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30 Best Car Gadgets and Accessories for Road Trips

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Road trips are one of life’s most wonderful experiences. But as with any getaway or travel adventure, preparation and planning go a long way to assuring you have a memorable, stress-free time.

From simple phone holders to rooftop car tents, there are so many car gadgets on the market to make your next road trip a fun, smooth, and memorable affair.

So, fasten your seatbelts, as we take a grand tour through 30 top car gadgets for road trips. Get ready for a road trip in comfort and style!

Car Gadgets for Road Trips

Car Electronics For Your Road Trip

1 – Magnetic Car Mount

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One of the first accessories for your road trip should be a car phone holder.

This magnetic air vent phone holder holds your phone with no adhesive residue to keep it safe, and it’s compatible with most smartphones and most air vents.

This helpful and elegant phone holder will securely hold your phone vertically or horizontally while you are driving, and it has a slim design that will not take up too much space in your car.

Drive safely while having access to any apps you may need to guide your trip, as well as having a clear view of who is calling without having to pick up your phone.   

2 – Item Locator

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Locating multiple items that you tend to lose now and then is not a problem anymore. You can use an item locator like Tile Mate that you attach to what you want to keep track of.

The Tile Mate allows you to track your things when they get misplaced in and around your home because it can trace them up to 200 feet away using Bluetooth by connecting it to your phone.

It can also show you a map of where your items were when you left them, as well as the time that you left them.

If your phone gets lost, you can simply press the Tile Mate twice and it will make your phone ring – even if it’s on silent.

3 – Car Dash Cam

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Next, you need a convenient and high-quality camera that can record both the road in front of you as well as the inside of your car. You can also purchase an external GPS module for the dashcam to give you information about your car’s GPS location, speed, driving route, and all other information that you may need.

It is all saved on a microSD card for you to access, download, or share whenever you want.

Even when driving at night or in foggy weather, the front camera should capture clear images due to its night vision mode. 

4 – Radar Detector

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A safe drive is always better than a fast one, and being alert for radars is a good reminder of how fast to go without getting a hefty fine.

A well-priced and high-quality radar detector comes in handy for any destination in this case.

Equipped with GPS and 360-degree protection, the radar detector alerts you of any potential threats around you.

It also included a police scanner, which will notify you when they are nearby.

If you are looking to be fully aware of traffic lights, speed limits, and traffic for your route, this item can do the job.

5 – Car Charger

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When going on long road trips, you definitely need a car charger that allows you to charge multiple devices.

This car charger covers both USB and Type-C chargers while displaying the car battery at the same time.

Another great feature is that it contains a smart recognition chip to cut off any unusual electrical activity, keeping the devices safe from any electrical damage.

6 – Portable Power Bank

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Finding a reliable portable source of power for electrical devices such as smartphones and tablets is more of a need than optional nowadays.

Charging three devices at once at a high speed has never looked slicker, and this power bank now fits in your pocket or handbag.

Depending on how many devices are charged at once, it allows you to keep your devices charged for days, and it can be recharged in just a couple of hours – twice as fast as regular power banks.

This is enabled by recharging capability from two input sources that will provide portable charging power quickly.

7 – Power Inverter

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Finding a strong and reliable power source while outside of the home can be a real problem, but now it is possible to turn your car into this source with a power inverter.

It is perfect for appliances such as kettles, which come in handy while camping. It’s also perfect for charging laptops, tablets, and other electronics when traveling.

The power inverter has two AC outlets and two USB ports that are secured from overheating as well as short circuits, so it is safe as well as reliable for maximum charging power. 

8 – GoPro Hero 10

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High-quality video technology can now fit in the palm of your hand while creating crystal clear 4K images and having a long battery life.

The GoPro Hero 10 creates stable videos in almost any terrain with various options for recording video or taking pictures while being resistant to damage in case it is dropped.

Connecting it with a smartphone via its app you can edit, download data, or even go live on social media using it as the live camera.

Want to film your road trip? The car mount addition gives you a bunch of filming options as well as stability because of its strong engineering.  

Comfort for Your Road Trip

9 – Car Cooler & Warmer

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When driving long routes on hot sunny days it is important to keep hydrated with a cool drink. Or if it’s winter, a nice hot cup of tea or coffee is what you want.

Both these situations are covered with the Cooluli which is a car cooler and warmer, depending on what you need.

It is lightweight and portable, and it can fit up to 4 liters, either keeping ice cream cool or coffee warm in your car – depending on what you want it to do.

It can be powered by the cigarette lighter socket or regular power sources. A very handy gadget for the beach, camping, or just for keeping the desired temperature of food or drinks while traveling. 

10 – Car Rooftop Box

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When packing for a trip, the trunk of your car sometimes does not suffice for all your things, especially if you need to carry additional equipment for a fishing trip, camping trip, or just a regular holiday.

