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20 Cool Hiking Gadgets, Gear, and Hiking Essentials (2023)

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Hiking is a fantastic way to see the wonders of the great outdoors. And more and more, people are turning to hiking as a great way to stay fit and healthy.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or preparing for your first hike, there’s a whole host of cool hiking gadgets and essentials that will take your adventures to a whole new level.

After all, hiking is not just a leisurely stroll. The equipment you hike with is vitally important for your safety and enjoyment.

Get ready to boss the great outdoors in style as we take an in-depth look at 20 of the coolest hiking gadgets and gear on the market today.

Cool Hiking Gadgets, Gear, and Other Hiking Essentials

1 – Navigation – Altimeter

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Modern technology offers you all kinds of useful data about your body condition or training performance, and all you have to do is just look at your wrist. This device will do just that for you.

Even in its most basic configuration, it is still a treasure trove of performance and measurement data.

Not only does it track your performance, but it also has a built-in barometer, and the altimeter and electronic compass help you keep your bearings.

With a strong but light polymer build, this device will likely be tough enough to withstand anything that can happen on your hike.

2 – Navigation – Personal Locator Beacon

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Knowing your exact location is one of the most important pieces of information for a hiker, especially in case of an emergency.

Fortunately, we have modern devices that do not need maps to pinpoint our location but can still do so with incredible precision.

This buoyant personal locator beacon provides full global coverage with a connection to GPS and Galileo GNSS / Cospas-Sarsat / MEOSAR.

Besides its location features, it is equipped with an emergency 406 MHz distress and homing signal.

It is also equipped with an LED strobe and an infrared strobe to make pinpointing your location easier.

3 – Men’s Hiking Backpack

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You need a quality backpack if you want to be comfortable on a long hike. A good backpack will distribute the weight and balance it well so that your back doesn’t feel overloaded.

That is exactly what this backpack will provide with its anti-gravity suspension.

It can hold up to a recommended 50 pounds of load that you can distribute among multiple pockets, all of which have high-quality covers.

All of the straps, belts, and harnesses are completely adjustable so you can find your own perfect fit.

The better your backpack fits your back, the more grateful your back will be after a long hike. 

4 – Women’s Hiking Backpack

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If you’re a female hiker, a female backpack is a more than worthwhile investment. Women’s backpacks are designed to fit a female figure far more comfortably.

With a conventional men’s or sometimes unisex backpack, you’ll often quickly start to feel pressure and discomfort on regions of your back and hips.

Osprey are a brand worth looking into. Their anti-gravity suspension, as with the men’s backpack, helps make the backpack feel lighter than it is.

An adjustable harness and hip belt also help give you far more opportunities to find the ideal fit for your body shape.

Add a water reservoir to your backpack, and you’re good to go. There’s a wide range of pockets and space to hold your hiking gear.

Back, shoulder, and hip pain are the last thing you want on a long hike. A women’s backpack will go a long way to helping you carry your gear safely and comfortably.

5 – Hydration Daypack

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Hydration is crucial whenever you are engaged in any kind of demanding physical activity. This goes double for hiking since you will usually be in remote areas.

Bottles are always an option but they will usually require you to stop and nobody wants an interruption like that.

This backpack eliminates this issue by providing a rather large liquid compartment and a tube that you can use to drink on the go without interrupting your hike.

6 – Water Filter

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Even with hydration backpacks available, some people prefer carrying a bottle (or simply don’t have access to hydration backpacks for some reason).

There are several things you should look for in a bottle you take on a hike.

First, you want it to have a decent capacity, especially when you’re going on a longer hike.

Second, you want it to have a good cover that will prevent leaks but won’t take a long time to open.

Finally, you want a sturdy bottle that won’t crack or break if it falls (which is likely to happen at some point).

This bottle appears to check all the boxes. 

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7 – Headlight

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Many people go hiking to get away from everything and relax. In such an environment, it is really easy to lose track of time and have the night catch you almost by surprise.

It is never a good idea to hike during the night without having something to light up your path. A flashlight is an obvious solution but it will take up of your hands which is less than ideal.

This headlight will give you the light and make your night hiking much safer without taking up your hands since it comes with a head strap and it is very light, so you almost won’t even feel it when you wear it.

8 – First Aid Kit

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The last thing you want to happen to you when you are out is to get hurt and have no means to treat the wound.

A first aid kit is an absolute necessity for any type of hiking, but you don’t want any old first aid kit.

The kind of kit you want is one that is packed in a compact yet sturdy container that is easy to pack.

To be more specific, you want a compact first aid kit made out of military-grade aluminum filled only with curated items because that is what you will find here. This kit is also filled only with things you are likely to need outside, with no useless filler.

9 – Trekking Poles

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An item that is almost synonymous with hiking. While they may not seem to add much at first glance, trekking poles can help you quite a lot.

They will increase your power and endurance when walking uphill, and they will protect your knees when going downhill. Walking downhill is an activity that many people underestimate in terms of its impact on the knees.

The right trekking poles will also help with your posture while walking.

There are small benefits that add up to a lot over time, and your body will be thankful for them.

