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Best Portable Printers and Printer-Scanner Combos: Guide & Reviews (2021)

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Looking for the best portable printer? Our guide below breaks down ten options to consider in three categories.

First, we have three options in the best portable printer scanner combo category, which is a great option if you need both the printing and scanning functions.

Then, we look at three options for the best portable printer, which would be a good choice for you if you’re not looking for a light printer without the scanning function.

And finally, we take a look at four options in the best portable photo printer category.

Best portable printer scanner combo

If you need a portable printer scanner combo, here are three options.

HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Portable Printer with Wireless & Mobile Printing

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The HP OfficeJet can print pictures and documents in formats ranging from 3’’ x 5’’ to 8.5’’ x 14’’, including letter, legal, and envelope sizes. Borderless printing is supported up to 5’’ x 7’’.

Printing can be done from any device that can connect via a USB or that has WiFi or Bluetooth.

The printer supports all the connection methods mentioned above. It prints up to 10 papers per minute (black and white or 7 in color), and the auto document feeder function supports up to 10 papers.

In addition to the printing function, the printer can also serve as a copier and a scanner.

At 6.5 pounds, the printer is quite portable for a printer scanner combo, and you can relatively easily take it with you wherever you go.

The device is powered by a fast-charging battery that can be charged either via USB or an AC adapter as long as the power source is stronger than 1 amp.

Two ink cartridges are fitted inside the printer, one black and one tricolor, and you have the option of using HP’s special high-yield cartridges with this device.

Finally, for ease of use, there is a 2.65’’ touch screen that makes operating the printer a breeze.

Pros: great print quality, high print yield per cartridge

Cons: doesn’t come with a USB cable, rather expensive

HP Tango X Smart Wireless Printer

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The HP Tango X is advertised as the first smart home printer and it is centered around working in conjunction with a smartphone app that lets you control the printer remotely.

It offers printing, scanning, and copying functions. One cool feature is that printing can be voice-activated, although the latter two functionalities require a smartphone to work.

The app lets you not only work the printer and initiate printing from virtually anywhere but also to scan documents and monitor the paper and ink levels in the printer. Speaking of ink, the smart printer can automatically order it to your home when it starts running low so that you never need to go to a shop to get it.

The printer can print papers up to 8.5’’ x 14’’, and it offers borderless printing up to 5’’ x 7’’.

Connection with the printer can be made either via Bluetooth or WiFi and it has the option of using HP’s high-yield cartridges.

It weighs 7 pounds which makes it quite portable for a printer scanner combo. However, it doesn’t have a battery, which means that you will need to find a power outlet to plug it in.

Pros: great print quality, unique features

Cons: scan and copy requires a smartphone, requires a power outlet to operate

HP DeskJet 3755 Compact All-in-One Wireless Printer

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The HP DeskJet 3755 offers printing, scanning, and copying capabilities in one compact package. Connection with the printer can be made via USB, regular WiFi, and WiFi direct which lets you print from basically anywhere using the accompanying smartphone app.

Just like the OfficeJet 250, this printer works with two ink cartridges, one black and one tricolor. Its input tray can hold up to 60 sheets while the output tray can hold up to 25 sheets of paper. The output sheet could fill quite quickly as this printer can print up to 19 papers per minute. The paper formats that the printer accepts range from 3’’ x 5’’ to 8.5’’ x 14’’ and it is capable of printing letter, legal, and envelope sizes.

The printing process is not at all loud thanks to the printer’s quiet mode.

On the topic of sound, you can control the printer with your voice, although you will need an Alexa device to make use of this possibility.

An LCD display lets you easily see what’s going on with the printer and what is its current status.

At just above 5 pounds, the printer is light for a printer scanner combo. As with some of the other printer scanner combos, a lack of battery and need to be plugged-in somewhat hinders its portability.

Pros: small and light, inexpensive

Cons: requires a power outlet to operate

Best portable printer 

If you only require a portable printer (without the scanning option), here are three options.

Canon PIXMA iP110

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The Canon PIXMA iP110 is a very compact and portable printer that weighs just 4.3 pounds.

It is powered either via a plugged-in cable or a battery pack that is sold separately.

The printing itself is both simple and of very high quality.

You can use USB or WiFi as the basic options to connect with the printer and there is also an option for could printing from select cloud services by using the accompanying app. If you want to use Bluetooth, however, you will have to purchase a separate add on.

The app lets you easily edit and print photos from anywhere and the printer supports up to 9600×2400 color dpi which means that the photos will come out in amazing resolution.

The maximum printing size for this printer is 8.5’ x 11’’ while the maximum supported size for borderless printing is 4’’ x 6’’. The printer has an automatic document feeder that supports up to 50 sheets and the printing speed is 9 pages per minute.

It is an inkjet printer with two separate printing heads, one for black and the other for color ink tanks.

Pros: great print quality, high capacity

Cons: requires a battery pack to be actually portable

Epson WorkForce WF-110 portable printer 

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The Epson WorkForce Wf-110 is a portable printer in the truest possible sense of the word as it weighs just 4.6 pounds and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. If the built-in battery isn’t enough for you, there is also the option of purchasing an external battery for extra time without having to plug the printer in. Charging can be done via either USB or an AC adapter and there is an option of simply using the printer while it is plugged it.