With a car rooftop box, you get additional space for all these necessities, and it is easily mountable to the roof of your car.

No need to worry about things falling out during your trip because the box is secured by a key and can withhold almost any pressure.

It is also UV resistant, which will prevent it from getting damaged by sunlight, and it is easy to clean. 

11 – Car Kettle

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When taking a longer trip, a warm cup of coffee or tea can come in handy.

In case there are not that many places to stop on the way to get a cup of coffee or tea, it is convenient to have your own – right there in your car.

This car kettle is a stainless-steel water boiler and heater, which means you can either keep your beverage warm or make a new one with the same kettle if you are on a camping trip or holiday.

It can fit in most compartments in the car and uses the cigarette lighter socket as a source of power.

12 – Car Coffee Maker

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If you prefer a certain type of espresso coffee and want to be able to bring it with you in almost any circumstances, the portable espresso machine is the solution.

It needs absolutely no power whatsoever – it is completely manually operated.

Just by adding your favorite espresso into the filter basket and hot water into the tank, you can make your coffee just the way you want it – in the office, on a camping trip, or in your car.

It can fit 50ml of liquid, which makes it ideal for sharing a hot cup of espresso with friends and family.   

13 – Gel Seat Cushion

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Sometimes car seats can be very uncomfortable, especially if you suffer from back pain or other types of conditions where your seating position and comfort are important.

This gel seat cushion consists of gel memory foam and a non-slip rubber bottom so that it doesn’t move during use, making it an ideal solution to your seating problems.

It is also easy to wash and dry, so you can reuse it quickly after a road trip.

14 – Car Desk

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Have a lot of work to do from your laptop while spending lots of time on the road? Want to take your laptop for the holidays, just in case something comes up?

This car desk is easily mounted onto the steering wheel of your car, providing you with a firm and adjustable office space while you do work.

It is useful for anyone using their car as an office, and it keeps your laptop from slipping and falling with pen slots on the sides.

It is also easily stored and can fit in the back pocket of your car seat.

Car Camping for Your Road Trip

15 – Rooftop Tent

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Camping lovers that are seeking a handy, easy-to-set-up tent that can be transported with ease can fully appreciate the features of a rooftop tent.

This lightweight tent can fit up to 3 people, it is simple to install and set up while fitting perfectly on your car’s roof.

In touch with nature, its base is designed from 100% recyclable materials, and it is firm but comfortable for a relaxing camping trip.   

16 – Car Mattress

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Long drives and road trips can be very exhausting, and taking a nap in the car when pulling over can be very uncomfortable.

It would be very handy to have a mattress that you could just inflate, and it would fit either in the trunk or back seat area of your car.

The car mattress is purposefully made for these situations, but also for camping trips. It is inflated and deflated in minutes, fits the part of the car where you want to place it because it has 8 different airbags, and when you’re done with using it, simply deflate it and leave it in the trunk or other compartment for next time.

17 – Portable Shower

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Having an outdoor gadget that can produce water pressure can come in handy during long cross-country road trips or on car camping trips.

Having the option of hot water in all these situations is even more useful, which this portable shower offers. It can be connected to the cigarette lighter socket to heat or re-heat the water, making it ideal in situations when you’re on a car camping trip or cross-country road trip and water is available.

It also comes with several options, such as a showerhead and car rinse adapter, so it can be used to shower or wash your car. 

18 – Portable Power Station

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On car camping trips in the outdoors, a good quality and reliable power source can be very useful, especially if it is renewable.

This portable power station is ideal for car camping trips if you want to power your devices, such as laptops or smartphones, or keep the lights on after dark, as well as useful for any extra power supply you may need while outdoors.

It is compact and can be carried in one hand, and provides 1 AC outlet as well as 2 USB ports and a DC car port for recharging if needed. 

Safety Gadgets & Accessories for Your Road Trip

19 – Car GPS Tracker

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GPS technology allows us to know the location of a vehicle almost in real time.

This GPS tracker can be easily placed in any vehicle and does not need any type of battery, and it sends location information straight to your smartphone or other devices. It is particularly helpful if your car gets stolen.

20 – Seat Belt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker

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When road accidents occur, it is crucial to react promptly in order to save lives.

A helpful and potentially lifesaving tool is the seat belt cutter and window glass breaker that is simple to use, easily accessible, and can fit literally on your keys as a keychain so it is there when you need it.

When accidents do occur, it is important to be able to exit the vehicle safely, and sometimes seat belts or glass windows are the obstacles.

This tool can break through glass and cut off seat belts which can save the health and life of an injured person in a road accident. 

21 – Tire Safety Monitor

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A flat or deflated tire can turn a road trip into a bumpy and annoying ride.

Without noticing any warning signs, a flat tire may require mounting a new one which is time-consuming and expensive.

To reduce this risk, a tire safety monitor is useful for monitoring the air pressure and temperature of car tires while driving and enabling the driver to keep track of this on a full-color display.

