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18 Spanish Cooking Tools and Gadgets You Need in Your Life

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Take your culinary skills to new levels with these Spanish cooking tools and gadgets, giving you that vital edge and precision to not only recreate some of Spain’s most iconic dishes at home, but honor their authentic recipes and deliver their sumptuous flavors.

Whether it’s the golden crunch of paella, the crispy-yet-fluffy bite of churros, or the sweet, refreshing gulp of icy-cold sangria, our list is loaded with nifty gadgets and ingenious devices that can help you put on a Spanish-themed spread like no other.

Your journey into the wonders of Spanish cooking starts here, with the appropriate tools and equipment to wow friends and family, and bring a smile to the face of even the most seasoned of Spanish chefs.

Spanish Cooking Tools and Gadgets

Spanish cooking gadgets list of 1-8

Tools and Gadgets for Popular Spanish Dishes

1. Paella Pan (Paellera)

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If you’re familiar with arguably Spain’s most iconic dish, you’ll no doubt have seen paella cooked in giant suspended pans in Spanish restaurants, so that hundreds of hungry locals and tourists can be fed throughout the day.

While such a piece of cookware may be a little excessive for a humble home kitchen, paella cooked in a standard pan doesn’t come close to the flavor and texture that a paella pan, like this one, can deliver.

The pan is designed to conduct and distribute heat, be it an open flame or a stovetop, well, cooking the paella evenly and giving the bottom a golden crust (socarrat), if desired, without burning the rice.

Plus, the double handle means you can take the pan, full of delicious paella, straight to the dinner table with ease, so that everyone can dig in and serve themselves as much as they want.

2. Paella Spoon

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Once your paella pan is on the table, ready to be served to hungry friends and family, a standard serving spoon or ladle just isn’t going to cut it.

A wide stainless steel paella spoon, like this one, is what you need to scoop up that crust from the base of the pan and serve up a hefty portion of paella with relative ease.

The length of the spoon and the wooden handle means you can keep your distance from the heat, especially if you’re cooking your paella out on the patio over an open flame.

3. Paella Pan with Legs and Burner

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If you’re dining al fresco on a warm summer’s day, this paella pan, legs, and burner set gives you everything you need to cook this classic Spanish dish outside.

The tripod leg design gives you not only the height to cook with ease, but the stability to cook a hefty batch of paella. Once you’re set up, the gas burner works like a conventional stovetop, so you can be up and running in no time.

The set also includes a carbon steel, double-handle paella pan, but can also accommodate 20-inch pans or less. Why keep the magic indoors if the sun is shining? Do as the Spanish do, and get outside for some summer sun, great fun, and even better company.

4. Paella Serving Trays

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Tired of laying down a bed of tea towels or a stack of placemats when it’s time to bring your hot pan to the dinner table? There’s a better and more beautiful way to serve up your food, and it comes in the form of these gorgeous serving trays.

This set can hold pans of up to 15 inches, so you can use them for all types of pans, not just your trusted paella pan. Bring some rustic Mediterranean vibes to the dinner table, and protect it from the heat in the process.

5. Tortilla Espanola Pan

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If you’ve made a tortilla espanola before, no doubt you’re fully aware of that heart-wrenching moment when you have to place a plate over the top of the pan and then flip them, before placing the tortilla back in the pan to cook on the other side.

A double-layer pan takes all the stress out of flipping dishes to cook on the other side. Oh, and why stop at Spanish omelet, when you can use this nifty pan combination for plenty of other dishes, including frittatas?

6. Cazuela Dishes (Cazuelas)

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The clay-based ceramic terracotta has been used by mankind for thousands of years and is especially popular in the Mediterranean, used in sculptures, homeware, and cookware, among many other uses.

If you’re new to terracotta cookware but would like to try some, these rustic blue Mediterranean cazuelas are a great entry point. They stack well, can be used for lots of different dishes, and can be used for both cooking and serving.

Cook and serve up casseroles, tapas, and baked delights in these little beauties, and everyone at the dinner table will wonder if they’ve been invited to dinner at a cabin amid the rolling hills of rural Andalucia.

7. Crema Catalana Set

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Looking for ideas for a dessert for your Spanish-themed evening? Crema catalana, the distant cousin of French crème brûlée, promises to put plenty of smiles on faces, and this set gives you everything you need to make it.

While the classic red terracotta cazuelas to serve the dish can help keep things authentically Catalan, the caramelizing iron is the real star of this set. This gives you a simple way to give your crema catalana its iconic burnt crust without the need for a blow torch.

8. Churro Maker (Churrera)

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Pipe some delightful and iconic churro designs with a churro maker, or la churrera, like this one, to help you create one of Spain and Latin America’s most beloved sweet treats in your own home.

Simply load your batter into the gun with your disc design slotted in, press the piston, and squeeze out your churros, ready to be deep fried, coated in sugar, and served with a side of melted chocolate.

Whether you’re entertaining friends or want a fun treat for the kids at their birthday party, a churro maker will give you the power to make one of Spain’s favorite desserts with ease.