USB, 5G WiFi, and WiFi direct are the primary connection methods for this printer and it can print in sizes up to 8.5’’ x 11’’ and 4’’ x 6’’ borderless.

It’s far from the fastest printer in the world but you can count on high print quality and a slightly faster printing speed when the printer is plugged in.

In order to conserve the battery, the printer has an auto power-off feature that won’t let the battery charge go to waste if you forget to turn the device off.

A 1.4’’ LCD display will let you see the status of the device and you can set the printer up so that you can activate printing using your voice.

Pros: has a built-in battery, high print quality

Cons: slow printing, the battery life might be an issue (as with many electronics)

HP OfficeJet 200 

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The OfficeJet 200 is a printer with a built-in battery that has a fast charging feature that can charge the battery up to 100% in as little as 90 minutes when the printer is off. The charging is done via an AC adapter that is included with the printer.

The three main connection methods to the printer are Bluetooth, WiFi (including direct), and USB, but the USB cable is unfortunately not included with the package.

A 2’’ mono display lets you control the printer and check the status, and there is also an option to control the printer and print from anywhere using the HP smart app that the printer is compatible with.

Like most HP printers on this list, it takes two different ink cartridges, one black and one tricolor, with the option of using HP’s high-yield cartridges. It can print a variety of paper sizes, including envelope, letter, legal, statement, and executive at a top speed of 10 papers per minute. It can also print 5’’ x 7’’ borderless and it has an input tray that supports 50 sheets.

Portability is good since it has a built-in battery and weighs just 4.85 pounds.

Pros: great print quality, has a built-in battery

Cons: doesn’t come with a USB cable

Best portable photo printers

If you’re looking for a portable photo printer, here are four options to consider.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer 

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This is a very compact and portable photo printer that comes in 4 different colors you can choose from. Portability is a major area of importance for such printer and it is great to see that this printer comes with a built-in battery that is charged via a USB cable and allows up to 35 prints without having to recharge the battery.

It is designed to work with an app that uses Bluetooth to connect to the printer and which can be used to edit the photos before printing. The printer supports multiple connections at once and there is an LED light to let you know who is currently printing on it. The app is compatible with iOS 8 and higher and Android 4.4 and higher.

The maximum format of the photo is a borderless 2’’ x 3’’ with a resolution of 313×400 dpi. The maximum input is 10 sheets of ZINK photo paper that uses a revolutionary zero ink technology to completely eliminate the need for ink cartridges when printing.

The ZINK paper contains special dye crystals that are heat-activated and they are responsible for giving your photos clear and natural look and feel.

Pros: doesn’t require ink, good print quality

Cons: high running costs (as with all ZINK printers)

Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

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This compact model from polaroid weighs just 6.6 ounces and has a built-in battery that allows for up to 25 print without having to be recharged. When the battery runs out, a USB cable is used to recharge it in a process that takes around 90 minutes. The power and status indicators can be found on the same side of the printer as the micro USB slot.

Just like most portable photo printers, this one is also operated via an app that is compatible with both iOS and Android and lets you edit your photos before printing them.

There are multiple connection methods available, including Bluetooth and WiFi.

Printing is done without ink using the already mentioned ZINK paper technology that produces smudge-proof and tear-resistant photos. The printing process takes around 60 seconds per photo.

Pros: doesn’t require ink, highly portable

Cons: high running costs (as with all ZINK printers)

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer – Dusky Pink

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The Instax Mini Link comes in three different colors and weighs around 9.6 ounces despite its small size.

The defining feature of this portable photo printer is a motion sensor that lets you control the printer by moving and flipping it. For example, you can flip the printer over to print the last photo again which is a handy feature if you need to make multiple copies.

The smartphone app, which is compatible with iOS and Android, also has motion-controlled features such as swiping a photo up to send it to print. Bluetooth is the primary connection method for the printer and the printing process is very quick at around 12 seconds.

Multiple connections are supported and you can make some cool collages with your friends.

It uses the same film as the Instax Mini camera and the photo format is 1.8’’ x 2.4’’.

The battery capacity is also great and it lets you print up to 100 photos without needing to recharge

Pros: good battery capacity, intuitive mobile app, motion-controlled features

Cons: small photo format, high running costs 

Canon SELPHY CP1300

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The SELPHY CP1300 is a bit larger and heavier (1.9 pounds) than the other photo printers on this list but it makes up for this by being able to print in the postcard format that is 4’’ x 6’’. Other supported formats include 4.5’’x4.7’’, 2.1’’ x 3.4’’, and 2.1’’ x 2.1’’.

The printing speed ranged from 47 seconds up to a minute, depending on the print., and it can print from both USB and memory cards.

It has a rather large 3.2’’ LCD display and it also has a smartphone app that lets you control the printer.

The app connects via WiFi and it is compatible with iOS 7 and higher and Android 2.3.3 and higher.

Unfortunately, the portability of the printer is hindered by the fact that the printer has no battery and needs to be plugged into a power outlet in order to operate.

Pros: larger photo formats, supports memory cards

Cons: doesn’t have a built-in battery

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