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Cold Drink Recipes from Around the World

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Nothing quenches thirst quite like an ice-cold beverage under the searing sun, and with our cold drink recipes from around the world collection, you’ll never run out of creative and refreshing ways to sip, slurp, drink, and gulp some truly wonderful flavors.

Collage of greek frappe and sparkling white wine sangria.

Cold drinks and beverages are prolific in cuisines all over the world. Some are creative combinations aimed to dazzle and impress, while others are beverages made from humble ingredients to help keep cool in the sweltering heat.

Our list takes us to some breathtaking locations worldwide, and all drinks come with our tried and tested recipes and detailed instructions so you can make them at home.

Be sure to bookmark this page, as we will continue to add to this list. For now, let’s embark on a colorful voyage of thirst-quenching proportions!

Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi
© Nomad Paradise

Lassis are found in many Central and Eastern Asian cuisines. India, in particular, however, is known for its incredibly creamy and refreshing mango lassi, as during the summer months, the country is rife with some of the continent’s ripest, juiciest mangoes.

Mango lassi blends sweet and juicy mangoes in a creamy yogurt-based drink that is cooled with ice, sweetened with sugar, and spiced with cardamom.

It is hugely popular with people from all walks of life in India. Whether you make it at home, order it at an Indian restaurant, or are lucky enough to try it from a local vendor, this mango-based beverage is sure to hit the spot.

Lassi Recipe

Greek Frappe

Greek Frappe
© Nomad Paradise

A beverage that came about by accident when a representative at a trade fair couldn’t find hot water for their instant coffee, today, Greek frappe is a hugely popular cold coffee drink.

Made by frothing Nescafé instant coffee and water, a Greek frappe is chilled with ice and sometimes sweetened with sugar or thickened with milk.

The result is a delightfully sweet yet bitter drink with a foamy top that so many Greeks choose to start their day with. If you love your morning coffee but want something refreshingly chilled, try this Greek favorite.

Greek Frappé


Glass of Kompot
© Nomad Paradise

If you’ve always got frozen berries in the freezer or seasonal fruits in the refrigerator, kompot could be the sweet and refreshing fruit-based beverage you’ve been looking for.

Kompot (or compot) has been made in Europe, especially Eastern Europe and the Balkans, for generations. It is made by reducing large batches of fruit in boiling water with sugar, resulting in a lusciously rich and sweet beverage.

Traditionally, kompot was made with seasonal fruit and stored in large jars to be consumed all year round. Our recipe calls for berries, but you can make it with so many different fruits, from apricots to cherries.

While it can be served both hot and cold, in the summer, served chilled with ice, this thick fruit juice is as filling as it is refreshing.

Kompot Recipe

Shirley Temple Drink

Two glasses of Shirley Temple cocktails
© Nomad Paradise

Non-alcoholic cocktails are a great way to get the party going in a kid-friendly, all-inclusive way, and few have the international recognition and adoring fanbase as the Shirley Temple.

While the origin story of the drink first being served to Shirley Temple when she was a child actress may or may not have been a myth, what is undeniable is that this is a drink with wonderful amounts of sweetness and fizz.

Mixing sweet-yet-sour ginger ale with sweet and citrussy grenadine and lemon-lime soda, served ice cold and garnished with red maraschino cherries, makes for a winning formula, we can assure you!

Shirley Temple


Two glasses and a pitcher of red wine sangria
© Nomad Paradise

Can it even be called a summer party without a big pitcher of ice-cold Sangria at the center of the spread?

This iconic punch, hailing from Spain and Portugal, may have protected EU status in terms of what can be called ‘sangria,’ but the recipe itself leaves plenty of room for improvisation.

A traditional sangria should always contain red wine, typically a Spanish Rioja wine, but the chopped fruits used are typically seasonal and region-dependent, meaning you can create this sweet and refreshing punch at home with fruits you may have in the fruit bowl or the refrigerator.

Sangria is fruity, sweet, rich, and practically spilling over the edges of the pitcher or bowl with a feel-good factor. Get inspired by our recipe to get your very own summer barbecue or party started!

Sangria Recipe

Sparkling White Sangria

Two glasses and a pitcher of sparkling white wine sangria
© Nomad Paradise

It’s always important to understand and honor tradition, especially when it comes to food and drink. However, when there’s creative freedom to try and experiment with new ingredients and flavors, magical things can happen.

That’s very much the case with white sangria, or sangria blanca, a modern adaptation of sangria that uses white wine instead of red wine for a refreshingly crisp and lighter taste.

Our recipe blends Spanish Cava, orange liquor, lemonade, and fruits like lemon, orange, and peach in a punch that has lots of fizz, zest, sweetness, and crispness.

On a warm summer’s evening with friends and family out on the patio, this modern sangria recipe can be the perfect tonic to watch the scorching sun sink into the horizon with.

Cava Sangria


Clericot drink
© Nomad Paradise

The sangria-inspired fun doesn’t stop at the borders of the Iberian peninsula. Clericot or clericó is essentially a Latin American take on sangria and leaves plenty of room for fun and creativity.

Traditionally, the drink came about from European influence in the region, with claret wine as the go-to mixer. However, as its popularity declined, particularly in the likes of English-speaking countries, the legacy of the drink lived on in Latin America and still does to this day.

Nowadays, while red wine is seen as the traditional go-to, clericot is prepared with both red or white wine and a range of seasonal fruits. Sweetened with sugar and garnished with fruits and herbs, it is a beloved punch that gets many Uruguayan, Argentinian, and other Latin American parties started.

Clerico Recipe


© Nomad Paradise

Enjoyed in Chile for centuries, borgoña, a three-ingredient cocktail of juicy Chilean strawberries, sugar, and red wine, is as rich as it is refreshing when served ice cold.

Similar to sangria, but very much a cocktail in its own right, if you’ve got sweet in-season strawberries and the summer sun is shining, this beverage can bring some Chilean-themed style and sweetness to your outdoor gathering.

Borgoña Recipe

Just the mere sight of these wonderful cold drinks has me longing for sun-bathed afternoons on a golden beach, on a rustic cobbled street, or on the backyard patio with my nearest and dearest.

Cold drinks hydrate us, quench our thirst, and bring us together for all sorts of occasions, and every single country has so many they call upon.

Whether it’s creamy, foamy, thick, or juicy, everyone has their favorite go-to when feeling hot or thirsty. Hopefully, some of these beloved beverages will find their way into your humble abode and become some of your favorite drinks for many different occasions.

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7+ Cold Drink Recipes from Around the World (pin).
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7+ Cold Drink Recipes from Around the World (pin).
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