10 – Knife or Multi-Tool

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Having a good knife/multitool by your side when you’re hiking is something that is an absolute must.

This multitool will be up to just about any task you can think of. Of course, it comes with several knives and a small pair of scissors, as you would expect, but there are also many other tools beyond that.

Despite its plethora of tools, it is very simple to use as all of its tools can be accessed with just one hand, even the ones not visible from the outside.

11 – Off-the-grid Communication Device

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Many remote areas where hikers usually go are notorious for extremely poor or non-existent cell phone signal coverage.

It would be great if there was a device that would let you communicate with others even in such areas of poor coverage.

With this off-the-grid communication device, there is. You don’t have to rely on cell towers or satellites for your signals in case of an emergency.

12 – Charging Power Bank & Solar Panel Kit

Nearly every hiker will take at least one electronic device with them when hiking. Electronic devices mean batteries, and batteries love to become empty at the worst times.

Since power outlets aren’t readily available in nature, you need an alternative if you want to charge your device.

This is where a power bank comes in. The optional solar panel converts solar power into electricity at a very efficient rate and lets you charge your devices anywhere there is sunlight.

13 – Hiking Boots for Men

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A good pair of hiking shoes will take you far, while a bad pair of shoes will not only not last nearly as long but they can actually put you in danger of injury.

Salomon is a reputable brand with a history of making high-quality hiking shoes. The materials and durability are top-tier, and the sole will help you stay comfortable while maintaining traction on nearly any type of soft terrain.

You should look for durability, comfort, traction, and protection in your hiking shoes, and this shoe provides it all.

14 – Hiking Boots for Women

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There isn’t all that much difference between these hiking shoes for women and the already discussed hiking shoes for men.

The main difference is that this shoe is specifically designed for a woman’s anatomy.

The same thing applies to the previous shoe when it comes to performance. You should look for durability, comfort, traction, and protection in your hiking shoes, and this shoe provides it all.

15 – Hiking Socks

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People often focus on shoes too much and completely underestimate the importance of socks.

Given how much time you will spend walking, your feet will sweat, and blisters can become a real danger.

These socks made out of merino wool will give you great breathability, and their performance fit will minimize slipping and the probability of blisters.

They are designed to wick moisture away from your skin and will give you an overall great value for your money.

A great pair of shoes will be nearly useless without a great pair of socks to go along with them, so make sure to consider these.

16 – Windbreaker

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You will often find yourself facing the elements when outdoors. Cold wind can quickly lower your body temperature, and you want something that will protect you against it without being heavy or cumbersome.

This very thin and light windbreaker provides exactly what you need while being very breathable.

Despite it being thin and light, it provides great protection while not impairing your mobility.

17 – Waterproof and Windproof Lighter

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Starting a campfire is a basic skill that any hiker should know by heart.

While it may appear to be easy, elements like the wind or the rain can make starting a fire a very difficult task.

Having the wind blow out your lighter as soon as you light it can be very annoying, especially when it is cold, and you are trying to get a fire started quickly.

You won’t have such issues with this lighter since it is both windproof and waterproof.

18 – Sun Hat for Sun Protection

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Even when the weather outside could not be any better, there is still the sun to watch out for. Overly long exposure to hot sunlight can lead to heat exhaustion and other issues, none of which are good. That is why you should always have a hat that will cover your head and protect it from the negative effects of exposure.

This hat will not only cover your head but will also cover your neck (which many hats won’t do), and it is very breathable. Finally, there is a strap so you can secure it around your head.

19 – Survival Shelter

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Sometimes, you may need to spend the night outdoors instead of going home on the same day.

It is hardly ever a good idea to sleep out in the open because you never know how the weather can turn and what animal can stumble upon you.

A good survival shelter is essential for safely spending the night outdoors.

This mylar survival shelter fits two people, and it will do a great job of keeping you warm since it is great at retaining body heat.

It is tough and light, and the manufacturer states it is waterproof.

20 – Emergency Bivvy

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Having a survival shelter is definitely a necessity, but not all of them can be fully closed. This is where an emergency bivvy comes in. It is very similar to a sleeping bag, except it is a lot lighter, and it can also be used as a blanket.

It is made out of a thin and light material that is good at trapping body heat and is sure to keep you warm even in very cold weather.

Since it will take barely any space in your backpack and it weighs next to nothing, there is really no reason not to bring one of these with you the next time you plan a hike. 

Hiking Gadgets, Gear, Accessories, and Essentials Summary

That was quite the list of cool and essential hiking gear. Plan your hike as you would a vacation, and you’ll undoubtedly have a far greater and safer time.

From keeping you safe to freeing up your time to simply focus on the hike and the beauty of the outdoors, there’s plenty of great hiking gear to get excited about.

It always pays to be prepared. That’s why you should never take your safety for granted on any hike, no matter how difficult.

Equip yourself with the correct footwear, clothing, and gear, and you’ll be able to hike with far more confidence.

Use these amazing hiking accessories to aid and enhance all your future hikes. That way, you can focus on having a fantastic time wherever in the world you may be exploring.

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