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woman wrapped in patterned blanket

Tired of being cold on planes and chilly in your accommodation? A travel blanket is very much a necessity for so many…

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woman at airport underseat luggage

As millions of travelers bring more luggage onto planes, underseat luggage is rapidly becoming a very wise investment.…

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best travel hoodie

No matter where you’re traveling to, it’s always good to pack a travel hoodie with you. Even in the warmest of…

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best sling bag

A sling bag hits that perfect middle ground between needing more than pockets or a wallet to carry items, but not…

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best anti-theft backpack

An anti-theft backpack is a backpack that has been designed with a number of features that help prevent thieves from…

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best water filters and purifiers

If you’re concerned about the quality of drinking water to wherever you’re traveling, then fear not: you’ve come…

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best packing cubes

Packing cubes sound like a solution to a problem that never existed in the first place, right? Surely just stuffing…

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The 15 Best Waterproof Backpacks and Water-Resistant Backpacks for Travel

A waterproof backpack or water-resistant backpack can save your valuable luggage and electronics from irreversible…

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best microfiber travel towels

If you're tired of traveling with soggy cotton towels that tear easily, then it's time you got yourself some…

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best travel gifts

Looking for the perfect give to give a beloved friend, family member, or significant other that love to travel, but…

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passport wallet and holder

Your passport. The most important item you travel with bar none. You’ve only got to do a few Google searches on…

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best money belt

Looking for a comfortable, smart way to keep your money safe while traveling? Money belts are an excellent way to do…

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