how to pack jewelry when traveling

How to Pack Necklaces Without Tangling When Traveling – 10 Simple Methods

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Traveling with jewelry can be very frustrating. If you want to learn how to pack necklaces without tangling when traveling, along with other jewelry, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will take you through ten smart and simple ways to keep all your jewelry untangled, separated, and not loose in your luggage.

When you travel, you shouldn’t have to compromise. Jewelry is always an important part of a traveler’s attire.

Opting to leave it at home for fear of loss or damage is a real shame. Jewelry allows you to maintain a stylish look without having to bring too many outfits.

However, keeping jewelry organized without creating a tangled mess can be a real challenge.

It’s incredibly frustrating to finally make it to your destination and unpack your suitcase only to see your favorite pieces of jewelry in a knotted mess.

Necklaces can sometimes tangle so badly, it’s impossible to separate them. And small jewelry pieces, if you’re not careful, can separate and get lost.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s ten simple, clever, and resourceful solutions to pack necklaces the right way.

These methods will help keep your jewelry untangled and separated while traveling.

How to Pack Necklaces When Traveling – 10 Simple and Resourceful Methods

1 – Use a Travel Jewelry Box

If you want to travel with several pieces of jewelry, a great idea is to purchase a travel jewelry box organizer to keep them neatly packed while traveling.

There are many jewelry organizers to choose from, from small jewelry boxes for storing a few pairs of earrings and several rings, to larger jewelry boxes offering larger compartments for necklaces.

2 – Use a Travel Jewelry Roll Organizer

Soft jewelry rolls are perfect for keeping your smallest and most delicate necklaces neatly organized when traveling.

Most rolls come with a protective cloth that will help keep your jewelry safe from scratching.

Jewelry rolls will also take us less space in your luggage than a bulkier jewelry box, so this may well be a more convenient solution for you.

For DIY jewelry storage methods, keep reading for 8 helpful jewelry storage tips and suggestions for traveling.

3 – Use a Pill Case Organizer

Tiny pieces of jewelry can be easily lost. A great way to store them is in daily pill cases, which will keep them safe and sound while traveling.

You can find these plastic cases in your local drug store or online. They will keep your jewelry items compartmentalized, thus preventing them from tangling.

Plus, you can organize them by the outfit you’re planning to wear.

4 – Use Straws for Necklaces

Straws are an incredibly cheap and simple way to pack your necklaces when traveling.

All you have to do is loop one end of the necklace through it and fasten the clasp.

This method allows you to keep your necklaces separate, so they won’t tangle while your luggage is bouncing and wheeling around.

how to pack necklaces when traveling
How to Pack Necklaces While Traveling

5 – Use Plastic Wrap for Necklaces

Another way to pack your necklaces without letting them move and tangle is to use plastic wrap.

Lay your necklace out on a piece of plastic wrap, press, and seal. When you want to wear it, just pull apart the wrapping, and you’re ready to go.

When you’re done, reseal it once more. A great way to use a common kitchen item to keep your precious jewelry from tangling in your luggage.

6 – Use Hangers for Larger Statement Necklaces

You can’t pack large statement necklaces in jewelry rolls or pill cases, but you can use foldable hangers.

All you have to do is wrap each of them around a hanger and store them in any compartment.

This is an effective and inexpensive way to keep your large necklaces untangled while traveling.

7 – Use a Washcloth

If you don’t want to buy a jewelry roll and want to get a little more resourceful, you can make your very own using an ordinary washcloth.

All you have to do is place your jewelry pieces apart on a spare washcloth, roll them lengthwise, and fold in half.

Don’t forget to use rubber bands on each side to secure. Washcloths are a simple and inexpensive way to pack your jewelry and keep it safe.

8 – Use Ziploc Bags

Another resourceful way of using everyday household items to store your jewelry is via Ziploc bags.

Simply place each necklace in a separate Ziploc bag with the end zipped in the top, and away you go.

You can also use these convenient bags to store rings and earrings together. A simple and effective to stop your jewelry tangling when traveling.

9 – Use Toilet Paper Rolls

Believe it or not, you can use one toilet paper roll to fit several necklaces, bracelets, and even rings.

Just loop the bracelets around the toilet paper roll, pin the earrings by the side, and then strand the necklaces through the hole.

It’s best to keep the cardboard rolls on top of your packed luggage so that they won’t crush.

This solution is great for thick accessories that won’t fit inside straws, but remember to wipe down the rolls first before using them.

10 – Use Bubble Wrap

Finally, whether you have spare bubble wrap at home, or you order it online, bubble wrap can be a great way to stow your valuable jewelry.

Lay each piece of necklace or bracelet flat on the bubble wrap and tape them with two strips of tape – one for each end.

Roll the bubble wrap in the shape of a cylinder and pack. Bubble wrap may take up a little more room in your luggage, but the peace of mind in knowing your jewelry is well protected is worth the sacrifice of a little less storage room.

How to Not Tangle Jewelry When Traveling Summary

Traveling with jewelry does not have to be a painful experience. If you adopt a little street smarts and know-how, you can wear your best and most precious necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry abroad.

That way, you can stay sipping Piña coladas in the sun, without the stress and hassle or damaged or tangled jewelry.

One final time, here are the ten methods we covered in this article.

1 – Use a Travel Jewelry Organizer
2 – Use a Travel Jewelry Roll
3 – Use a Pill Organizer
4 – Use Straws for Necklaces
5 – Use Plastic Wrap for Necklaces
6 – Hangers for Larger Statement Necklaces
7 – Use a Washcloth
8 – Use Ziploc Bags
9 – Use Toilet Paper Rolls
10 – Use Bubble Wrap

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how to pack necklaces when traveling
How to Pack Necklaces While Traveling

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