By placing the device in the cigarette lighter socket for power and the sensors on the four tires, you will receive this information, as well as the power in your car battery.

22 – Car Diagnostic Scanner

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Without having to take your car to the local service, you can now get a lot of the diagnostics for your car in the palm of your hand.

This car diagnostic scanner allows you to check your engine, ABS, airbag, and other car components digitally with live data – very useful for checking if everything is running well before taking a long trip.

Just plug it in and wait for the results. Connect and analyze the data on your desktop or laptop computer with the Bluetooth data transfer option, and update the scanner via the internet.

23 – Roadside Rescue Emergency Assistance Kit

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For a safe trip with your car or any unusual situation you may get into, a good emergency kit is a necessity that will ensure you are prepared for almost anything.

This Roadside Rescue kit has almost everything a driver or passenger may need in the case of an emergency or inconvenient situation, such as a first aid kit, jumper cables, and a heavy-duty tow strap.

It comes in a bag where you can keep everything if a contingency occurs, covering almost every situation that can go wrong while driving – in just one easy-to-store bag. 

24 – Jump Starter Pack

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When taking long trips with your car, many inconvenient situations may occur, and one of the most frequent is definitely not being able to turn your car on because of a dead battery.

The jump starter pack handles this problem with ease, powering up the car battery so that your journey can continue without these problems.

It is easily connected to the car battery with all the needed tools included in the pack, and it can be recharged via a USB port.

It also can be used as a power bank for charging all your devices as well as a flashlight.

25 – Breathalyzer

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Driving safely and avoiding hefty fines and restrictions should always be on top of the list when it comes to road safety.

Having your own breathalyzer makes this easier to monitor and helps to avoid driving if not fit to do so.

This breathalyzer is portable and easy to use.

Organization & Cleanliness Gadgets and Accessories for Your Road Trip

26 – Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Sometimes, during trips, cars tend to get messy from crumbs and other food when we are eating in the car – especially if kids are inside.

Quick vacuum cleaning is handy when you need a clean car and you are in a hurry.

Keeping a clean car is easier with this cordless vacuum cleaner that can reach all those hard-to-reach places between seats and compartments without having to deal with power supply and tangled chords.

It is easily washable, which saves time and allows re-use if needed in no time.

27 – Air Purifier

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Air quality is very important in all spaces where we live, work, and travel.

Smog, air pollution, and tobacco residue are the biggest contaminators of our air quality and can have an effect on our health and comfort in indoor spaces.

To solve this problem, an air purifier is needed in all these spaces, and an important area is definitely the car.

The IQAir purifier is easy to mount on the back of the seat of a car and can get rid of smoke, odors, dust, pollen, and other harmful particles in the air. 

28 – Car Perfume / Air Freshener Diffuser

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Ever wanted your car to smell like your favorite essential oil while providing aromatherapy, such as stress relief or wellness?

Regular air fresheners usually include chemical fragrances that can have an uncomfortable odor or be a health risk.

This car essential oil diffuser makes it possible to put 2 to 3 drops of your favorite essential oil on it, and it does the rest of the work.

It is easy to mount – just place it on your air conditioning vent – no batteries, no water needed. Eliminate all undesired smells with the ones you truly enjoy and make you relaxed.

29 – Backseat Car Organizer

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Packing for a big trip with your car requires a lot of space, and sometimes your trunk is just not enough to fit all the things you need. The backseat of your car is an option, but in some cases, it does not provide stability or even enough room to take all those things you just have to bring on the trip.

This backseat organizer provides multiple pockets that are easily mounted to the back of the seats and can hold items such as kid’s toys, laptops, tablets, and many other items you may want.

It doesn’t even take up much room so that people comfortably fit in the backseat.

It’s great for holding items that can spill or be damaged if stored in the trunk. 

30 – Car Seat Gap Filler

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During a smooth drive in your car or truck, or during a long trip, there are few things more annoying than dropping your smartphone between the seats and having to stop and look for it while moving your seat.

The same goes for spilling food in these hard-to-reach places and having to clean it afterward or losing coins all over the surface of the car.

The solution to these problems is the car seat gap filler which fits around your seat belts and stops any items from falling into those inaccessible spots, saving time and patience.

It also comes with a slide-free pad and LED Credit Card Light for storing items that tend to fall during your drive.

Car Gadgets and Accessories for Road Trips Summary

And there we have it – 30 essential car gadgets that go a long way to making sure you’ll be safe, comfortable, and entertained when out on the road.

Road trips should not be taken lightly. As fun as they are, you should plan and prepare for them, as you would a vacation.

Whether you’re road tripping with a big group of friends, or hitting the road on your own, nothing should be taken for granted.

Equip your car with some effective accessories and fun gadgets, and you can spend the rest of your time on the most important part of road tripping: having fun!

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