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Revolut logo


Excellent solution for money management while traveling. Reduced ATM fees and money tracking through the app.

N26 logo


Super easy to manage your finances on the go. Their user friendly app, low fees, and useful integrations—like Transferwise, makes N26 a great choice.

Monzo logo


Similarly to Revolut and N26, Monzo caters to nomads. You currently need to be a resident in the UK to use, but they plan to launch internationally soon.

TransferWise logo


For getting paid by clients internationally.

Venmo logo


Great for settling bills between friends (if all have U.S. accounts) with no fees.

Payoneer logo


For getting paid by clients. Compare fees to TransferWise for your specific situation before settling on one of them.

Paypal logo


PayPal likely needs no introduction. A trusted way to pay for services online, or for receiving international payments.

Splitwise logo


Bill-splitting app for friends to keep track of expenses and IOUs. You can choose to settle the bill in one big payment or in smaller payments.


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