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9. Sangria Pitcher

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If you’re mixing up some deliciously refreshing sangria for a Spanish-themed night, celebration, or summer garden party, why serve it out of a bog-standard jug or pitcher?

This majestic sangria pitcher not only brings the color and charm of rural Spain to your gathering, but its pinched spout design also keeps the fruit and ice in the pitcher, so that your guests only get ice-cold sangria in their glasses.

It’s such a simple little feature, but it solves the age-old problem of ice and fruit splashing into your guest’s glasses.

Tools and Gadgets for Food Prep

10. Garlic Grater Plate Set

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This beautifully colored plate and grating set will wow anyone who enjoys spending time cooking in the kitchen. Its grooves can be used to grate garlic, ginger, and so many other ingredients, such as chocolate, nutmeg, and cheese, in a quick and simple way.

Hand-crafted with love and precision, a grater plate set can revolutionize the way you grate and prepare garlic and other ingredients.

11. Mortar and Pestle (Piedra de Moler/Mortero)

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If you’re old school and don’t mind a little manual labor, there’s just something extra special about grinding up your own spices, nuts, and herbs for pesto, sauces, and condiments over using a blender or food processor.

What makes this mortar and pestle stand out over stone or bamboo counterparts is that it’s carefully hand-crafted from Mediterranean olive wood from the olive trees that grow across the region.

Grinding over olive wood will bring subtle fragrant notes to your sauces and condiments, adding freshness and earthiness that simply cannot be replicated with other types of wood or material.

Serving Plates and Cups

12. Tapas Dishes

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You can take tapas night to new heights of splendor with a set of gorgeous hand-painted terracotta tapas dishes like this one, to serve an array of tapa dishes, sides, and plenty of other foods.

Functional and highly decorative, the blend of bright color streaked across earthy terracotta tones is a common sight in Spanish households, and can easily bring a warm, rustic Spanish feel to your own home.

13. Olive Dish

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Whether it’s for tapas, sides for a main course, or a Mediterranean-themed feast, olives are a staple at so many Spanish, Italian, and Mediterranean dinner tables.

These dazzlingly beautiful hand-painted dishes have space to hold both olives and toothpicks and are ideal for setting a colorful, Mediterranean-themed tone at your next gathering, dinner party, or tapas night.

14. Terracotta Cups Handcrafted in Spain

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Terracotta isn’t just used to serve up sides and dishes for a full-blown Spanish feast. These handcrafted and handpainted Spanish terracotta cups are not only a great decorative piece for the home, but can also be used to serve an array of both hot and cold drinks.

Paired with the tapas set featured above, anyone who comes to your Mediterranean or Spanish-themed night will feel like they’ve walked into an Andalusia farmhouse for dinner!

Practical and colorful, terracotta kitchenware and cookware is a great way to bring some of that rustic Mediterranean magic into your humble abode.

15. Glass Wine Pitcher (Porron)

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A porron, traditionally from Catalonia and used throughout Spain, is typically how many Spaniards share mainly wine, and, less commonly, other drinks like sangria.

The pitcher, with its long spout, is designed to be tipped and release a stream of wine to pour straight into your mouth, without the vessel touching your mouth or lips. That way, many people can try the wine (or drink) of choice without the worry of spreading germs.

This glass porron is not only beautiful to behold, but it also gives everyone at your dinner party the chance to share some of your favorite wines and beverages, Spanish-style.

16. Anything out of Olive Wood

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As we discussed with the mortar and pestle, olive trees grow in abundance across the Mediterranean, and plenty of Spanish tools and kitchenware are made from this beautiful wood.

Getting some olive wood items, such as these wood salt and pepper keepers, for your Spanish-style dinner parties is a great way to impress guests and bring an authentic Mediterranean feel to your household.


17. Ham Stand (Jamonero)

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A jamonero, or ham stand, is a popular piece of kitchenware in plenty of Spanish restaurants and households. If you’ve ordered a large ham on the bone, such as Serrano or Iberico ham, a stand like this one should be your go-to when it’s time to carve.

Non-slip pads stop the stand sliding while you are carving, giving you control and precision. Slice, serve, and leave the meat to sit while you enjoy food and drink with friends and family.

18. Ham-Slicing Knife

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Hand-crafted with precision from Japan, this straight-edge pointed tip knife has been designed especially for Spanish-style meats.

Plenty of cured meats, from chorizo to biskets, bought from Spanish supermarkets can be particularly tough to cut into without the right equipment. This knife is designed to give you smooth, razor-thin cuts of cured meats, and can also be used for filleting, skinning, and trimming the fat.

Complete with a balanced ergonomic handle and some gorgeous packaging, this knife can take pride and place on your kitchen work surface.

Spanish Cooking Tools and Gadgets Summary

Spanish cuisine is rife with some truly beloved and renowned dishes, all of which have their particular cooking methods and desired preparation.

These effective and fun Spanish cooking tools and gadgets will help you bridge the gap to truly authentic Spanish cooking, and give you the confidence and know-how to create some classic Spanish dishes the way they are supposed to be made.

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Spanish cooking gadgets list of 1-8


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