling is a fun and exciting activity for both children and adults alike.

Unfortunately, many snorkeling masks have the same drawbacks that can ruin the experience for many beginners and even experienced snorkelers.

Water getting into the mask, water getting into the breathing tube, and the mask fogging up are a few of the most common issues that can lead to anything from minor inconveniences to flat out dangerous situations.

The full face snorkel mask from Divelux solves the issues plaguing many other masks to give you the most hassle-free snorkeling experience.

The edges of the mask are lined with liquid silicone, which prevents water from getting in without having to rely on any suction like the average snorkeling mask.

Suction masks can get very uncomfortable after a while, whereas this mask stays in place without causing discomfort. The fogging issue is solved with two separate breathing chambers for your nose and mouth.

These chambers take the air in and out of the mask without giving it the chance to linger inside and fog up your vision. Even when you go underwater, the snorkel itself features a very simple yet effective system for closing the air intake, which lets you dive up to 10 feet without having to worry about water getting into your nose or mouth.

The producers even offer free repairs or replacements for up to 18 months after the sale. To top it all off, the mask comes with a few extra goodies that will help you find the best diving spots in the US and keep your phone protected if you decide to take it with you underwater.

4 – Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin

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Monofins are a great way to spice up your swimming experience and a great way for kids to pretend that they are dolphins or mermaids.

This monofin is made from strong yet flexible materials, which ensures that it will bend in a fairly natural way without ever breaking as a result of normal use. It is covered with surf-grade neoprene, which is double-layered at the tips to add some extra durability.

You’re right to wonder if having a big fin attached to your feet will weigh you down in the water. While this may be an issue with some lower quality fins, this one is made from a material that is buoyancy neutral, so it will not weigh you down or lift you up in the water.

You may also be worried about comfort given that your feet have to go into the fin. Some fins feature fairly hard, shoe-like slots for your feet, and their edges may pinch or cut your skin.

The Fin Fun Mermaid monofin steps around this problem by having soft foot pockets that are closer to socks than shoes. This ensures that there will be no difficulties like pinching or pain.

Monofins are one of those things you usually didn’t realize you needed until you got them. If adding a new twist to swimming and getting a great core workout sounds like something that might interest you or your kids, give this monofin a try, and it will probably be the most fun vacation items you’ve had in ages. As far as underwater gadgets go, they’re one of the coolest products on the market.

5 – Garrett Waterproof Metal Detector

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Finding lost treasure is something many of us wanted to do when we were children, and every trip to the beach or nature hike was a new opportunity.

Garrett’s waterproof metal detector lets you turn a fun day at the beach into an even more fun treasure hunt. It is simple to use and maintain as it is powered by a 9-volt battery that is easy to replace.

The scanner itself is fully waterproof up to 10 feet, meaning that it is perfect for scanning close to the shore. You can give it to your kids or have fun with it yourself.

Despite its small size, it is not a novelty item or a toy metal detector. It has three different sensitivity levels, which you can switch between at the press of a button.

It scans in a 360-degree field around itself, it has a pinpointing feature that will help you narrow down the exact location of an item you have detected while sweeping, and it can isolate individual targets if you have detected more than one item.

To help you dig around, it comes equipped with an LED light and a small blade for scraping around on the bottom of the water. If you want to take full advantage of this metal detector, it might be a good idea to pick up the Divelux’s snorkel mask to go along with it because it will help you see things clearly when you dive. Together, they make an excellent pair of underwater gadgets.

Best Underwater Gadgets for Diving

6 – Nosubo Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves

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The deeper you go, the darker it gets, and flashlights aren’t always the best solution to provide the illumination you need. Especially if you want to grab or examine something, it can be a pain to find the optimal angle at which your hand won’t obscure the light.

These waterproof gloves by Nosubo solve that problem by bringing the light straight to your hands.

They’re made from a durable, elastic, and lightweight material that works well in water, and each glove has two 30-lumen LED lights that go over your index finger and thumb.

These two fingers are most often used for grabbing things, so this arrangement of LEDs ensures that you can always see what you’re grabbing.

The lights are powered by two button batteries, and they are easily operated with a switch on each glove. There is only one size, but the gloves are made with average European/US hand sizes in mind.

The gloves are fingerless, and the fit is adjusted with a Velcro strap, so they should fit almost any hand. Their design allows them to be worn over pretty much anything else you have on your hand, and they’re a great addition to any diver’s kit, regardless if you’re a seasoned pro or someone just starting out. Even if you run into any trouble, the producers offer a 12-month warranty.

As underwater gadgets go, flashlights are an essential purchase. To have them built into your gloves takes it to a whole new level.

7 – Yamaha Seascooter

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The Yamaha Li-series sea scooter is an awesome tool that helps you move underwater, and it comes in three variants, which differ in maximum speed and battery capacity.

The battery that powers the seascooter can be easily removed for external charging or replacement. Battery life is not a concern with this scooter as the battery will last you between 60 and 90 minutes of normal use or between 30 and 40 minutes with non-stop use.

There is also a handy battery indicator that will let you know how much power is still in there, and you don’t have to worry about suddenly running out at a bad time.

The maximum speed it can achieve is 4.35 mph for the 500LI variant. There isn’t any reason to worry about the seascooter rising or sinking on its own because it achieves a neutral buoyancy as soon as it goes underwater thanks to a clever system of drain holes.

Whenever you feel like getting off and diving around on your own, feel free to leave the seascooter and rest assured that it will be waiting right where you left it when you decide to go back.

The triggers and rings mounted on the handlebar make controlling and steering the seascooter a breeze. If you want to spend more time enjoying diving and less time getting to the spot where you want to do it, then this seascooter is just what you need to make the most out of your next diving experience.

Seascooters are some of the coolest underwater gadgets on the market, and a great way to enhance your diving experience.

8 – Suunto D4i Novo Dive Computer

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If you’re an experienced diver, you probably know how many calculations go into every single dive. This wrist-mounted dive computer allows you to spend more time enjoying the experience and less time working out the optimal timings or worrying about your air supply.

Regardless of the type of diving that you’re doing, this dive computer has a few features that will be useful. It has four modes – nitrox, air, free, and off. There are also timers for apnea, as well as timers for air and nitrox modes.

If you need any help with your ascent, this computer has you covered there as well with its full decompression algorithm, the Suunto RGBM.

It also features optional wireless integration for monitoring your current cylinder pressure and remaining air time.

There is no worry about accidentally losing it as a silicone strap will safely secure it to your wrist, and there are plenty of color options to choose from.

A handy user guide will help you quickly figure out how to use the computer and take you through all the features that will make your next dive a hassle-free experience. As underwater gadgets go, it’s a great purchase for divers.

Best Underwater Gadgets Summary

That’s a wrap for our 8 best underwater gadgets for travel. Whether you’re a keen diver, enjoy snorkeling, or just want to explore the water with your tech, there’s something on this list for everyone.

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8 Best Underwater Gadgets for Travel

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