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Argentinian-Inspired Dinner Menu

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My Argentinian-inspired dinner menu brings together some of my favorite recipes inspired by the country’s cuisine. Treat family and friends to some of Argentina’s most beloved flavors with this selection.

All these recipes have been tried and tested in our home kitchen. This collection draws on our personal experience of spending two months in Buenos Aires and Argentinian writer María, who contributed to our Argentinian food article.

Argentinian-Inspired Dinner Menu

Read to the end of this recipe collection to get this beautiful Argentinian-themed menu for free. You can download it and print it off to give your dinner guests on the night.

There’s also a blank menu included with the download. That way, you can design your very own menu and make everyone feel like they’re at a restaurant in your home.

Argentinian Dinner Party Menu

A Little Herb and Spice for Starters – Chimichurri and Bread


Chimichurri has such a wonderful blend of herbiness and spice. My recipe is for green chimichurri, which is less spicy than its red counterpart.

While chimichurri is generally used in Argentina for marinating the meats or going on the meats at the end, it’s a beautiful dipping sauce as well!

This uncooked fresh sauce can be made in no time at all. I’ve kept things simple by serving it with bread for dipping.

Chimichurri Recipe

A Main that’s Crispy and Tender – Chicken Milanesa

Chicken milanesa with fries

I love this Milanesa recipe, as it’s so diverse. My recipe is for a crispy breaded chicken cutlet, but you can also use other meats, like pork or veal.

Milanesa brings some classic European cooking to Latin America. Complete with crispy French fries, lemon wedges, and a green salad, this is an easy dish that’s so tasty.

Milanesa Recipe

Finish with a Rich and Creamy Dessert – Copa Don Pedro

Copa Don Pedro

Copa don Pedro is a little Argentinian secret that delivers a rich, creamy, and boozy mouthful! It’s similar to Italian affogato and consists of vanilla ice cream, espresso, and whiskey. My recipe tops it with caramelized walnuts for an Argentinian treat that looks classy, tastes rich, and is so simple to make.

Copa Don Pedro Recipe

Download the Menu

Get this Argentinian-inspired dinner in a menu format (along with a blank menu template) using the link below.

This is such a great way to set the tone of the evening. Your dinner guests will love having these on the table, waiting for them.

Let me know in the comments how your Argentinian-themed dinner party went. I would love to know what everyone thought of the dishes and if you made any changes to the menu.

Oh, and be sure to pin this article to one of your dinner idea Pinterest boards using the image below. That way, you’ll always be able to find this menu easily.

Argentina Dinner Menu


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